Looking For My Father

Looking For My Father

by Lynda Mahan Miller


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This is an illustrated book, using various woodland animals in a forest setting, dedicated to children of single parents (especially single moms) that at an early age struggle with not having a father.
Connor is the main character with his mother, grandfather and grandmother as his supporting characters.

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ISBN-13: 9781438986999
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 11/18/2009
Pages: 36
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.09(d)

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Looking For My Father

By Lynda Mahan Miller


Copyright © 2009 Lynda Mahan Miller
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4389-8699-9

Chapter One

Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Connor who lived at home with his mother.

He also had a grandfather and grandmother whom he called Papaw and Mimi. He loved to spend lots of time at their home with them. Connor loved his mother and his grandparents very much, but he had a secret.

He went to school and had many friends, but lots of his friends had fathers and mothers. Connor had never met his father and he wanted to know where he was and what he looked like.

Often, Connor and his mom visited his grandparents' house. His Papaw would take him to the park and to the movies. Many times, they would play smack down, baseball, and basketball in the backyard.

Connor, being only- four- years- old, loved all of this but wanted to know where his father was.

Connor decided to tell his mother and grandparents about his secret.

One day, he asked his grandfather to help him find his father. Connor's grandfather talked with his mother and grandmother, and they both agreed that he could go and search for his father.

Connor's grandfather said, "I have been told that if you go to the forest, you might find the answer."

That weekend, Connor's mother and grandmother packed a lunch and a blanket for Connor and his grandfather's trip.

Connor's grandfather drove them to the forest and parked the car. They took the blanket and the backpack with their lunch and began walking into the forest.

Upon entering the forest, they spotted Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit with their children.

Connor ran over to them and said, "I am looking for my father. Can you help me?"

Mrs. Rabbit said, "I would like to help you, but we don't know your father or where he is. Maybe if you go further into the forest, you will find him."

Connor's grandfather was amazed that the animals were talking to Connor and that he, too, could hear them!

The little bunnies giggled at the look on Grandfather's face as they hopped off.

Connor and his grandfather walked deeper into the forest. Connor spotted a baby deer and ran to him. "Do you have a father?"

The little deer said, "Yes I do, and he is right behind that bush."

Mr. Deer stepped out from behind the bush and said, "Hello, little boy. How are you? And why do you look so sad?"

"I am just fine, but I am looking for my father. Can you help me?"

"I wish we could, but we don't know your father," said Mr. Deer. "If you go further into the forest, Mr. Owl might be able to help you, as he is very wise."

Connor and his grandfather said thank you and went deeper into the forest looking for Mr. Owl.

Connor's grandfather spotted the owl sitting in the tree, and they went up to him.

"Hello, little boy," said Mr. Owl. "You are quite far into our forest. What brings you here?"

"I am looking for my father, and Mr. Deer said that you might be able to help. Do you know where my father is?"

Mr. Owl said, "No, I don't know where he is, but if you go near the pond, maybe Mr. Toad can help you. Mr. Toad goes everywhere. Maybe he has seen your father."

Connor and his grandfather thanked Mr. Owl and went in search of the pond.

It wasn't long before they spotted a beautiful pond. It was filled with pink and white lilies, and on one of the lily pads sat Mr. Toad.

Mr. Toad said, "Good afternoon, little boy." "What brings you so deep into the forest?"

"My grandfather and I are looking for my father, and we cannot find him anywhere. Mr. Owl said that you jump and swim around in many places and maybe you have seen him."

"Oh, I am sorry, little boy," said Mr. Toad. "I have not seen your father. I will tell you this, there is a beautiful oak tree in the middle of the forest, and he is known as the prince of all trees. I have heard that he is very majestic and wise. Maybe he can help you."

Connor and his grandfather thanked Mr. Toad and went to find the tree. Connor was getting very tired and hungry.

"Let's look for a nice spot to sit down and have some lunch," said Connor's grandfather.

They found a lovely place with nice, soft grass and a little stream. Connor's grandfather placed the blanket on the ground for them to sit on. As they were eating their sandwiches, Mr. and Mrs. Skunk and their family came by.

Connor and his grandfather said hello to them.

Mr. and Mrs. Skunk said, "You two are very deep into our forest. What brings you here?"

Connor said, "I have been looking for my father but cannot find him. Mr. Toad said that there was a prince tree that was majestic and wise and we should ask him if he knows where my father is."

Mrs. Skunk said, "That is a very fine suggestion, as we have spoken with him before. He is very wise and has been around for many years."

The Skunk family went off, and Connor and his grandfather finished their lunch and rested for a while. Finally, they packed up the blanket, made sure all the trash was picked up, and started walking again.

Connor said, "Grandfather, maybe we should go home. I don't think that we will find this tree."

"If that is what you want, Connor," said his grandfather.

As they were turning around to leave the forest, Connor's grandfather said, "Look at that beautiful tree. It is so tall and majestic!"

Connor turned around, and sure enough, there was the tree they had been searching for.

Connor ran to the tree and said, "Are you the prince tree?"

The tree looked down at the beautiful young boy. "Why, I am. How did you know?"

Connor said, "Mr. Toad told us about you and said that you might be able to help me. I have been looking for my father and cannot find him. Do you know where he is?"

The prince tree replied, "Do you have a mother?"

"Oh yes, and I have my grandfather and my grandmother. I have cousins and friends, but I do not have my father. That is why I am looking for him."

The prince tree smiled. "You know, Connor, I don't know my father or where he is. When my father dropped his seed on the ground for me to grow, a bird flew down and put it in his beak. As the bird flew across the forest, he dropped me onto this ground. The rains fell, then the sun shone bright, and I began to grow. I too wondered where my father was.

"Every so often, the same little bird came and perched on my branches. One day, he said to me, 'You look a lot like your father.' It was then that I realized I knew where to find my father. When you get home, look into a mirror and you will see your father. You see, you are a part of your father.

"You have beautiful parts of you that are just like him. As with me and my father, your father will always be a part of you."

Connor was so excited that he said, "Grandfather, let's hurry home. I want to look in the mirror."

As Connor and his grandfather thanked the prince tree and were leaving, the prince tree said to Connor, "Remember, there are many different types of families. Each one is unique with wonderful people that love us very much."

When Connor and his grandfather arrived home, Connor jumped out of the car, ran into the bedroom, and looked into the mirror. When he looked closely at himself, he realized that he had his mother's eyes and his grandmother's smile. Wow! He even had his grandfather's ears! Connor knew then that he had many qualities of his father as well.

He was so happy! Connor had found his father. The prince tree was right!

Connor was a part of his mom and dad, and they would always be with him. All Connor had to do was look into the mirror and he would see them.


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