Looking for a Good Man: Meanwhile Having Fun with All the Wrong Ones

Looking for a Good Man: Meanwhile Having Fun with All the Wrong Ones

by Lord Dowdell


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Noted Workshop Leader Lord Quincy Dowdell
Reveals the Secrets to Recognizing - and Finding - a Good Man in His Breakout Book,LOOKING FOR A GOOD MAN
Meanwhile Having Fun with All the Wrong Ones.
Are you tired of being lured in, lied to, cheated on, and screwed over by bad men?

For all the women out there who can relate to this question, author Lord Quincy Dowdell delivers the answer in his first book, Looking for a Good Man: Meanwhile Having Fun with All the Wrong Ones. Drawing on his many years of creating workshops with leading doctors, marriage counselors, and relationship professionals, Dowdell gives women one of the most dynamic and simplistic understandings of men ever offered. Along with practical advice to spare women the pains of a bad relationship, the author shows women, step by step, exactly what they need to know about any man before making a commitment to date him, let alone mate him.

In a profound yet easy-to-grasp way, Dowdell provides clues to understanding what and who a good man is and the secrets about where to go and what to do to find one. An incredible resource, Looking for a Good Man deals with all of the problematic issues at play in relationships today. Chapters delve into cheating, lying, and lustful acts of betrayal by men that make women want to give up on relationships - for good.

As Dowdell vividly demonstrates through real-life examples, these widespread deceitful acts by men are undermining and threatening the stability of relationships and families, with an impact on all racial groups. Rich in revelations and filled with useful advice about dealing with all kinds of men, chapters let every woman who's looking for a good man in on:

The first thing you need to ask him the moment he shows an interest in you.

How you find out if he's married or committed - and if he'll leave her for you.

How to know whether he will cheat on you.

The key differences between good men and bad ones.

The real reasons why men lie to women.

Why if you think he's cheating on you, he is.

The rules for meeting good men in museums, art galleries, and clubs.

Why your man problem might be just having too many men in your life.

Why men are running away from these types of women.

How to fix almost any man the way you want him and much more.

In addition, the author has included an interesting national survey of both women and men about what's prompting women to behave the way they are behaving in the 21st century and men's lack of commitment in response. The book also features an inspirational and motivational pathways section; and a list of great places to find good men. Eye-opening, empowering, and exhilarating, Looking for a Good Man: Meanwhile Having Fun with All the Wrong Ones by Lord Quincy Dowdell is a unique and much-needed men-survival tool for women who want to find the right man for a successful, fulfilling life relationship.

Looking For A Good Man Meanwhile Having Fun With All The Wrong Ones (ISBN # 9781456342968) can be ordered online at www.appleusbookpublishing.com or at Amazon.com. The book is schedule to be released in bookstores in November 2010. For direct purchases or more information, contact Ophelia Johnstone at 973-351-5200.
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ISBN-13: 9781456342968
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/11/2011
Pages: 230
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About the Author

From the early eighties to the late nineties, I moderated workshops with some of this country's top PhDs and MDs that specialized in marriage and relationship counseling. Back then, I targeted African Americans partly because I felt that population was struggling more in the family and with relationship breakdowns. The workshop was entitled "Black Men, Black Women How to Resolve Conflict." For the most part, it was the women complaining about the behavior of men and men providing a rationale for their irresponsible behavior toward women.

Now, things have changed; it is not only African Americans that are afflicted with relationship breakdowns, but Whites, Hispanics, Asians, and other racial groups as well. Today, in many towns and cities in the US, the trend of the women complaining about men has been reversed. Now, it is men who are by and large complaining about the behavior of women with women acting more in ways like men did in the past decades.

This paradigm shift is having a ripple effect upon the lives of our young girls (and boys) watching their mothers, aunts, and female cousins lose their dignity and self-esteem over men. So, the reason I wrote this book is simple. First, this book will help you - that is, any woman - understand men. After reading this book, you will have clear answers to these questions: What is a man? What is he looking for in you? Can you fix him the way you want him? How and where should you start? And if he can't be fixed, how will you know and move on?

Lord Quincy Dowdell is an author, lecturer, speaker and a relationship advisor.

Find out more:www.appleusbookpublishing.com or contact: 973-351-5200.

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