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Look Alive

Look Alive

by Luiza Flynn-Goodlett
Look Alive

Look Alive

by Luiza Flynn-Goodlett


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Look Alive documents the construction of a queer femme self in the hostile territory of American late capitalism. Its speaker encounters darkness—in the form of violence perpetrated by both individuals and by societal systems of power and oppression—and yet, rejects the narratives articulated by that violence, celebrating instead softness and gentleness, and ultimately, cleaving to the natural world in all its radiant, mysterious queerness.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781732039988
Publisher: Southeast Missouri State Univ Press
Publication date: 03/01/2021
Series: Cowles Poetry Prize Winner
Pages: 60
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.20(d)

About the Author

Luiza Flynn-Goodlett is the author of six chapbooks, most recently Tender Age, winner of the 2019 Headmistress Press Charlotte Mew chapbook contest, and Shadow Box, winner of the 2019 Madhouse Press Editor’s Prize. Her poetry has recently appeared in Third Coast, Pleiades, and The Common. She serves as editor-in-chief of Foglifter and lives in sunny Oakland, California.

Table of Contents

The Sublime Before (Is Someone's After) 1

Things I Could Tell You About Onions 2

Before the Body 3

Tell 4

Against Forgiveness 5

Rage 6

Spring in Laramie 7

To Pence 8

Last Mourners 9

Facts of Life 10

Think Well of Us 11

Tenderizers 12

Greenbottle 13

To Shaman 14

At Mill Creek 15

Remains 16

Shipwreck 17

The Worst 18

I Survived 19

I Hate a Poem with Poem in It 21

History 22

Weep 23

Bigot Season 24

Word Play 26

Miracle Fish 27

Prayer for Appetite 28

Before Babel 29

Three Choices 30

Diorama 31

Relational Aggression 32

Notes Toward Softness 33

Family Friend 35

Will 36

The Choice 37

Unlucky Penny 38

Darkling 39

Faggot 40

Inoculation 41

To Ms. Melton 42

Middle School Prayer 43

Night Terrors 44

Memory Loss 45

How To Tell 46

He Says/She Says 48

On Wanting To Live 49

Seven Years After 50

Borrowed Time 51

Discharge Questionnaire 52

A Fever Of 53

Soft Teachers 54

(The Sublime Before) Is Someone's After 55

Acknowledgements 57

Thank Yous 58

Bio 59

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