Logan: the Birth of a Vampire

Logan: the Birth of a Vampire

by Lynn Jackson


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Untouched by time and breathed upon by the faint chilling whispers of an unseen soul; the place you will be taken is a vampiric world where evil battles against evil and the innocent are only viewed as a running meal. This dark world is the birthplace of a new prince of darkness. His name is Logan Dorstanton; a name that would soon take its rightful place among the names of the greatest leaders ever known. Like a feather caught in a gale, the events of Logan's life will capture your mortal curiosity in an irresistible embrace and your thoughts will be ruled by an enchantment that will open your mind and your heart. For as you turn the pages you'll realize that what you were taught was evil and what was good is in question as you meet many different enchanted creatures from Vampires to Kings and Queens, Knights, Elvens, Trolls, Witches, Gypsies and many other mystical creatures that will stir the feelings of love and hate then pull your soul between them.

Logan 's birthplace, the Castle Dorstanton, is perched upon a hill and surrounded by a sea of rolling green pastures and two peaceful ponds where black swans gracefully glide across the cool mirrored waters and large stables fit for only the finest steeds. Though the castle looks to be a place of enchantment and beauty, it hides terrible secrets in its many dimly lit hallways and chambers. It is an ancient vampiric castle filled with Enchanted warriors and demonic creatures of all kinds that roam freely throughout the torch lit halls searching for their next thrill, or kill. Your guide through this enchanted tale is an Elven named Dominic who was born in the castle Dorstanton and serves there with his loving parents Ben and Nora Marcadian, the head stableman and head maid that have served in the castle Dorstanton for many years.

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ISBN-13: 9781478185574
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/03/2012
Pages: 432
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.88(d)

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Logan: The Birth Of A Vampire 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I completely agree with the below comment. I find this book to be poorly written, gruesome, childish, and filled with grammatical errors. To clear things up, this book was actually published through a self-publishing company named “iUniverse,” which also explains how it became published in the first place. Self-publishing companies do not care about the quality of the manuscripts; they are only concerned about the money being generated off the product. The author is the one who pays all the cash for the book to be published and does the promotion work. Then the book is sold through the company and is listed on just about every [[online]] bookstore, which in turn, the company and author receives commissions for every copy sold. I highly, highly, highly doubt this book would fly through a traditional publishing company. After reading this book, I felt as if the author did not even bother to proofread and edit out the manuscript before publishing. I have found that none of the paragraphs are indented, there are a slew of run-on sentences, and sentence fragments all throughout this book, and the tenses change constantly. I found so many errors that it almost reads as if a 6th grader wrote it. To point out an error that really bugged me, I will start with a quote from the back cover; “She hopes to one day share all of the lives that she has lived [though] her stories with the world.” I am assuming the author meant to type “through,” but even presuming that is the correct word, the quote still makes absolutely no sense. “All of the lives she has lived [through] her stories.” What in the world is this supposed to even mean? I would also like to point out that a massive amount of profanity is used to portray negative emotions, and is accompanied with a long string of exclamation points. Just as a side note; there are many other ways to portray emotion in a text than using profanity, and these are all telltale signs that the author is untrained in the English language. And concerning the exclamation points, one is enough. Anything more is just defeating the purpose. I also do not understand why so many sentences are typed in uppercase lettering? This only makes the book look childish, and unprofessional. (Pages: 55, 60, 70, 7, 82, 83, 86, 98. 101, 137, 167, 175, 176, 177, 187, 207, 208, 213, 227, 229, 239, 241, 243, 250, 259, 288) The incorrect use of punctuation in the book is all over the pages: commas where periods should be, colons where semi-colons should be, not closing in quotation marks, ect, ect. I simply do not understand how the author could make these kinds of mistakes? The author also uses a ridiculous amount of flowery language when describing something, and gives a lot of useless information, which is also known as filler words. While being disgusted with the flowery language, I also noticed that there were a slew of misused/misspelled words. The author was constantly mixing up “there,” “their,” and “they’re” as well as “your” and “you’re.” In reading this book, I kept stopping and asking myself who was speaking, because the tenses were constantly changing. Many of them went from “I” to “You,” which is a serious no-no when writing fiction novels. Concerning the front and back covers, they are both as amateur as it gets. The cover graphics are blurred and stretched out, none of the paragraphs on the back are indented, and the paragraphs also change tenses. The image of the author is low quality, over exposed, slightly blurred, and has her hand in front of her face. Furthermore, the author’s description about herself is unnecessary information. It just comes across as self-promotion. Also, paying nearly 20 dollars for a 320 page – paper back – book? -Really? That is just so ridiculous. (I’ve seen 500 page – hard backs- for less) It’s truly a shame how self-publishing companies have become a loop hole for allowing crap pieces of work such as this to slip through the cracks of the publishing world. What ever happened to classy, professional writers? One more thing, I heard the author has another book out as a sequel to this one. I cannot help but wonder if it’s just as terribly written?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I simply heard about this book through the internet, and thought it seemed to be a nice change from the ever so popular Twilight saga written by Stephenie Meyer. I must say that I was horribly disappointed. I took a drive to my nearest Barnes & Noble, which is roughly a 50-55 minute drive only to be told this is an order-online-only book. Though I was a bit frustrated by this, I was still determined to purchase it online despite the ridiculous pricing. This book is truly an English major's nightmare! For starters, there is not one properly indented paragraph in the entirety of the book! Also, reading the sentences THAT WERE TYPED IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS with the excessive exclamation points, run-on sentences, and misuse of punctuation really gave this book a horribly amateur and unprofessional feel. The cover looks like it has been stretched out and has lost a massive amount of pixel density within the graphics, which is not visually pleasing to say the least. Most of the content in the body itself came across as total filler, and did not pertain to the story. I also feel there was neither an actual plot nor writing style. The text lacks major consistency; the reader is just tossed around from subject to subject without any clear cut beginning, middle, or end to the story. This book was simply not worth the price I paid, nor the time I wasted to read it. (How this book passed through any publishing company is beyond me.) I will not be purchasing anymore novels written by this author. I do not recommend this book to anyone.
chris1961 More than 1 year ago
I have read approx. 3/4 of the book, & just when I think I know what's next, the plot only goes deeper. I love this book. It will keep you up all night.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Great book, way better than Twilight! I enjoyed it so much I'm reading it again!. I really look forward to the second and to see more of Logan and the other Vampires. Is this ever going to be a movie??? I hope so!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I absolutely love this book! I can't wait for the 2nd. I love the detail and all the neat creatures and vampires. Logan knocks Lestat and Twilight out of the park completely! I definitely would recommend buying this book, I couldn't put it down!.