Locking the Cookie Jar: How to Protect Against Embezzlement, Identity Theft, and Hackers

Locking the Cookie Jar: How to Protect Against Embezzlement, Identity Theft, and Hackers


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Learn how to protect yourself and your business against embezzlement, identity theft, and online hackers. Learn how the bad guys do it and how to avoid being a victim of cybercrime. Also learn a valuable hacker-proof password technique that is unique for each account and can even be safely written down! Includes sections on Embezzlement Schemes, Hacking the Hacker's Mind, How Hackers Obtain Your Passwords, How to Create a Hacker-proof Password, and Identity Theft. Also includes other cybersecurity and security techniques such as hardware deterrents, PINs, transposing digits, and explains how to report possible cybercrime and internet crime. It frankly lays out how cyber criminals do it and how your employees can embezzle from your company, so make sure you know what they know so you can stop it! It has great examples and humor as it turns complex subjects into something that is easy and fun to read.

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ISBN-13: 9781942836506
Publisher: Advanced Development Concepts, LLC
Publication date: 08/29/2017
Pages: 138
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.30(d)

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Table of Contents

Locking the Cookie Jar (Introduction)

1) Embezzlement Schemes

• Cash Embezzlement Schemes

• Negotiable Document Embezzlement Schemes

• Account Credit Embezzlement Schemes

• Physical Item Embezzlement Schemes

• Computer-based Embezzlement Schemes

• Summary of Effective Deterrents to Embezzlement

2) Hacking the Hacker’s Mind

• Hacker by Definition

• The Majority of Bottom Feeders

• What Kind of Damage Can a Hacker Impose?

• Your Email is a Goldmine to a Skilled Hacker

3) How Hackers Obtain Your Password

• Watch Someone Type It In

• Videotape the Keystrokes

• Back Door Access

• Within Three Feet of Your Keyboard

• Guessing Your Password

• Determining Your Password Through Research

• Use of a Hacking Program with a Hacker’s Dictionary

• Brute Force Hacking Programs

• Most People Use the Same Password for Everything

• Simply Open the File and Look

• Want to Find Out if You’ve Been Compromised?

4) How to Create a Hacker-proof Password

• Characteristics of a Hacker-proof Password

• Build a Master Phrase

• Convert Your Master Phrase into a Master Key

• Convert Your Master Key into a Variable

• Create a Pseudo Password Using the Variable

• Mix and Match for Even Better Security

5) Identity Theft

• Secure Your Social

• Stealing Your Benefits

• Loaning the Coat Off Your Back

• Don’t be the Low Hanging Fruit

6) Other Security Techniques

• Hardware and Software Deterrents

• PINs

• Transposed Digits

• How to Report Possible Cyber Crimes and Stolen Identity

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