Look at My Happy Rainbow: My Journey as a Male Kindergarten Teacher

Look at My Happy Rainbow: My Journey as a Male Kindergarten Teacher

by Matthew Halpern


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What would a kindergartner write about me? Probably something like: Mr. Halpern is funny. He is handsome. He likes to laugh. I love Mr. Halpern.

How can I top that? Who doesn't want to be funny, handsome, laugh all the time, and be loved by their students? What they don't know is I left a dreary cubicle job for the exciting, never boring life of a kindergarten teacher eight years ago and never looked back. I have seen and heard some crazy, hilarious, and even touching moments. Look at My Happy Rainbow is my account of the first few years working in a kindergarten classroom experiencing the day to day trials and tribulations and trying to see the world a little more through the eyes of a five-year-old. From the first time a child reached up to take my hand to learning the true value of zipping a coat, being a 'rooster in a world of hens' my unique perspective on teaching and children will (hopefully) warm your heart, make you laugh, and might even help you remember what it felt like to be in kindergarten.

Warning: I have a very short attention span (this is why I'm so well suited to teach kindergarten). Some of the chapters are short. One is less than one page. I think this makes the book 'charming', but please know - this is not War and Peace.

Warning Part Two: Some of these stories did come from my blog. I'd say (using my kindergarten math skills) about 60% is from the blog and 40% is new material. If you haven't read my blog (or haven't read it in some time) it will be all new to you!

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About the Author

After years as a kindergarten teacher, Matt Halpern now works as a K-5 Literacy Coach in New England. He loves school so much he decided to become a teacher and help kids love it as much as he does. Getting to sing, dance, and get hugs all day long makes him one of the few who actually wake up excited about going to work.

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