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Look, Find, and Learn!

In Look and Find Bible Storybook, you’ll read eight adventure-filled stories from the Bible and explore each extra-busy scene. 

Learn about Creation, Noah's Ark, the exodus, David & Goliath, Jonah, Jesus' birth, Jesus' miracle of feeding the 5000, and Easter and the ascension. Then open the large flaps to explore each story’s scene and reveal a look-and-find checklist. You can search for dozens of people, animals, and objects. Use a write-on wipe-off marker to search over and over again and enjoy hours of look-and-find fun!

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ISBN-13: 9781462745203
Publisher: B&H Publishing Group
Publication date: 09/01/2017
Series: B&H Look and Find Series
Pages: 16
Sales rank: 409,908
Product dimensions: 8.30(w) x 11.80(h) x 1.00(d)
Age Range: 4 - 8 Years

About the Author

Gill Guile lives in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom with her husband. She has always known that she would be an artist. Since gaining a First at Birmingham Art College, Gill has been scribbling away designing postage stamps, greeting cards, and over 500 children's books and has been published in 22 languages.

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In the beginning, there was nothing. God, who created the universe, said, "Let there be light!" And poof! Light appeared just like that. He separated the darkness from the light. The darkness He called night, and the light, day. This marked when the earth had its first day.

On the second day, He created the space between the waters to separate the heavens above and the oceans below. God called this space sky, which is what we see when we look up high.

The third day rolled along, and what did God do? He made the land from where all kinds of trees and plants grow. This is why we can have fruits and vegetables like apples and oranges, potatoes and tomatoes.

On the fourth day, God created the sun, moon, and the stars, which give us light even from afar.

On the fifth day, God made the birds that fly up in the air plus the fish and other creatures of the sea you wouldn't even know were there.

On the sixth day, He made the animals that walked, skipped, crawled, and moved on land. But the best of His creation was yet to come. God said, "Let Us make man in our image and likeness" God made Adam and Eve and put them in charge. He asked them to take care of the plants, trees, and animals, both small and large. "Go and have children," God told Adam and Eve. He gave them everything they needed to prosper and live. Of all His creation God said, "Good." But after making Adam and Eve, God said, "Very good!"

(Genesis: 1:1-31)


* A sleeping polar bear

* A tiger in a tree

* A yellow baby chicken

* A turtle

* Three squirrels

* Four parrots

* A scorpion

* A mom and baby bear

* Two birds with pink feathers

* Eleven animals who are eating

* Four seashells

* A starfish

* A snail

* Four butterflies

* Four snakes

* Sixteen bananas

* Three rabbits

* Two spiders

* Three camel humps

* Adam and Eve


Many years had passed since Adam and Eve were sent out of the Garden of Eden, and the earth was now full of people. But they had completely forgotten about God; they were mean and cruel to one another. This made God sad, and He tried to find a good person somewhere on earth. God searched but found only one good man-Noah.

God said to Noah, "I regret that I created people. The earth is filled with violence because of them. I am going to destroy all people of the world by sending a big flood. I want to start all over again."

But Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord. God said to Noah, "Build a giant boat called an ark. Make it out of gopher wood, and build it so big it can hold you, your family, and pairs of all the animals in the world. The ark will protect your family and the animals and keep you safe from the flood."

When the ark was finished, God sent every kind of animal to Noah. Two by two they all came and entered into the ark, where rooms were ready for them to stay. When all the animals had entered, Noah took his family and went inside the ark. God Himself then closed the big door to the ark.

It started to rain. First water covered the streets and fields. Then water covered houses and towns. The rain continued for forty days until even the mountaintops were covered by water. For a whole year, Noah and his family and all the animals lived inside the ark. Finally the water began to pull back, and one day the ark landed on a mountain.

God then said to Noah, "Everybody can leave the ark, for the flooding is over. It is safe to go out!" Noah then sent all the animals out into a fresh new world.

God blessed Noah and his sons and said, "Look up in the sky and see the rainbow I have put there. I am making a promise to you and all who come after you. Whenever I see the rainbow in the clouds I will remember My promise. Never again will I flood the entire earth."

(Genesis 6-9)


* Noah and his wife

* Noah's three sons-Ham, Shem, and Japheth-helping with the ark

* Bananas

* Two toucans

* Two duckbill platypuses

* Two armadillos

* Two koalas

* Two walruses

* Two deer (which one is the male?)

* Four mice

* Two squirrels

* Two bees

* Two bats

* Two king cobra snakes

* Two peacocks (which one is the female?)

* People laughing at Noah and his family

* Two snails

* Two antelopes

* Two ostriches

* The rain


For many years, God's people (the Israelites) had been slaves in Egypt under the evil pharaoh. God showed His might through His servant Moses, and finally Pharaoh allowed the people to leave Egypt. God was going to give the Israelites a land of their own. But just after the people left Egypt, Pharaoh changed his mind and took his army to bring the Israelites back. The people stood at the banks of a big sea as Pharaoh's army got closer and closer. The Israelites were trapped and did not know where to go.

But Moses said, "Don't be afraid. Stand still and see how God will help you. God will fight for you. Just be still." God then told Moses to stretch out his hand over the sea. When Moses did so, God sent a powerful wind that blew so hard the waters were pulled back. A wide path opened in the sea, right in front of the Israelites. The path led all the way to the other side of the water. The Israelites could now escape from Pharaoh's army and cross the sea without even getting wet, and they could bring all their animals and belongings with them.

Pharaoh saw the Israelites escaping and commanded his army to follow them between the walls of water into the middle of the sea. God looked at the army and threw the Egyptians into panic. Their chariot wheels became stuck and fell off. "Let us go back," the Egyptians yelled.

God then told Moses to stretch out his hand again over the water. When Moses did so, the water returned, covering the path through the sea. The whole Egyptian army was swept back under the waves and destroyed. God had saved His people from Pharaoh's army, and they no longer had to live as slaves in Egypt.

(Exodus 14)


* A swarm of flies over an Egyptian soldier

* Pharaoh

* Some fishermen caught in the waves

* An octopus caught crawling up the seabed

* five frogs

* A sawfish

* Moses

* Two flying fish

* A man pushing a duck

* Two hens

* A blue whale

* A goat

* Fourteen Egyptian soldiers

* Two crabs and a lobster

* Two men carrying an elderly man on a stretcher

* A man pulling his camel

* A hammerhead shark

* five donkeys

* A man pulling a wagon

* A spear poking a bird

* A dog with a bone


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Look & Find Bible Storybook 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
LivingaFitandFulllife More than 1 year ago
Look & Find Bible Storybook by B&H Kids Editorial Staff is such a fun book for kids! My kids love look and find books because they love to search the pages and find the hidden objects. Each page is filled with hidden objects making story time even more fun than ever. I love that this book teaches children about the Bible and God while creating a fun atmosphere for some incredible family memories. My kids have been asking ever night to read this books so they can have some searching fun before bed. It's the perfect way to end the day and both the kids and I enjoy this book very much! Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for writing this post.
Amaack More than 1 year ago
In the Look & Find Bible Storybook, your child will be invited into one of eight stories from the Old or New Testament. Each story is a retelling of the scriptures. It includes reference to where the story is located in the Bible. Then, you flip a page open, to see a two-page spread with an illustration of the story you just read. There are many items listed for your child to find for each picture. Because this Bible includes both picture matching and a word list of pictured items, it's accessible for my 2-year-old and will last us for years to come. Another fun feature - the book is wipe-off marker safe! When your kiddo is old enough to be trusted with a marker, they can keep track for themselves! I received a copy of this book from B&H Publishing. This review is my own, honest opinion.
Alyson Tamer More than 1 year ago
Our family really enjoyed this book. There are eight stories included: The Story of Creation Noah's Ark The Exodus out of Egypt David & Goliath Jonah and the Big Fish The Birth of Jesus Jesus' Miracle of Feeding 5,000 People The Story of Easter and Jesus' Ascension to Heaven Each page has a written story and then the page folds out to show a large picture and a list of items to find in the picture. The stories are Biblically accurate and the illustrations are incredible. There is so much detail on the page that you could look at this book over and over and pick out new facets that you may not have noticed the first time. Also, for kids who can't read- like my son- there is a list of items' pictures to find in the larger illustration and then there is a written list of different items if they can read or that someone can read to them. I love that my son, can pick this book up and find items on his own. We have been using this for our nightly family devotions. My four year old sat and listened to the story and then had so much fun finding the various items on the list. I definitely recommend this book. *I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.