Logic Behind Religion

Logic Behind Religion

by Don B. Bandari Md


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The entire purpose of this book was to find a new way of looking at the world. As I mentioned in the beginning, no one can claim that he has answers to all the questions. The more answers we find, the more questions are raised. But I think this book offers a new way to look at and understand the problem. It at least brings me a little comfort that not all we are doing is worthless, and that one day, Gd willing, we will find answers to all the questions. If Gd helps us, we can go further, and if He wants, we will find more and more answers.

In the beginning of this book, I suggested that the whole reason we believe in Gd is to find the purpose of this world. If we do not believe in Gd, it automatically means that the purpose of the world is not known to us, and even if it is known, it does not make that much of a difference because we do not have any power to change it. Gd is the source of all goodness, and if we get close to Gd, we will improve ourselves. Finally, if there is no Gd, there will be no reward or punishment, and a world without reward and punishment will not last for long. Then we discussed the problem of religion.

Again, we do not make religions; we just follow them. If we believe in religion, this is not because we need religions. We follow religions because they exist in the world. As we discussed, it makes sense because if Gd exists, there should be a relationship between Him and humanity. That kind of relationship is religion. Religion is not just something about the past or present that we can make for ourselves; religion mostly deals with the future and that part of the human aspect that is not completely clear to us. We cannot see or touch that aspect of Gd, but we believe in it. That is the reason that humans cannot make religion for themselves. We can make any kind of ideology, but that ideology cannot be called a religion. Religion is simply something that has come from Gd and makes a connection between Gd and humanity.

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Publication date: 01/09/2012
Pages: 108
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