Logic and Probability in Quantum Mechanics

Logic and Probability in Quantum Mechanics

by Patrick Suppes (Editor)




During the academic years 1972-1973 and 1973-1974, an intensive sem­ inar on the foundations of quantum mechanics met at Stanford on a regular basis. The extensive exploration of ideas in the seminar led to the org~ization of a double issue of Synthese concerned with the foundations of quantum mechanics, especially with the role of logic and probability in quantum meChanics. About half of the articles in the volume grew out of this seminar. The remaining articles have been so­ licited explicitly from individuals who are actively working in the foun­ dations of quantum mechanics. Seventeen of the twenty-one articles appeared in Volume 29 of Syn­ these. Four additional articles and a bibliography on -the history and philosophy of quantum mechanics have been added to the present volume. In particular, the articles by Bub, Demopoulos, and Lande, as well as the second article by Zanotti and myself, appear for the first time in the present volume. In preparing the articles for publication I am much indebted to Mrs. Lillian O'Toole, Mrs. Dianne Kanerva, and Mrs. Marguerite Shaw, for their extensive assistance.

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ISBN-13: 9789027712004
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 02/28/1981
Series: Synthese Library Series , #78
Edition description: 1976
Pages: 548
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Table of Contents

Logic.- A Notion of Mechanistic Theory.- Essai sur la Logique de L’indeterminisme et la Ramification de L’espace-Temps.- How to Think Quantum-Logically.- The Conditional in Quantum Logic.- Empirical Logic and Quantum Mechanics.- Some Results from the Combinatorial Approach to Quantum Logic.- Probability.- The Quantum Probability Calculus.- The Probability Structure of Quantum-Mechanical Systems.- Towards a Revised Probabilistic Basis for Quantum Mechanics.- Probability in a Discrete Model of Particles and Observations.- Superposition and Macroscopic Observation.- A Note on the So-Called Yes-No Experiments and the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics.- Completeness.- On the Completeness of Quantum Theory.- The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradox.- Shastic Incompleteness of Quantum Mechanics.- Errors in the No Hidden Variable Proof of Kochen and Specker.- Operator-Observable Correspondence.- Randomness and Locality in Quantum Mechanics.- Fundamental Statistical Theories.- Why the World is a Quantum World.- On the Determinism of Hidden Variable Theories with Strict Correlation and Conditional Statistical Independence of Observables.

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