by Derek Bronston


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Guitarist Bronston, a former student at the University of Michigan who now lives in NYC, operates in a lightly fuzz-toned, stealthy manner, as if his musical laboratory is nestled in an underground labrynth. His electric sound is more understated than, say, John Scofield. His ideas brim with the simmering mist of early morning, wisdom taken from that previous night of searching for new sounds. The recording is full of dark, pensive moods, and the mystery of improvisation that leads the intrepid into unknown territory, and unexpected beauty. The music on Longing, all written and arranged by Bronston, revels in its cerebral, sensual tones, quite consistently delivering. Saxophonist Lisa Parrott provides an enticing new voice, primarily on alto, with some baritone. Her playing sets the tone, and she'll be one to watch in the future. Her unison lines with Bronston make for some arresting sounds and challenging listening. Check out the organic "105th St. Song," the held and released tension on "Frogs," and the gorgeous patience of the three dedicatory ballads "For Jerry," "Angel," and "L.C." Bronston also likes to use odd meters; hardly anything is in two or four, and "Groove 32" is a good example. Bronston is on the verge of a breakthrough with some stunning new music here. His style runs deep and wide within shadings of midnight blue, not your typical staid fusion at all, but jazz injected with a slightly funky melancholia that is not tied to convention, and dedicated to the art of sophisticated, spontaneous invention and outpouring of emotion. Above all, this music is saturated with pure harmonic impressionism, fueled by the vision of a single artist, realized with help from his friends. Highly recommended.

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Release Date: 08/10/1999
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