The Longinus Quest

The Longinus Quest

by D. Kevin Singleton

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The Longinus Quest by D. Kevin Singleton

When demoted C.I.A. Agent Trevor Hawk is assigned the uncomplicated task of having stolen artifacts identified, he discovers that he is entrapped in a vortex of mystical legends that warp the senses. In what seems to be an unreal world, a secret group of American Masons known as the Knights of Athena protect the true source of American power the Spear of Longinus. In a fatal contest between the decedents of the famed Knights Templar and the Knights of Malta supported by their ruthless assassins known as The Hasshishans, Trevor Hawk finds himself caught up in the battle for the possession of the this implement of incredible power. Having been declared a Rogue Agent and not knowing what side to fight on, Hawk finds himself dead center in what would be an amusing flight into fantasy, except for one small problem: everyone wants him dead!

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Publisher: A-Argus Better Book Publishers LLC
Publication date: 12/17/2010
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About the Author

David Kevin Singleton Author Biography

Born March 5, 1964, in Paragould Arkansas David Kevin Singleton was the first of four children of David Lloyd Singleton and Jo Ann Thomasson Singleton. David Lloyd was the son of a cotton farmer and Jo Ann’s family worked in the textile industry of the South. During Kevin’s early childhood, his father worked in the retail sales business. The family moved many times across Tennessee and Alabama as the company transferred his father from store to store. David Singleton moved the family from Alabama back to the Paragould Arkansas in 1974. His father became the Chief of Police in the small town of Cardwell Missouri. Cardwell was another cotton farming community just across the St. Frances River from Paragould Arkansas Kevin’s birthplace.
Kevin attended school at Southland High school where he participated in sports, band, and drama. However, Kevin was best known for his boxing and fighting abilities, which gained him a reputation as either a hero or a bully depending on what side you stood. When Kevin was seventeen, he joined the 1137th National Guard Military Police Company in Kennett Missouri. He was the youngest member of the unit and was heavily influenced by the Viet Nam Veterans that served with him.
After graduating from high school and the U.S. Army Military Police Academy, Kevin entered the US Army. Because of his unit’s mission, Kevin was afforded the opportunity to travel extensively throughout Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zeeland, and the Pacific Rim. Kevin was selected by his command to attend Ranger School at Ft Benning Georgia in 1985. Kevin was immediately promoted to the rank of Sergeant after complete the gruelling Ranger training. Kevin met his wife Josefina Gonzalez in Waikiki Hawaii. They have been married now for 21 years. In 1987, Kevin was selected by the Department of the Army to be a Drill Instructor at the U.S. Army Infantry Training Center at Fort Benning Georgia where he concurrently attended Troy State University. After Kevin’s tour of duty as a Drill Sergeant, he was selected to be a member of Echo Company 4th Ranger Training Battalion. Kevin trained navy seal teams, special forces teams, and federal law enforcement agencies in jungle warfare techniques and military operations in urban terrain.

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