Logical and Spiritual Reflections

Logical and Spiritual Reflections

by Avi Sion


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Logical and Spiritual Reflections is a collection of six shorter philosophical works, in two parts. The first part, consisting of Logical Reflections, includes: Hume's Problems with Induction, which is intended to describe and refute some of the main doubts and objections David Hume raised with regard to inductive reasoning; A Short Critique of Kant's Unreason, which is a brief critical analysis of some of the salient epistemological and ontological ideas and theses in Immanuel Kant's famous Critique of Pure Reason; and In Defense of Aristotle's Laws of Thought, which addresses, from a phenomenological standpoint, numerous modern and Buddhist objections and misconceptions regarding the basic principles of Aristotelian logic. The second part, consisting of Spiritual Reflections, includes: More Meditations, which is a sequel to the author's earlier work, Meditations; Zen Judaism, which is a frank reflection on the tensions between reason and faith in today's context of knowledge, and on the need to inject Zen-like meditation into Judaism; and No to Sodom, which is an essay against homosexuality, using biological, psychological, spiritual, ethical and political arguments.

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ISBN-13: 9781495220951
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/15/2014
Pages: 416
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Avi Sion (Ph.D. Philosophy) is a researcher and writer in logic and philosophy, including original writings on the theory and practice of inductive and deductive logic, phenomenology, epistemology, aetiology, psychology, meditation, ethics, and much more. He resides in Geneva, Switzerland.

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