Long for Me

Long for Me

by Stacey Lynn

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My boss already controls my days; do I want to give him my nights, as well?


I’ve seen what happens when you give everything to a man. That’s not what I want. I won’t have my heart crushed in anyone’s fist.

Then he changed everything.

Him. Bennett Ashby. My boss.

Seeing him at Luminous, dressed in leather pants and wielding a whip...

Do I crave this?

My mind says no, but my body is starting to have very different ideas.


I knew Rebecca Morales would be the perfect assistant. That’s why I hired her.

I didn’t know that working with her every day would lead to temptation—to own her, to possess her.

When she walked into Luminous, I knew I was screwed. Dipping your pen in the company ink is never smart, but we both agreed what happens at the club stays there.

One night and then it’s back to business tomorrow.

Except I don’t want just one night with Rebecca. I want them all.

This book is approximately 73,000 words

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ISBN-13: 9781488028267
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication date: 09/04/2017
Series: Luminous , #3
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 68,408
File size: 3 MB

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Long for Me 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
AFOX0 More than 1 year ago
Trust is everything… I was so looking forward to Bennett’s story because he was such an intriguing secondary character in the second book of the series, Crave Me. And, wow! Ms. Lynn does not disappoint in bringing us such a strong and powerful alpha man. Bennett had me melting with everything he did. Bennett Ashby is a man’s man who is described as a force of nature. He exudes power and confidence with absolute finesse. But unfortunately, his employees see him as an unrelenting and demanding boss. His new assistant, Rebecca, merely sees him as egocentric, rude, and mercurial. . Rebecca Morales has been working her buns off trying to prove herself since acquiring a new position with Ashby Enterprises. After a long day, she’s ready to usher in the new year with comfy pajamas and a bottle of wine, but her friends, Shawn and Miranda Lawson, invite her out to a New Year’s Eve event at Luminous, a BDSM club. Ever since Rebecca accidently stumbled across the playroom at Sean and Miranda’s house, she’s been curious about the lifestyle but remains apprehensive about it after what she’s lived through with her family. Rebecca sees Bennett at the club and both are surprised. It’s a chance for Bennett to introduce Rebecca to the pleasures of his world, but she’s not convinced the lifestyle is any different from an abusive relationship. She’s unwilling to give up control over her life. I just love how Bennett takes Rebecca in hand and helps her discover a whole new side of herself in her submission, with patience and trust. And the dynamic between these two is irresistible. Sweet, romantic and a whole lot of sexy goodness. Long For Me is the third book in the Luminous series, and a great addition. I’ve enjoyed the series so far and I highly recommend it. I received and reviewed an ARC of this book.
TammyS32 More than 1 year ago
Loved this read! Rebecca and Bennett are great characters and their chemistry is off the charts hot. The story is entertaining with plenty of drama and steamy sex. I was hooked from beginning to end.
Febbabie212 More than 1 year ago
Long for Me takes the boss/assistant relationship and adds an element of naughty BDSM. Rebecca does not expect to see her boss doing a scene at the BDSM club her friends drag her to. However, her workplace resentment of him is quickly pulled aside to reveal the searing attraction between them. She agrees to give him one night to show her that BDSM is about more that the physical. Needless to say, their passion burns up the pages and one night is definitely not enough for this couple. Long for Me juggles the perils of a workplace relationship with the steaminess of BDSM. What I enjoyed most about this book was how hot the relationship between Bennett and Rebecca was. Once she gave into him, the passion was page-melting. At times, the workplace plot feels overused, but Stacey Lynn was able to keep the story fresh and the reader engaged. I liked the cameos of characters from previous books in the series as well. It made the books feel connected while also letting Long for Me be a standalone read. So far, everything I’ve read by Stacey Lynn has had her signature steaminess and Long for Me continues that trend. I would definitely recommend!
AboutThatStory More than 1 year ago
I think this might be my favorite in the Luminous series so far! I really loved Rebecca and Bennett, these two were sizzling. It was sweet and extremely sexy. Fantastic read! Rebecca and Bennett were liked fire and ice in the beginning. They both had such strong and intense personalities, I loved the animosity that was happening between them. I loved undeniable chemistry and when characters fight what they feel, it makes the build that much better. I loved watching them come together and learning their histories. Rebecca was so skeptical about the BDSM lifestyle and I loved that aspect of the story. I loved her journey and getting to where she was by the end. It really was a true story of exploration since her past was so harsh. I loved Rebecca's sass and when they were playful, it was refreshing. Bennett was something else. He was strong, commanding, sexy, and oh so sweet and patient. I love how Bennett was their for Rebecca and guided her. He had such a presence about him that made me feel really drawn to him. I love how the story was laid out and the build. Great writing and descriptions. Nice development and pace as well. Everything moved along with a good flow and I loved the dual POVs. It was a solid read, excellent heat factor, low in the drama department, just enough to keep things interesting. There is a nice bit of emotion too. Rebecca fighting her feelings, what she felt and was curious about, I thought was great. Rebecca’s take on BDSM was so different in the beginning, such a different perspective than I'm used to when I jump into a story, it just made it that much more interesting to read. Super sexy read with a nice amount of emotion and tension mixed in and the prefect amount of sweetness. Loved this! Complimentary copy received for honest review.
LynnB888 More than 1 year ago
4 1/2 STARS! Stacey Lynn brings us another sexy delve into the world of club Luminous. If you've been reading the series, you'll recognize several of the characters already and this book brings us Rebecca and Bennett's story. It's another steamy one ... maybe not quite as hot as the previous two, but a really good read! Rebecca Morales can't stand her rude and domineering boss! She works her tail off and gets no appreciation .. just attitude and snark. Imagine her surprise when she sees him at Luminous, using a whip on a woman ... and she finds herself jealous and turned on. She doesn't even like him, how can he possibly be making her want him?? Bennett Ashby knew Rebeecca would make a good assistant, but he didn't realize how much it was going to drive him crazy with desire to be around her day in and day out. When he glances up and sees her standing there with interest and lust in her eyes, he knows he's going to have her. They agree to one night ... but will he be able to walk away after that?
etoile1996 More than 1 year ago
the latest novel in the luminous series, long for me, finds intense dom bennett tangled up with his secretary rebecca. she's good at her job, though you wouldn't know it given the way bennett dismisses her. what she doesn't realize is that he can't dismiss her. he can't stop thinking about her. he can't stop imagining all the ways she could submit to him. but he senses a powerful reserve in her and knows instinctively that it's not something he can pursue. so he hides his attraction by being the most demanding, condescending boss he can be. when rebecca lets herself be taken to luminous by her good friends and neighbors, it's a big deal. she's known that they are part of the bdsm community and she's come to accept that their relationship is loving and healthy. but it is hard for her. her father was physically abusive of both her mother and her. and even when he left them, the emotional abuse didn't stop until her mother was gone. so rebecca has a lot of trust issues framed around physical violence and degradation. when bennett sees rebecca at the club there's is no turning back. if she is curious about the lifestyle, if she is willing, if she is searching for something more—he knows he can give her exactly what she needs. she doesn't know it yet, but she's always been his. since the moment she walked into his office eager to please. but bennett knows that she won't be easy to tame. her reluctance is clear, but so is her curiosity. and when she responds to him, the way she explodes with sensation when he touches her, he knows that they are meant to be more. rebecca puts bennett through his paces though. she's got a lot of emotional trauma to get through, and bennett doesn't always realize what is going on in rebecca's head. so he's often wrong-footed, and this is a foreign sensation for him because he's obsessive about being in control. this is why he is drawn to the lifestyle after all. the relationship that blossoms between rebecca and bennett is both frustrating and satisfying. they have plenty of crossed wires, but what i love is that once bennett is certain that rebecca can be the woman for him, he goes after her single mindedly. she puts up barrier after barrier and he figures them out and gets her to see that they are meant for each other. **long for me will publish on september 4, 2017. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/carina press in exchange for my honest review.
Lorizen More than 1 year ago
I am totally in love with this series from Stacey! Every book just gets better with more dips, swirls and steam than your favorite coffee. Good grief the woman can write a story. Bennett is the boss from hell and seems to get off on making his assistant Rebecca's life one straight up living hell. Moody, picky, brooding, door slamming in the office and Rebecca has grown somewhat immune to his bad behavior. She'd grown up with that. She was good at what she did and Bennett had no beef with that. His main problem is he's been hot for her since she started working for him. On an evening out her best friend Miranda talks her into going to Luminous. Rebecca stumbled into Miranda and Shawn's playroom at home and is stunned. She's got a million questions, confused by the whole Dom/sub thing, and Miranda thinks she'd get a better idea at the club, it's New Years Eve so nothing heavy going on. Pandora's box, at the club she sees Bennett engaged in play with a woman who is nicely tied and getting her due. He's every inch a Dom. He hasn't had a sub for a very long time. Rebecca meets a few more people at the club, friends of Miranda and then Bennett sees her. After some careful what I would say negotiation between these two, Bennett takes her home to her house and they engage in some light play, I'd call it pre D/s 1o1. Bennett knows she's skittish, sensitive and at a complete loss when it comes to understanding submission. When you read the book and her backstory you understand why. When he leaves he tells her that the next move is hers, he won't touch her again until she is on her knees in front of him in his office beginning for him to take her. Otherwise that's all she's getting from him. She's just had the best sex of her life and frankly so has he. His behavior post play is..... ahh read the book.... The next week is hell, he's a complete a@@ to her, back to door slamming and now the silent treatment. They are in the throes of landing a big contract and he expects Rebecca to handle to rewrite which she does, goes to the meeting with the buyer and pretty much takes over. She's got an answer for every question the man had. He's duly impressed, Bennett is silent, he's not angry, he's impressed. He tells her to return to the conference room after she takes the guest to the elevator and the man is so impressed he offers her a job should she ever leave there, or desire more. Returning to conference room, Bennett is flaming, telling her to shut the door, she refuses instead of being her usual compliant self, she's fed up with his nasty crap from the week. They circle each other. And on it goes. He tells her he's left something on in her office for her, she finds a folder on her chair and when she opens it, it's a sex contract. She closes the folder and takes it home, calling Miranda for help. Miranda drags her out for the evening, along with two other friends. Rebecca decides to ask for advice. Miranda gets up with Haley and leaves her with Gabby who explains her own life to Rebecca and then what may probably needs to hear, but giving no real answers. But what it does do it make things click into place for Rebecca. It's obvious Bennett wrote the contract for the two of them, it's not a standard D/s contract. He's taking the first step to committing to her, despite what he told her after their one night together. That paper opens a whole new aspect to these two that is amazing to see unfold. I loved this plot, I'll admit Bennett took some getting
BookReview4you More than 1 year ago
'Long for Me' by Stacey Lynn is Book Three in The "Luminous" series. This is the story of Bennett Ashby and Rebecca Morales. I have not yet read the previous books, so for me this was a standalone book. Rebecca has worked at Bennetts company for about six years but on recently took the job as his assistant. Bennett has been very stern with her and doing things like calling her in on Christmas. Now the latest thing is is on New Years Eve put six days worth of work in front of her and she needs to have it done ASAP. Rebecca's father was abusive to her mother so she has issues with men who abuse women. When her friends ask her to go to Luminous, which is a sex club she at first turns them down like she has done for a long time. But after getting off work late and just having the option to drink along she decided to go with them. Since is Visitors night at Luminous they are doing demonstrations which she ends up finding Bennett doing one. Rebecca has mixed feelings at first being attracted to him but not knowing anything really about the life style she has a hard time understanding it. She knows her friend and her husband are strongly involved with it but Rebecca has a hard time understand a man laying his hands on a women. When Bennett sees Rebecca at the Club he knows he is going to act on the feelings of desire hes been feeling for her. Bennett is determine that he will convince her to let him teach her the ways of the Club and that lifestyle. "My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."
Christine_Miller More than 1 year ago
This series continues is so deliciously sinful, I can't get enough! These is something so forbidden about BDSM and the author does such a great job explaining about the exchange of power and making both parties feel safe and in a relationship, not just a guy hitting a girl. I love these characters as we get to see the couples from the previous books and get a front seat to Bennett and Rebecca's venture into this world. Rebecca has no desire to be whipped or hit, but there is something intriguing about Bennett and his world. Before she knows or understands it, she can't get enough. Bennett has wanted Rebecca for a long time and never guessed she'd be willing to venture into his world. When they have one night, he knows that will never be enough. Loved this book and I hope there is more coming in this series!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is my favorite book in this series. This series is different then what Stacey Lynn normally writes so the first couple books in the series it seemed like she was a little uncomfortable or not sure of herself. But this book she found her grove or her confidence. I loved the storyline and the connection between Bennett and Becca will have your toes curling. I couldn't put the book down. This book was not over the top as you would think for BDSM it was very tastefully written but it also was filled with romance and oh so sexy. Definitely a must read!!!!
CrystalsBookWorld More than 1 year ago
I love the Luminous series by Stacey Lynn. Her writing always brings an emotional side of mine upfront. I was ready to start Long For Me and start digging through Rebecca and Bennett's story. Long For Me will give all aspects of BDSM. You can have your hardcore, and then there is the custom part of it that makes it yours. That is what Bennett taught Rebecca. I love the beauty of it with the trust and being loved like no other. The part where the Dom is captivating and shows the Sub how precious they are. Between Bennett and Rebecca it was amazing and pulled at my heart strings. I loved that all of the characters from previous books show up a time or two. When a book series brings back our favorite previous characters, it makes the story come back in a full circle. I truly enjoyed reading this book. The passion was off the charts and learning how to let go was a big takeaway for me. Rebecca is my favorite kind of gal, and Bennett will stay in my dreams for a long while. What a great story to end the week with.