Lonesome for Bears: A Woman's Journey in the Tracks of the Wilderness

Lonesome for Bears: A Woman's Journey in the Tracks of the Wilderness

by Linda Jo Hunter

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Linda Jo Hunter was terrified of bears, but she longed for the solitude of the wilderness. Setting aside her fears, she became an expert tracker and guide and sought out the company of wild animals. As caretakers and guides at Redoubt Bay Lodge in Alaska, Hunter and her husband lived side by side with brown bears, learning to understand their behavior and growing to miss their company when they left them behind at the end of each season. This moving account of life among bears offers new insights into bear behavior and makes a compelling case for preserving the magnificent and fascinating brown bear.

About the Author:
Linda Jo Hunter is an experienced public speaker, workshop leader for search and rescue teams, and a cofounder of the International Society of Professional Trackers

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ISBN-13: 9781599217024
Publisher: Globe Pequot Press
Publication date: 03/18/2008
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About the Author

Linda Hunter is the lead guide and assistant manager at Redoubt Bay Lodge in Alaska. She is a seasoned public speaker, the co-founder of the International Society of Professional Trackers, and an active member of Vital Ground. For over twenty years, she has written magazine articles about the outdoors for numerous publications. Amy Shapira is an award-winning bear photographer with over ten years experience of shooting her favorite (and only) subjects. She is an active member of Vital Ground and works tirelessly for the benefit of bears world wide.

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It was a long journey from being terrified of bears to missing their company. In fact, it took me about fourteen years of study. When my husband and I moved to Washington State in 1987, I discovered how much I love solo wilderness travel. I was determined to get over my fears, so I studied the art and science of tracking. Tracking has taken me down many roads. I have tracked humans for Search and Rescue and taken classes from master trackers in all disciplines. Through tracking, I began to learn more about animal behavior, especially the habits of the animals that frightened me the most--bears.

Table of Contents

Author's Note     iv
Preface     vii
Acknowledgments     ix
Getting Interested in Bears     1
Tracking Bears     5
Summer 2002     27
A Bear's World     51
Summer 2003     61
Summer 2004     79
Summer 2005     105
Bears from Other Places     127
Suggested Further Reading     131
About the Author and Photographer     134

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