Long Train Runnin': Our Story of The Doobie Brothers

Long Train Runnin': Our Story of The Doobie Brothers

Long Train Runnin': Our Story of The Doobie Brothers

Long Train Runnin': Our Story of The Doobie Brothers


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For the first time, the incredible true story of the legendary band, The Doobie Brothers, written by founding members Pat Simmons and Tom Johnston.

Only a very few rock bands have had the longevity, success, and drama of The Doobie Brothers. Born out of late 1960s NorCal, and led by Pat Simmons and Tom Johnston, they stood alongside their contemporaries The Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers, and many others as an iconic American rock band. The train was rolling along, hits were flowing like wine, and arenas were packed with fans who wanted to see them live...then Tom Johnston, the band’s front man and lead guitarist, became ill and had to leave.

The Doobies' train came to a screeching halt. All of a sudden the band started contemplating the end of the road only seven years into their career, just as things were taking off. But Pat Simmons made sure they were far from the end and began the process of keeping the band together through most of the next decade.

A soul-steeped backup singer for Steely Dan named Michael McDonald took a shot at singing some of the Doobies' songs on tour, and all of a sudden a new chapter in the Doobie Brothers' story began. The band expanded their sound and had even more hits with their new front addition. Tom recovered from his health issues, but the band had moved on. When it came time for a reunion concert in the ’80s, Tom got the call and was back in the mix. Led once again by Pat and Tom, The Doobie Brothers have been touring ever since and maintain a massive fan base the world over.

Never before have Pat and Tom shared their story, in their own words. In Long Train Runnin’ they’ll change that.

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ISBN-13: 9781250270054
Publisher: St. Martin's Publishing Group
Publication date: 05/10/2022
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 9,622
Product dimensions: 9.30(w) x 6.40(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

PAT SIMMONS and TOM JOHNSTON are founding members of The Doobie Brothers. The Doobie Brothers were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2020, they’ve won four Grammy Awards and have sold nearly 50 million records. Their 1976 album Best of the Doobies has sold more than 12 million copies, achieving the rare Diamond Certification by the RIAA (less than 100 albums in the history of modern music, across all genres, have done this). All in all, they’ve tallied five Top 10 singles and 16 Top 40 hits.

CHRIS EPTING is the author of many books including the music memoirs Adrenalized (with Phil Collen) and Change of Seasons (with John Oates). As a music journalist he has written extensively for the Huffington Post, Ultimate Classic Rock and many others.

Table of Contents

Cast of Characters vii

Introduction ix

1 Natural Thing 1

2 Feelin' Down Farther 15

3 Closer Every Day 35

4 Sitting by the Window (Moby Grape) 47

5 Growin' a Little Each Day 53

6 Nobody 75

7 Travelin' Man 87

8 Listen to the Music 95

9 Jesus Is Just Alright 109

10 Rockin' Down the Highway 119

11 The Captain and Me 125

12 Clear as the Driven Snow 139

13 Road Angel 145

14 Black Water 157

15 Down in the Track 171

16 Eyes of Silver 177

17 Take Me in Your Arms 187

18 I Cheat the Hangman 197

19 Takin' It to the Streets 211

20 Wheels of Fortune 233

21 What's Happening!! 245

22 Dependin' on You 251

23 Minute by Minute 261

24 What a Fool Believes 269

25 It Keeps You Runnin' 281

26 Long Train Runnin' 285

27 Encore-1987-2020 297

Afterword by Cowriter Chris Epting 329

Thank-Yous 333

Current Touring Members 337

Former Members 339

Index 341

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