The Long Man

The Long Man

by Steve Englehart
4.1 7

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The Long Man by Steve Englehart

In The Point Man, DJ Max August was thrust into a hidden war between the forces of chaos and order, where he learned how to use magick and become Timeless!

More than twenty-five years later, Max is summoned by a friend to save Dr. Pamela Blackwell from a mysterious force that is using magick to kill her. Pam's research could save the lives of countless millions, putting her in the crosshairs of the FRC, a cabal of powerbrokers intent on world domination.

From San Francisco to Barbados to the shores of Suriname, Max and Pam must fight off magick-wielding assassins and legions of zombies. Max may be powerful and Timeless, but he's not indestructible. He's going to have to keep his wits about him if he's going to stop the FRC before they kill millions.

Supernatural enemies, dazzling magic, and romance abound in this page-turner from a longtime master of storytelling.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781429983280
Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates
Publication date: 03/16/2010
Series: Max August Magikal Thrillers , #2
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 940,470
File size: 838 KB

About the Author

STEVE ENGLEHART is best known for writing for such series as The Avengers, Captain America, and The Fantastic Four (for Marvel) and Batman and The Justice League of America (for DC), and for his novel The Point Man, the first Max August novel. He lives in northern California.

Steve Englehart is best known for writing for such comics series as Spider-Man, Captain America, Superman, The Fantastic Four, and Batman for DC and Marvel Comics, and for his novels The Point Man, The Long Man and The Plain Man. He has been named Favorite Writer at the Eagle Awards, and has also won an Inkpot Award for his comics work. He lives in the San Francisco Bay area, where he is currently working on a new Max August novel. 

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The Long Man 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
ritilan More than 1 year ago
I found The Long Man to be a hard to put down read. I read it on the flight from Atl to SFO and hardly noticed that I was stuck in the middle seat. The book's cover drew me in (I am a sucker for book covers) and Mr. Englehart's writing and story swept me away from there. I went out and promptly found the first book in the series and read it on the flight back.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The story can be a little over the top, but there is never a slow moment. Steve Engleheart builds a great modern comic hero; Max has humor, tragedy, and self confidence. I'm intrigued to see how the FRC villians are developed in future books. I hadn't read the first book, Point Man, and don't think it would be necessary to in order to continue reading series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
king_of_the_ice_dragons More than 1 year ago
I never read Steve Englehart's first book, The Point Man, which was published in 1981. I would have been 9 years old. And I'm not Timeless. The Long Man is a follow-up to that book, and follows the continuing adventures of Max August, but just as 25 years have passed in our world, 25 years have passed in his. Because I wasn't familiar with the back story of the characters of Max, Agrippa, or the superstar singer Val, it did take some figuring out what was going on in the books first few pages. I wasn't sure if this was the sort of book that would keep my interest going or not, as Englehart kept changing the time from the current time and going back to 1985 as he filled in some of the gaps of what has happened to our main character in the intervening years between his first book and this one. His mentor has been killed by Aleksandra. Val has been to, though this doesn't stop him from spending the years in between trying to find her and bring her back on each October 31. So, when in 2007, he feels a pull back to San Francisco, where he had his popular radio show back in the day, he thinks that it's his desire to reach Val that is bringing him back. That, however, is not what fate has in store for him when he receives a phone call from an old friend that results in a new adventure taking him from San Francisco to Barbados and to Suriname (that's in South America if you slept through your geography class) as he faces off against black magic, zombies, chupacabra, and the FRC. In tow is Dr. Pam Blackwell, a doctor who has come up with an antidote for puffer fish poison--an antidote that earns her some powerful enemies that don't want to see that antidote known about in their scheme for world domination. The Long Man is nonstop action from start to finish, presented in a fun and irrelevent manner, while at the same time putting it all into context of the way the world was in 2007 and the changes our world went through as a result of 9/11 and the need for change and hope in the 2008 Presidential election. It's interesting that the FRC is chosen as the initials of the evil cartel that he comes up against, and how those same initials are used by these high-ranking and powerful individuals who run the world behind the scenes. One of the several examples of this presented by the author is the Federal Reserve Chair. Of course, FRC has a variety of different meanings, in all fields--politics, manufacturing, financial institutions, some of which you can find by searching Wikipedia and/or Google. I loved this book and I'm glad I read it. Will you? I would have you do what Max August says. Explore but verify.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
harstan More than 1 year ago
Max August would like to return to his simpler life as a DJ during the Reagan Era, but ever since he became the timeless Point Man mage sandwiched between the war of chaos and order, he knows he can never go back. Two plus decades later, still looking in his thirties and not his fifties, his friend Fern calls him on his iPhone; a voice he had not heard in six years. She needs his help. Someone using powerful magick has assaulted researcher Dr. Pamela Blackwell. Her work on curing the zombie plague is looking promising. An unknown super cabal the Free Range Coalition has plans for global control and Blackwell's work could br a major interference to their plans. When Max intervenes, the FRC sends hordes of killing zombies after the Timeless mortal. Over the top of Nob Hill in San Francisco, Juliana in Suriname and Mount Hillaby in the Barbados, the Long Man is en engaging thriller that is fun to read; just ignore credibility especially of the throwback comic book villains. Fast-paced as Max and Pam elude the enemy while also killing some along the way, readers will enjoy the return of the Point Man. Harriet Klausner