L.O.L.: Live out Loud

L.O.L.: Live out Loud

by Sharon Johnson


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ISBN-13: 9781546230205
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 03/13/2018
Pages: 114
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.27(d)

About the Author

Sharon K Johnson, has been married to Robert Johnson for 49 years.

They have four grown children and eleven grandchildren.

Her Ministry Headquarters are in Bethany, MO

Where her and Robert own and operate Hope Royale, a home plan for men getting out of prison. They also have Miracle Hills Ranch, A Christian Camp and Retreat Center that their daughter operates. They are the founders of Mission of Hope in Haiti, which their son is now President and operates. Bob and Sharon still take groups to Haiti to serve.

Sharons grandchildren kept spurring her on to write a second book. So she dedicated this one to her eleven blessings, because they have seen her LOL and love and learn from it.

Just as the first book, Go Mad(Make A Difference), LOL will make you laugh, but might make you LIVE OUT LOUD!

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Lord of Love

JOHN 3:16

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Some may say, "Oh, I could never be like you, Sharon."

First of all, I don't want you to be like me. God has given the body of Christ all different parts and functions. None of us are made alike, sorta like the Cabbage Patch dolls of the 1980s (I bet my kids think that's a vegetable), but we are made by the same Creator.

However, I wouldn't be able to do, go and see the things I can and have if it were not for the Lord of Love.

Have you ever seen a puppy dog that has been mistreated? Tail tucked in between his legs, he shies away, and he has that look in his eyes that says, "They don't love me."

It's the same way with children who have been yelled at and hurt.

Even we adults carry that anger and hurt that comes from not feeling loved. However, we cover it well because as adults, we don't' want others to see our pain. It's our pride that covers our emotions.

My grandchildren and my children know they are loved because their parents know the Lord of Love. But how do I know He is the Lord of Love?

It's because He loved me (and you) so much that I can risk everything in loving you!

If the phrase, "God so loved the world" is all-inclusive, should I feel loved? Should you feel loved? Of course!

Even if here on earth your heart has been broken, you have been let down, or disappointment has been dumped upon you, you can count on One loving you no matter what. Yes, even when we are broken, ugly and don't love back, His love still remains the same: "For God so loved ..." Period!

Isn't that what we see written and held up on signs at sporting events? John 3:16?

Do we really get it?

Do you have just one of your children that you would give up, and sacrifice for the sake of the sinful world? Or for anything, for that matter?

I have three sons whom I love very much. I mean, I really love them! Could I give just one? No way!

But you see, that is why He is the Lord of Love. There is no one like Him, and no one can love that much aside from Him, the Lord of Love.

When we get that kind of love, then, and only then, do we start to understand and gain that confidence that comes from knowing that what ever the situation, it's a win — win for us all the way to the end.

It's like a child. I have seen it in my kids, and my grandkids. When they know not only that they are cared for and provided for, but also that they are loved, they go out in this world with a greater confidence because they are loved.

And because we know the Lord of Love, this confidence gets passed down from one generation to another. But where did it come from? Where did it all start? It comes from the Lord of Love!

So just how important is love? Just take a look at your loved ones and consider how you feel about them, and you will begin to understand a glimpse of how the Lord of Love feels about us, His children.

We have a big family picture on the wall that includes our entire family. There's also a huge picture frame filled with my parents and their families dating back generations. As I look on these images, I stand in amazement as I see the Lord of Love clearly reflected through the years.

What a heritage that continues on! Why can't we understand this? Love works, and just like the Energizer bunny, it just keeps going and going; growing and growing.

Why? Because of the Lord of Love!


When I was young, I was a very shy guy. I didn't have all the words to impress the girls or to make them like me.

So at the age of thirteen I made a decision that would change my life forever. I took my first drink!

It was like turning a light on for the first time. I was the "star of the show". Everyone seemed to want to be around me, especially the girls.

Alcohol secretly became my secret weapon.

When my first child was corn I joined the Army, to take care of my family and to serve my country. But, they were only secondary lessons I learned.

What I learned to do first and foremost was how to be a better drinker. By this time drinking had become a daily activity in my life.

As my marriage to my wife dissolved like ice cubes at the bottom of a glass, under the pressure of alcohol. I eventually had three more children by three different women. The youngest, I have not seen since she was two. Years old.

I always wanted to be a good father, to be there for my children because I was raised by a single mom. But I wasn't. I thought that by buying things, giving money to them and for them, I was doing that. I rarely, if ever, went to any of their games or activities at school or anywhere. I just sat at home in my chair and drank.

There is a movie called, "God's Not Dead", in it there is this man who is living a very immoral, selfish and underhanded life. In one scene, he is sitting there with his mother, who was a Christian, and had tried to direct his life down the road of life. She has dementia and is not mentally there. She just sits there and he says to her, "Look at you and look at me. You loved your life, you were the most righteous person I've ever known and here you sit". "And me, I am the most rotten person there is and here I sit." Just then his mother snaps back to reality and says to him, "Sometimes a person doesn't know that they are in a prison until they try to leave and can't, then it's too late." And that was how it was with me, each drink that I drank was like placing another glass brick on my prison walls until I was locked inside that glass person.

My daughter's mother passed away when she was 4 years old and I was given custody. I raised her alone from that moment.

During these years my occupation was a Truck Driver. I would take my daughter with me until she was of school age, then I would make sure I was home on the weekend, did my drinking stop? "NO", it never even slowed down.

You see, I didn't drive from point A to point B, just to deliver my loads. I drove so that I could drink. Just thank about it, me a drunk, a truck driver. Finally, I managed to drink my way into jail. The one image that remains seared in my memory is the day my daughter came to visit me. She sat in front of that thick glass crying and asked what she was going to do. She had been with only me for fourteen years, now months before her graduation from high school I was in jail.

I began to read the Bible and go to the services in jail. One day while I was sitting in there wondering why I had been so blind all of my life, not being able to see all that I had. I read the story of the man who had been born blind in John Chapter 9. And the disciples asked Jesus, "Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?"

And Jesus answered, "Neither his man nor his parents sinned, but that the works of God should be revealed in him."

And at that moment the Spirit spoke life into my body, mind and spirit and I came to the Lord.

After that I believed that I was going to go home, that I'd be with my daughter for her graduation. I was believing everything that others were telling me. But I was not praying and listening to the Father. Because he had other plans for my life. In the blood of Ezekiel, God spoke to my spirit, "What will be like the Gentiles, like the families in other countries severing wood and stone."

"As I live," saying the Lord God, surely with a mighty hand, with an outstretched arm, and with fury poured out, I will rule over you. I will bring you out from the people's and gather you out of the countries where you are scattered, with a mighty hand, with an outstretched arm and with fury poured out. And I will bring you into the wilderness of the peoples, and there I will pleas My case with you face to face."

So I didn't go home, I went to prison, they called it treatment, I called it prison. And it was just as God had said, A wilderness of peoples.

Men wandering with hopelessness and empty eyes.

It was that that God put His Word inside of me I never went anywhere without my Bible in my hand.

To this day, I still have that Bible and you can see my handprint on it. It kind of symbolizes the way that God imprinted my life.

When it was getting to the time for me to be released (it was a one year treatment), I was searching for a place to go. I was looking at a place in Cuba, Missouri, when a friend of mine, Howard Gambler, told me about a place call "Hope Royale". It sounded like a nice place, than He told me where it was locate, in Bethany, Missouri.

Once I heard that I knew that this was where I was to go. Why? Because that is where Jesus went when He needed to rest and renew Himself. Mary and Martha's house outside of Jerusalem in Bethany.

So I went to Hope Royale.

I was welcomed with open arms and all my physical needs were taken care of. I had nothing when I was released but I was given many things. And after staying Bethany, I knew that I had made the right decision.

You know, in the Bible, you read about the love of God and how much He lives you. But being at hope Royale, Bob and Sharon Johnson made that love a reality.

The stay at Hope Royale gave me the ability to walk with God in the normal world.

Jason Crawley

It all stated about a little over 5 years ago. I was out selling meth and the police got behind me, I and a friend with. The police had its lights on and I kept driving, my friend was pleading with me to pull over. I was driving at a high rate of speed all through the city. As I look at it now, I put a lot of lives in jeopardy, including my own.

I ran into an 18 wheeler, I crashed, ate the steering wheel, I was knocked unconscious.

When I came to I was in jail, the only way I knew is because I've been there many times before. The room was brick, steel door, metal toilet and sink. I was in pain, I felt my face I had stitches and I was missing all my front teeth.

Then I was informed of my charges. Assault felony, fleeing and passion of meth. They also told me I'd been unconscious and in the hospital for 3 days.

About a month later, I was sentenced to 7 years to the Department of Corrections. This wasn't new to me. This is the 8th time being sent there. This was my 4th case in the past I violated my parole.

I did 5 years every bit of it. During that time I tried to better myself by taking institutional classes, I held a job at a prison laundry for 4 years. I never held a job that long out on the streets.

The whole time I was locked I never once used the phone or wrote a letter to my family or so called friends. As it was getting closer to my release date I had nowhere to go. I asked my caseworker and he asked me if I was a Christian? I said I believe in God. He gave me a application for Hope Royale and we call Sharon Johnson and had an interview over the phone. Sharon Johnson told me on the phone what was expected of me to come to Hope Royale, rules, structure and God.

My whole 5 years in prison and really I look back at my life, my past there was a voice in my life, something missing, selling drugs, doing drugs, women, living the fast life, wasn't doing it for me.

I was raised Catholic, in my family I was a believer in God but I don't think I was ever asked are a Christian, until that day. It was like God was knocking at my door. I even thought about the car wreck I was in that sent me back to prison. God was there looking over me and made me sleep for 3 days so I wouldn't feel all the pain, he saved me.

So I tried God, I went to Hope Royale, I started putting God first. I did a lot of maintenance for Miracle Hills Ranch. I learned to help other people and do Gods work. I started praying and reading the Bible, changing my life and how I used to live our on the streets. Noticed right off the bat that God started working on me, he was making me live again. Sober and clean.

There were other activities at Hope Royale Church, Bible Study, where I learned from God through other people. But it was more than that I see many of signs that kept pushing me to do good and do Gods work. I also learned that keeping and staying positive will get you so much further. Doing things for God, doing things for other people, putting God first is everything in life has got me where I am today.

Many Blessings, I got out of prison 8 months ago, I spent 6 months at Hope Royale.

The car wreck I was in, I knocked all my front teeth out. It was hard to converse and talk to people. I had a frown on mean mug, my face because it was hard to smile because I looked like a complete imbecile. I was missing all my front teeth.

During a Sunday while I was working in the Hope Royale Diner Car doing God's work I was introduced to a dentist, he seen my mouth and my teeth. He told me to make an appointment with his dentist office so I did.

A month later I had teeth again, I could smile again and really be the new me. Made it so much more easy to be the outgoing Bruce. The Dentist was a Christian, he helped me along the way, helped me, he fixed me for how God made me. That was a blessing, Sharon Johnson introduced me to that Dentist.

It was so great to have teeth I haven't been able to stop smiling. I feel so much better to have teeth but it is so much more than that, people see it in me they see how much I have really changed. Hope Royale, Sharon and Bob Johnson have helped me have a life with God. They allowed me to put God first in everything and it will work out.

I prayed for many things, I prayed for others I helped others and I'll never stop doing God's work, I'll never stop helping others. I've learned to put God First at Hope Royale. It's not always about yourself. Putting others first and helping others is God's work. During my stay at Hope Royale I turned my life over to God first my teeth happened than a car, then my own place. I have a full time job, my own bills to pay. I have also married. I have a beautiful wife and son, I have a family, so many other blessings as well.

Me going to Hope Royale fresh out of prison and committing myself to do God's work is the best thing I could have done. It was a life changing decision that has changed my life, I'm definitely on the right track with God and thank Bob and Sharon Johnson for accepting me to come to Hope Royale

Bruce Dustenhoffer 1/12/2018

Thank you Bob and Sharon for everything, Hope Royale really changed my life!

I would like to thank Jesus Christ for my new life.

When I met Sharon for the first time it was in Pattonsburg jail.

I was a mess!

I got my relationship back with my Dad and my family. I now have a wonderful smile, after getting new teeth.

I like who I see in the mirror now.

So thank you for the new me.

Dustin Teah

3 month Graduate of Hope Royale

Remember, when you feel discouraged, no matter what, He loves YOU!

I am reminded of the lyrics of a popular hymn.

Love lifted me, love lifted me. When nothing else could help, love lifted me!

Get to know the Lord of Love, and he will lift you higher and higher! L.O.L.!


Lead on, Lord

Psalm 23-He restores my soul; He leads me in paths of righteousness For His name's sake.

He knows when that little sparrow falls, and He saw it even if that little bird decided to "love" on my head — SPLAT!

Ever had that happen? Now, I ask you, was it kind words that came from your mouth in regards to His little sparrow?? LEAD ON LORD!-, it's got to get better!

How about this, ever walk into a men's room looking for the women's room and then you realize that you are in the wrong room? Oh, no men don't sit, it was all those urinals!!!! LEAD ON LORD.

How about all those words that are so close to the other words and only those who have thick tongues, try to stay away from them because of how that thick tongue will pronunciate them.

Like what??? Gentiles, condominium, pianist, condiments, just to list a very few that can bring a very embracing moment to laugh at later. LEAD ON LORD

And you definitely don't want to misuse those words in church it will bring the straight face, quiet person rolling with laughter.

Like when a youth pastors little girl gets up, and takes the mic and sings so sweetly.

"Amazing grace how sweet the sound, that saved a bitch like me-sounded like wretch to her!!

Should have seen the look on her parents face and of course, the saints in the church, well, LEAD ON LORD.

Then about the new convert, a baby in the Christian life, so to speak, when they ask for a prayer request, he stood up began to tell of his friends, and concluded, we just need to pray for those SOB'S — only he didn't abbreviate!!

Wow you should have seen the saints on this one, think they were ready to sing, "When the Saints Go Marching In"!!


The difference between the church and the world, one is polish (so we think) and one is not-yet!!

We had two miniature horses and I thought since they were small, I could control them. Red did pretty good with a little help of encouragement but Buck, no matter how hard you pulled on the rope or gently encourage him — he wouldn't budge.


Excerpted from "L.O.L. Live Out Loud"
by .
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Table of Contents

Foreword, vii,
1 Lord of Love John 3:16, 1,
2 Lead on, Lord, 17,
3 Live on Little Hebrews 13:5, 23,
4 Life of Light Scripture, 29,
5 Love or Lust Colossians 3-5, 33,
6 Lean on Lasting Deuteronomy 33:27, 39,
7 Lord of Laughter Proverbs 27:22, 45,
8 Lizard on Leg Matthew 11:17, 51,
9 Lots of Liberty Romans 8:21, 55,
10 Look Out, Lady!, 59,
11 Living Out Loud, 69,
12 Live Out Long, 75,
Prologue, 83,

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