Lone Rider

Lone Rider

by B. J. Daniels

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback - Original)

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When danger claims her, rescue comes from the one man she least expects

A cowgirl at heart, Bo Hamilton does her best thinking in wide-open spaces. So when money goes missing from the family foundation she runs—meaning one of her trusted ragtag employees is a thief—Bo rides into the Crazy Mountains to figure things out. But a killer hiding among the sawtooth ridges takes her captive…and isn't planning on ever letting her go.

Bo's disappearance gets folks thinking she's the guilty one who's run off with the money, but Jace Calder would bet his ranch that she's innocent. Not that he has any reason to trust the beautiful, spoiled senator's daughter. But she also gave his troubled sister a job when no one else would. For his sibling's sake, Jace is going after Bo and bringing her home to face the truth. But up in the mountains, he finds Bo at the mercy of a suspected murderer. As her only hope, Jace is about to find out what they're both made of.

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ISBN-13: 9780373788415
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 07/28/2015
Series: The Montana Hamiltons , #2
Edition description: Original
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 113,872
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 6.60(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author B.J. Daniels lives in Montana with her husband, Parker, and three springer spaniels. When not writing, she quilts, boats and plays tennis. Contact her at www.bjdaniels.com or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/BJ-Daniels/127936587217837 or on twitter at bjdanielsauthor.

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The moment Jace Calder saw his sister's face, he feared the worst. His heart sank. Emily, his troubled little sister, had been doing so well since she'd gotten the job at the Sarah Hamilton Foundation in Big Timber, Montana.

"What's wrong?" he asked as he removed his Stetson, pulled up a chair at the Big Timber Java coffee shop and sat down across from her. Tossing his hat on the seat of an adjacent chair, he braced himself for bad news.

Emily blinked her big blue eyes. Even though she was closing in on twenty-five, he often caught glimpses of the girl she'd been. Her pixie cut, once a dark brown like his own hair, was dyed black. From thirteen on, she'd been piercing anything she could. At sixteen she'd begun getting tattoos and drinking. It wasn't until she'd turned seventeen that she'd run away, taken up with a thirty-year-old biker drug-dealer thief and ended up in jail for the first time.

But while Emily still had the tattoos and the piercings, she'd changed after the birth of her daughter, and after snagging this job with Bo Hamilton.

"What's wrong is Bo," his sister said. Bo had insisted her employees at the foundation call her by her first name. "Pretty cool for a boss, huh?" his sister had said at the time. He'd been surprised. That didn't sound like the woman he knew.

But who knew what was in Bo's head lately. Four months ago her mother, Sarah, who everyone believed dead the past twenty-two years, had suddenly shown up out of nowhere. According to what he'd read in the papers, Sarah had no memory of the past twenty-two years.

He'd been worried it would hurt the foundation named for her. Not to mention what a shock it must have been for Bo.

Emily leaned toward him and whispered, "Bo's… She's gone."


"Before she left Friday, she told me that she would be back by ten this morning. She hasn't shown up, and no one knows where she is."

That did sound like the Bo Hamilton he knew. The thought of her kicked up that old ache inside him. He'd been glad when Emily had found a job in town and moved back to town with her baby girl. But he'd often wished her employer had been anyone but Bo Hamilton—the woman he'd once asked to marry him.

He'd spent the past five years avoiding Bo, which wasn't easy in a county as small as Sweet Grass. Crossing paths with her, even after five years, still hurt. It riled him in a way that only made him mad at himself for letting her get to him after all this time.

"What do you mean, gone?" he asked now.

Emily looked pained. "I probably shouldn't be telling you this—"

"Em," he said impatiently. She'd been doing so well at this job, and she'd really turned her life around. He couldn't bear the thought that Bo's disappearance might derail her second chance. Em's three-year-old daughter, Jodie, desperately needed her mom to stay on track.

Leaning closer again, she whispered, "Apparently there are funds missing from the foundation. An auditor's been going over all the records since Friday."

He sat back in surprise. No matter what he thought of Bo, he'd never imagined this. The woman was already rich. She wouldn't need to divert funds…

"And that's not the worst of it," Emily said. "I was told she's on a camping trip in the mountains."

"So, she isn't really gone."

Em waved a hand. "She took her camping gear, saddled up and left Saturday afternoon. Apparently she's the one who called the auditor, so she knew he would be finished and wanting to talk to her this morning!"

Jace considered this news. If Bo really were on the run with the money, wouldn't she take her passport and her SUV as far as the nearest airport? But why would she run at all? He doubted Bo had ever had a problem that her daddy, the senator, hadn't fixed for her. She'd always had a safety net. Unlike him.

He'd been on his own since eighteen. He'd been a senior in high school, struggling to pay the bills, hang on to the ranch and raise his wild kid sister after his parents had been killed in a small plane crash. He'd managed to save the ranch, but he hadn't been equipped to raise Emily and had made his share of mistakes.

A few months ago, his sister had gotten out of jail and gone to work for Bo. He'd been surprised she'd given Emily a chance. He'd had to readjust his opinion of Bo—but only a little. Now this.

"There has to be an explanation," he said, even though he knew firsthand that Bo often acted impulsively. She did whatever she wanted, damn the world. But now his little sister was part of that world. How could she leave Emily and the rest of the staff at the foundation to face this alone?

"I sure hope everything is all right," his sister said. "Bo is so sweet."

Sweet wasn't a word he would have used to describe her. Sexy in a cowgirl way, yes, since most of the time she dressed in jeans, boots and a Western shirt—all of which accented her very nice curves. Her long, sandyblond hair was often pulled up in a ponytail or wrestled into a braid that hung over one shoulder. Since her wide green eyes didn't need makeup to give her that girl-next-door look, she seldom wore it.

"I can't believe she wouldn't show up. Something must have happened," Emily said loyally.

He couldn't help being skeptical based on Bo's history. But given Em's concern, he didn't want to add his own kindling to the fire.

"Jace, I just have this bad feeling. You're the best tracker in these parts. I know it's a lot to ask, but would you go find her?"

He almost laughed. Given the bad blood between him and Bo? "I'm the last person—"

"I'm really worried about her. I know she wouldn't run off."

Jace wished he knew that. "Look, if you're really that concerned, maybe you should call the sheriff. He can get search and rescue—"

"No," Emily cried. "No one knows what's going on over at the foundation. We have to keep this quiet. That's why you have to go."

He'd never been able to deny his little sister anything, but this was asking too much. "Please, Jace."

He swore silently. Maybe he'd get lucky and Bo would return before he even got saddled up. "If you're that worried…" He got to his feet and reached for his hat, telling himself it shouldn't take him long to find Bo if she'd gone up into the Crazies, as the Crazy Mountains were known locally. He'd grown up in those mountains. His father had been an avid hunter who'd taught him everything about mountain survival.

If Bo had gone rogue with the foundation's funds… He hated to think what that would do not only to Emily's job but also to her recovery. She idolized her boss. So did Jodie, who was allowed the run of the foundation office.

But finding Bo was one thing. Bringing her back to face the music might be another. He started to say as much to Emily, but she cut him off.

"Oh, Jace, thank you so much. If anyone can find her, it's you."

He smiled at his sister as he set his Stetson firmly on his head and made her a promise. "I'll find Bo Hamilton and bring her back." One way or the other.


Bo Hamilton rose with the sun, packed up camp and saddled up as a squirrel chattered at her from a nearby pine tree. Overhead, high in the Crazy Mountains, Montana's big, cloudless early summer sky had turned a brilliant blue. The day was already warm. Before she'd left, she'd heard a storm was coming in, but she'd known she'd be out of the mountains long before it hit.

She'd had a devil of a time getting to sleep last night, and after tossing and turning for hours in her sleeping bag, she had finally fallen into a death-like sleep.

But this morning, she'd awakened ready to face whatever would be awaiting her back at the office in town. Coming up here in the mountains had been the best thing she could have done. For months she'd been worried and confused as small amounts of money kept disappearing from the foundation.

Then last week, she'd realized that more than a hundred thousand dollars was gone. She'd been so shocked that she hadn't been able to breathe, let alone think. That's when she'd called in an independent auditor. She just hoped she could find out what had happened to the money before anyone got wind of it—especially her father, Senator Buckmaster Hamilton.

Her stomach roiled at the thought. He'd always been so proud of her for taking over the reins of the foundation that bore her mother's name. All her father needed was another scandal. He was running for the presidency of the United States, something he'd dreamed of for years. Now his daughter was about to go to jail for embezzlement. She could only imagine his disappointment in her—not to mention what it might do to the foundation.

She loved the work the foundation did, helping small businesses in their community. Her father had been worried that she couldn't handle the responsibility. She'd been determined to show him he was wrong. And show herself, as well. She'd grown up a lot in the past five years, and running the foundation had given her a sense of purpose she'd badly needed.

That's why she was anxious to find out the results of the audit now that her head was clear. The mountains always did that for her. Breathing in the fresh air now, she swung up in the saddle, spurred her horse and headed down the trail toward the ranch. She'd camped only a couple of hours back into the mountain, so she still had plenty of time, she thought as she rode. The last thing she wanted was to be late to meet with the auditor.

She'd known for some time that there were… discrepancies in foundation funds. A part of her had hoped that it was merely a mistake—that someone would realize he or she had made an error—so she wouldn't have to confront anyone about the slip.

Bo knew how naive that was, but she couldn't bear to think that one of her employees was behind the theft. Yes, her employees were a ragtag bunch. There was Albert Drum, a seventy-two-year-young former banker who worked with the recipients of the foundation loans. Emily Calder, twenty-four, took care of the website, research, communication and marketing. The only other employee was forty-eight-year-old widower Norma Branstetter, who was in charge of fund-raising.

Employees and board members reviewed the applications that came in for financial help. But Bo was the one responsible for the money that came and went through the foundation.

Unfortunately, she trusted her employees so much that she often let them run the place, including dealing with the financial end of things. She hadn't been paying close enough attention. How else could there be unexplained expenditures?

Her father had warned her about the people she hired, saying she had to be careful. But she loved giving jobs to those who desperately needed another chance. Her employees had become a second family to her.

Just the thought that one of her employees might be responsible made her sick to her stomach. True, she was a sucker for a hard-luck story. But she trusted the people she'd hired. The thought brought tears to her eyes. They all tried so hard and were so appreciative of their jobs. She refused to believe any one of them would steal from the foundation.

So what had happened to the missing funds?

She hadn't ridden far when her horse nickered and raised his head as if sniffing the wind. Spurring him forward, she continued through the dense trees. The pine boughs sighed in the breeze, releasing the smells of early summer in the mountains she'd grown up with. She loved the Crazy Mountains. She loved them especially at this time of year. They rose from the valley into high snowcapped peaks, the awe-inspiring range running for miles to the north like a mountainous island in a sea of grassy plains.

What she appreciated most about the Crazies was that a person could get lost in them, she thought. A hunter had done just that last year.

She'd ridden down the ridge some distance, the sun moving across the sky over her head, before she caught the strong smell of smoke. This morning she'd put her campfire out using the creek water nearby. Too much of Montana burned every summer because of lightning storms and careless people, so she'd made sure her fire was extinguished before she'd left.

Now reining in, she spotted the source of the smoke. A small campfire burned below her in the dense trees of a protected gully. She stared down into the camp as smoke curled up. While it wasn't that unusual to stumble across a backpacker this deep in the Crazies, it was strange for a camp to be so far off the trail. Also, she didn't see anyone below her on the mountain near the fire. Had whoever had camped there failed to put out the fire before leaving?

Bo hesitated, feeling torn because she didn't want to take the time to ride all the way down the mountain to the out-of-the-way camp. Nor did she want to ride into anyone's camp unless necessary.

But if the camper had failed to put out the fire, that was another story.

"Hello?" she called down the mountainside.

A hawk let out a cry overhead, momentarily startling her.

"Hello?" she called again, louder.

No answer. No sign of anyone in the camp.

Bo let out an aggravated sigh and spurred her horse.

She had a long ride back and didn't need a detour. But she still had plenty of time if she hurried. As she made her way down into the ravine, she caught glimpses of the camp and the smoking campfire, but nothing else.

The hidden-away camp finally came into view below her. She could see that whoever had camped there hadn't made any effort at all to put out the fire. She looked for horseshoe tracks but saw only boot prints in the dust that led down to the camp.

A quiet seemed to fall over the mountainside. No hawk called out again from high above the trees. No squirrel chattered at her from a pine bough. Even the breeze seemed to have gone silent.

Bo felt a sudden chill as if the sun had gone down—an instant before the man appeared so suddenly from out of the dense darkness of the trees. He grabbed her, yanked her down from the saddle and clamped an arm around her as he shoved the dirty blade of a knife in her face.

"Well, look at you," he said hoarsely against her ear. "Ain't you a sight for sore eyes? Guess it's my lucky day."

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Lone Rider 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
,can't wait for the next one of the Hamiltons aways look for B j books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A good story line.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So good
D-B1 More than 1 year ago
I loved and enjoyed reading the sensational, mysterious, thrilling, and romantic love story by the best selling author B.J. Daniels that I received free from Goodreads First Reads. I received an ARC for an honest review. Jace Calder's younger sister is worried about her employer, Bo Hamilton's, disappearance, in the mountains and asks her brother to search for her. Unknown to Bo or Jace an escaped killer is hiding in the mountains and takes Bo as a prisoner. Meanwhile, Bo's father, Buck Hamilton, is worried sick about Bo's disappearance and still reeling from his first wife, Sarah Hamilton's, reappearance from the dead after twenty two years with amnesia, marriage to his second wife, Angelina Broadwater Hamilton, and running for the republican presidency. Read the highly recommended,captivating and engaging, full of mystery, action, and romance. Can't wait to read the next story in the series and find out more about Sarah Hamilton's missing twenty two years!
LindaTownsend More than 1 year ago
Romantic suspense and hot cowboys with a hometown feeling set against Montana's Crazies Mtns! LONE RIDER by B.J. Daniels is a fantastic read! It has it all: sexy cowboys, mind-blowing scenery, gripping suspense, fast-paced action, and sweet and hot romance. The intertwining lives of the characters and the complex storyline teeming with tension kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. I did not want to put it down! This is the second book in the author's Montana Hamiltons series that focuses on the embattled family headed up by Senator Buckmaster Hamilton whose ranch is at the foot of the picturesque, temperamental and oftentimes dangerous Crazies Mountain range in Big Timber, Montana. I loved WILD HORSES, the first book in this series. This series is a spin off from B.J.'s Beartooth Mountain Series which is where I became enamored with B.J.'s writing. .For maximum enjoyment, I would recommend reading the series in order as there are interconnected characters and plot lines that have carried forward from the first book. However, LONE RIDER can be enjoyed as a standalone if that is your druthers as the development of the danger plot and the major romantic relationship are fully contained within this novel. This is the story of Bo Hamilton, one of Buckmaster's daughters, and Jace Calder. They share a past. Bo runs the family foundation named after her mother. When money comes up missing at the foundation, Bo heads to her favorite mountains, the Crazies, to clear her head before facing the auditor. On her way back to face the music, Bo runs into a desperate escaped convict who has other plans for Bo. Jace Calder loved Bo Hamilton years ago but Bo wasn't ready to commit to him and broke off their relationship. Jace was hurt badly and Bo is the last person he wants to see again. However, Jace's little sister is a single mother to a beautiful little girl and she works for Bo. When she tells him that Bo is missing, Jace offers to go looking for Bo as his sister is just getting her life together and needs her job. What he finds in the Crazies is terror personified. LONE RIDER will keep the reader guessing until the very end. As with all of B.J.'s books, there's multiple plots that seamlessly mesh together into a brilliant tapestry and while the main one resolves happily, there are others that aren't concluded... So it's not over yet! Now I'm dying for the next one! The good news on that front is that we don't have to wait long! LUCKY SHOT, Montana Hamiltons #3, will be released December 1st and I can't wait! B.J. Daniels certainly writes western suspense like no other! I highly recommend LONE RIDER to anyone who enjoys romantic suspense and hot cowboys with a hometown feeling! My full review is posted at Reading Between The Wines Book Club. Please check it out there! 5 WINE GLASSES!
SummerSnowFalls More than 1 year ago
Bo Hamilton has spent many years believing her mother was dead, but life throws her a bittersweet curveball when Bo discovers her mother is actually alive! Except no one – her mother included – has any idea where her mother has been hiding or what she has been doing. And to top it off, Bo has problems of her own that she’s trying to deal with – a charity foundation that’s missing thousands of dollars and a family that was falling apart even before her mother returned from the dead. Bo escapes to her beloved mountains to clear her head, but runs into an escaped convict. Out of the frying pan and into the fire! It’s up to the hero, Jace Calder, to save his beloved Bo. But life is rarely that simple and Jace quickly begins to realize that he has no idea what he’s just gotten himself into. Suspenseful cowboys – who knew, right? While cowboys are not typically my hero-of-choice, I absolutely loved reading LONE RIDER by B.J. Daniels! The plot was pace-perfect and really kept me on the edge of my seat, reading and waiting for “what happens next!?” The mystery was complex and thought-provoking; I genuinely had trouble figuring it out, but the answer made complete sense. Brava, Ms. Daniels, for your excellent use of subtle foreshadowing! If your other books are anything like this one, you will earn a place on my “must-read” list. LONE RIDER is the second installment of a series which involves an on-going mystery. It may be helpful to read the first novel before reading this, but you can certainly enjoy this part without reading the first. It would just make more sense and provide familiarity with the characters if you read the first novel. Originally posted at Plot Twist Reviews [dot] Com I received this book for free from Meryl L Moss Media Relations Inc in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
HumorMyWay More than 1 year ago
The author gives you a story inside of stories which adds to the intrigue, suspense for a few couples. The story is mostly on Bo’s disappearance and the man who loved her years ago. It is also about her mother’s return after being thought dead for 22 years and the effect that has on her and her family along with the town and her father’s run for President. This is a very in-depth and complex novel that keeps you guessing as Ms. Daniels spins her magic keeping her reader hook as she takes you on a ride of suspense, mystery, kidnapping, lost love, danger, hurt and so much more. Once you pick up this book it will not be long before you find you have to see what happens as you turn the pages you know it is going to be a late night. Bo was a delightful character who is still trying to find her way. She feels with six sisters her life has little meaning. She is trying to prove her worth to her family and herself. It does seem the world is against her when money comes up missing from the foundation they made in her dead mother’s name. Well good lord isn’t that a joke her mother has returned after 22 years which puts her life more out of control. Her mother has no memory of the last 22 years. With Bo taking off into the mountains to think about life’s issues and work out what to do about the money missing she feels like a frailer. As she has found some peace and is returning her life takes another turn when she meets up with a dangerous man that has decided he will make her his. Things are just not looking up for her as she finds herself tape and gagged with no way out. Jace might be fooling his self into believing the only reason his is hunting down Bo is to make her face the music and keep his sister safe and out of trouble. He is on the hunt for the woman who has funds missing in the foundation his sister works for. There is no way his sister will be hurt she is just getting her life back together. He is going to track her, find her and bring her back to face the music even if he has to tie her up and carry her all the way back down the dang mountain. As he goes on the hunt things are not adding up. Could she be in this with another man or she is she in danger. He is about to found out when he runs into them and ends up fighting for their life. This is truly a complex story with so many lives intertwined as the author gives you a wonderful story of suspense, mystery. Each character weavers their way through danger in the hunt for the truth on many topics. The author has done an outstanding job keeping the reader interested as she sets the plot for many books to come. She gives you little hints just do not think you will work out the complex story she will keep you guessing to the outcome. So many lives has been torn apart just as they find away to deal with the past it comes back to smack them in the face. Not only are they dealing with the lost of funds but a returning mother from the grave that has so much mystery has to where she has been and how she got back. Jace’s sister seems to have her own mystery going on as someone is watching her. Bo’s stepmother is a mystery to it makes you wonder if she had something to do with any of this. No one can pull you into a story like Ms. Daniels can giving you answers but leaving you with more questions. So many questions answered as she leaves you with many more to be asked. I for one can’t wait for the next installment in this wonderful series.
Pure_Jonel More than 1 year ago
Hot cowboys, suspense that will leave you reeling, and romance that will last the ages: what more can you ask for? This fast paced and suspenseful novel had me hooked from cover to cover. Daniels has created an in-depth and complex novel that left me guessing throughout. She also left me guessing at the end. I love how the overarching plot of the series weaves together with the plot of this novel itself. The intertwining lives of the characters lead to a complex storyline that kept me on the edge of my seat. I was instantly drawn to Jace, the way he weighs the pros & cons & goes with his gut. Bo’s need to prove herself, even if only to herself, made her an individual that I could easily identify with. The supporting cast also plays major roles in the tale. The well rounded development of these individuals creates a realistic and lifelike backdrop for the story and really drew me in. Once again Daniels has created a western romantic suspense that I will never forget. This is the type of novel that when you finish it you just hold it to your heart for a minute and smile. Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.
Book_It_Now More than 1 year ago
Three Stories in One Book and then Some I have been reading B. J. Daniels books for a long time, and she has never disappointed me. I really enjoy her writing style. In this series, the Montana Hamiltons as in many of her other series, I feel like I’m reading multiple books at one time. One story is the continuation of a storyline from the prior book in this series. What will become of Buckmasters (Buck), his new wife, and his ex-first wife Sarah, the mother of Buck’s six daughters, who disappeared twenty two years ago, by supposedly drowning herself in a lake, and now mysteriously returns? Will Buck win the Presidency? Another is a storyline that has a beginning and an end in this book. Can Jace and Bo mend their relationship that ended badly five years ago, and find a fairytale ending? Then you have the introduction to a new storyline. Will Emily be able to leave her troubled past behind, and make a fresh start with a decent guy, and her three year old daughter? By the way Emily is Jace’s sister, and an employee of Bo’s. If that isn’t enough, you have the revisiting of old characters from prior series. Here you have Sheriff Frank Curry, and his somewhat reformed busy body wife, Nettie. Each storyline has its own captivating romance and suspense, with twist and turns, leaving you wanting to keep reading. I can hardly wait for the next book in the series “Lucky Shot”. You could read this book as a standalone, because B.J. Daniels gives you enough back ground to the ongoing storylines, for you not to be confused. I suggest though, for you to fully enjoy her books in the series, you read them all in order. If you are a fan of Romantic Suspense, I know you wouldn’t be disappointed in any of B.J. Daniels’sBooks.
rhonda1111RL More than 1 year ago
4 STARS There are so many story lines that are being told in Lone Rider. Most of the different parts of the story continue on into other books. That I really wanted some more answers in this book. So I will be waiting to read more books from her in the future. There is plenty of drama, suspense, romance. One romance I am not sure who I want to wind up together. But that story is part of a bigger story so I will have to wait for it. Bo Hamilton runs her family charity. That is named after her deceased mother Sarah who turns up not dead with no memory of the last 22 years. She has realized that someone has stolen lots of funds from it. She has called in auditors to find out how and who did it. Bo decides to ride and camp out in the Crazies mountain over night. Bo does not make it back to meet with the auditors. Emily is trying to get her life back on track and loves her job with the foundation and her boss. She has plenty of body piercings, tattoos and a cute three year old. Emily asks her brother to find Bo. He is a tracker. He also in the past had asked Bo to marry him. She has someone spying on her. Jace Calder is a rancher and tracker. He does not think Bo took the money but he is going to find her and bring her back no matter what. Sarah does not know where she has been for 22 years. The last thing she remembers is the birth of her twins. Why did she try and commit sucide and leave her six girls. She also thinks of herself as married but she is not. We learn some more about Sarah. At times I think there is too many story lines going on at a time and I want more answers now. I was given this ebook to read by Net Galley and Harlequin. In return I agreed to give honest review of Lone Rider.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Amigagal More than 1 year ago
B.J.'s way of writing face-paced thriller's just continues to reel me in from the first page! I always think I'm going to read her books slower so I can savor them longer but it never happens! I end up reading them faster to get to the end and see how it finishes because her books are fantastic! In Lone Rider, we get to explore Bo Hamilton's story but we also have other characters interspersed, which is the way B.J. writes and I love it! So many other storylines that keeps you turning those pages! Bo is the head of her dead mother's foundation and when money goes missing, she decides to go up into the mountains to figure things out. It's supposed to just be overnight but on her way out, she runs across an escaped convict who takes her hostage! I love this part of the book as it was so real. I would have been totally terrified, just as Bo was. Her descriptions of the interactions between Bo and the killer were very realistic - I felt like I was right there in those mountains with them! Enter, Jace Calder! He's Bo's former sweetheart and he's going up into the mountains to find her. Not for himself but, because his sister asked him to. Bo gave his sister a job when no one else would. When he finds her, he can't believe what he sees - Bo is being held hostage! Meanwhile back home Bo's mother, who's been supposedly dead for 22 years, has recently dropped into their lives again with claims of amnesia! The plot thickens..... Daddy, the senator, doesn't know what to do about all this - his daughter is missing, his supposedly dead wife is back from the dead (but, he's married again)....keep reading to see everything happening to the Hamilton family!
sarahj2u More than 1 year ago
I've been a fan of B.J. Daniels for awhile now, and this newest book doesn't disappoint! From the very first chapter, I was hooked - read it straight through (only stopping for work, or ESSENTIAL chores, LOL.) I love the fact that Ms. Daniels writes books in series, but that each individual book stands alone as well. If you've never read one of her books, you could pick this up, read it, love it, and then get Wild Horses (which you'll also LOVE!) The main plotline in this story concerns Bo Hamilton, and her harrowing experience as the captive of an escaped killer in the Crazy Mountains of Montana. I found myself holding my breath, waiting to see what would happen next as her former fiance rode into the mountains to track her. Suspense abounds, as we are introduced to Emily, a young single mother with a checkered past that may be catching up to her; and continue the storyline started in Wild Horses of Sarah Hamilton (Bo and her five sisters' mother) returned from the dead after 22 years. Am I the only one who wants Buckmaster Hamilton to leave his 2nd wife and get back together with Sarah??
InspirationalAngel531 More than 1 year ago
Title: Lone Rider -- The Montana Hamiltons Book 2 Author: B. J. Daniels Publisher: Harlequin Published: 7-28-2015 Pages: 331 Genre: Romance Sub-Genre: Contemporary; Westerns; Mystery & Suspense ISBN: 9780373788415 ASIN: B00SFS2BTC Reviewed For NetGalley and Harlequin Reviewer: DelAnne Rating: 4.75 Stars B. J. Daniels' love of the Montana countryside. Her talent at developing a complex plot filled with suspense, love and mystery and making appear natural. Combining the numerous threads together to weave a plot that keeps the readers on the edge of the seat as they devour Lone Rider. You will enjoy following the tale Ms. Daniels as provided. Although this is the second in the series it is not necessarily required to read book one first, but I would recommend it to completely understand where the characters come together and their back histories. Fall in love with the Hamiltons and come back often to visit often. My rating of "Lone Rider" is 4.75 out of 5 stars
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have yet to read a b.j. Daniels book that didn't rate a 5+.
DebsIN More than 1 year ago
I used to read all of Daniels books, and it has been a while. I was disappointed to see that she also got into storylines with cliffhangers. Guess it has become popular, but I will pass. While the premise of the story was good, there were too many storylines going on at once and the story seemed to lose it's flow. At the end of a paragraph would be stars, then the next would be a few weeks later with different people. While I will continue to read Daniels' books, I will pass on the cliffhangers and look for complete stories.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago