Looking into You: A Tribute to Jackson Browne

Looking into You: A Tribute to Jackson Browne



Split fairly neatly between his contemporaries and those who followed in his footsteps, Looking into You: A Tribute to Jackson Browne is a generous tribute to the quintessential singer/songwriter, running 23 songs over the course of two CDs. In all that space, the producers don't find much room for Browne's lighter moments -- his new wave and soft rock flirtations of the early '80s are absent, there's no "Somebody's Baby" or "Tender Is the Night," nor is the road warrior of Running on Empty emphasized, although Texan homebody Bob Schneider sings that album's title track -- and the predilection for ruminative introspection eventually gets a little heavy, but on a track-by-track basis this collection is very good. Perhaps Browne's contemporaries fare the best -- Bonnie Raitt and David Lindley team for a fine "Everywhere I Go," J.D. Souther sings "My Opening Farewell," Bruce Springsteen and wife Patti Scialfa team for "Linda Paloma," and Karla Bonoff resurfaces with "Something Fine" -- but there are also nice turns by Lyle Lovett ("Our Lady of the Well"), Paul Thorn ("Doctor My Eyes"), Sean & Sara Watkins ("Your Bright Baby Blues"), and the surprise duo of Joan as Police Woman and Marc Cohn ("Too Many Angels"). If there are no knockouts here, the sly, subtle approach also emphasizes the fine craft of Browne, which is a nice thing to say about a tribute album.

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Release Date: 04/01/2014
Label: Music Road Records
UPC: 0805859048421
catalogNumber: 18

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Kevin Welch   Vocals
Eliza Gilkyson   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
John Gorka   Background Vocals
Karla Bonoff   Vocals
Marc Cohn   Vocals
Shawn Colvin   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Don Henley   Vocals
Bruce Hornsby   Dulcimer,Vocals
David Lindley   Electric Guitar,Vocals
Nils Lofgren   Accordion,Guitar (Nylon String)
Lyle Lovett   Vocals
Bonnie Raitt   Vocals,Slide Guitar
Bruce Springsteen   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Vocals
Lucinda Williams   Vocals
Larry Carlton   Guitar
Marc Ribot   Electric Guitar
Matt Rollings   Piano
Mike Finnigan   Clarinet,Hammond B3
Wendy Waldman   Piano,Background Vocals
Rod McGaha   Trumpet
Patti Scialfa   Background Vocals
Peter Asher   Tambourine,Background Vocals,Shaker
Joe Bonadio   Percussion
Greg Cohen   Bass
Keith Cotton   Piano
Scott Crago   Drums
Chad Cromwell   Drums
Ricky Fataar   Percussion,Drums
Nina Gerber   Guitar
Michael Graham   Piano,Hammond B3
Ben Harper   Guitar,Vocals
Phil Hurley   Electric Guitar,Background Vocals
John Inmon   Acoustic Guitar
Vail Johnson   Bass
Viktor Krauss   Bass
Russ Kunkel   Drums
Jimmy LaFave   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Chuck Leavell   Piano,Hammond B3
Kipp Lennon   Vocals
Mark Lennon   Vocals
Michael Lennon   Acoustic Guitar,Keyboards,Background Vocals
David Mansfield   Guitar,Mandolin,Viola
George Marinelli   Electric Guitar
Ann McCrary   Background Vocals
Dean Parks   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Steel Guitar
Jeffrey Perkins   Percussion,Drums
Pebbles Phillips   Background Vocals
Amy Ray   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Emily Saliers   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Vocals
J.D. Souther   Vocals
Soozie Tyrell   Fiddle
Red Young   Hammond B3
Joan Osborne   Vocals
Keb' Mo'   Vocals,Slide Guitar
Glenn Fukunaga   Electric Bass
Aaron Comess   Drums
Curt Ramm   Trumpet
C.C. White   Background Vocals
Leland Sklar   Bass
Cody Kilby   Guitar
Paul Thorn   Vocals
Bill Hinds   Guitar,Background Vocals
Chris Walter   Keyboards
Mike Hardwick   Dobro,Electric Guitar
Todd Reynolds   Violin
Radoslav Lorkovic   Organ,Piano,Hammond B3
Pedro Martinez   Percussion
Tim Lauer   Organ,Keyboards
Angela Primm   Background Vocals
Glenn Patscha   Piano
Doug Pettibone   Electric Guitar
Jonathan Wilson   Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Electric Guitar,Background Vocals
Andrew Carillo   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Steve Jordan   Drums
Scott Schwartz   Background Vocals
Richard Hammond   Bass
Bob Schneider   Vocals
Glenn Schuetz   Bass
Chris Hawkes   Background Vocals
Timothy Loo   Cello
Sara Watkins   Vocals,Background Vocals
Sean Watkins   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Background Vocals
Jimmy Paxson   Drums
Byron Isaacs   Acoustic Bass
Cisco Ryder   Background Vocals
James Hutchinson   Bass
Andy Leftwich   Fiddle,Mandolin
Jason Borger   Mellotron
Warren Hood   Fiddle
Jesse Ingalls   Bass,Piano
Jason Mozersky   Acoustic Guitar
Griffin House   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Regina McCrary   Background Vocals
Ruth Moody   Background Vocals
Kevin Lovejoy   Piano
Marcus Finnie   Drums
Adam Hoffman   Background Vocals
Keefus Green   Piano
Mark Stepro   Drums
Amanda Mora   Background Vocals
Tyler Chester   Organ,Bass,Piano
Sarah Parkins   Violin
Ian Krist   Vibes
Ryan Dobrowski   Drums
Israel Nebeker   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Background Vocals
Delia Castillo   Background Vocals
Jaron Pearlman   Percussion,Drums
Chip Davis   Background Vocals
Gail Mayes   Background Vocals
Clint Wells   Electric Guitar
John Ross Silva   Tambourine
Dony Wynn   Drums
Todd Lombardo   Guitar
Ben Williams   Bass
Kati Claborn   Mountain Dulcimer
Dave Jorgensen   Trumpet,Pump Organ
Matt Lipkins   Background Vocals
Alfreda McCrary   Background Vocals
Colin Laroque   Drums
Brandon Kinder   Background Vocals
Deborah Derson   Background Vocals
Miranda Dawn   Background Vocals
Ralph Friedrichson   Bass,Background Vocals
Patrick Lennon   Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Kevin Welch   Producer
Eliza Gilkyson   Producer
Jackson Browne   Composer
Shawn Colvin   Producer
Don Henley   Producer
Bruce Hornsby   Producer
Indigo Girls   Producer
David Lindley   Composer
Lyle Lovett   Producer
Venice   Producer
Wendy Waldman   Producer
Patti Scialfa   Producer
Ron Aniello   Producer
Luis Conte   Composer
Scott Crago   Producer,Executive Producer
Mark Goldenberg   Composer
Ben Harper   Producer
Nathaniel Kunkel   Producer,Engineer
Jimmy LaFave   Producer
Michael Lennon   Producer,Engineer
Hank Linderman   Engineer
Kevin McCormick   Composer
Gary Paczosa   Producer,Engineer
Wayne Pooley   Engineer
J.D. Souther   Producer
Scott Thurston   Composer
Will Taylor   String Section
Joan Osborne   Producer
Keb' Mo'   Producer
Cody Kilby   Engineer
Donald Miller   Composer
Ethan Allen   Engineer
Mike Wolf   Engineer
Fritz Lewak   Composer
Tucker Martine   Producer,Engineer
Glenn Matullo   Engineer
Glenn Patscha   Arranger,Producer
Ryan Freeland   Engineer
Tony Rogers   String Section
Jonathan Wilson   Producer
Rob Hoffman   Engineer
Sheldon Gomberg   Engineer
Roman Klun   Engineer
Bob Schneider   Producer
Billy Maddox   Producer
Jeff Young   Composer
Sara Watkins   Producer
Sean Watkins   Producer
Ross Peterson   Engineer
Cisco Ryder   Producer,Engineer
Tamara Saviano   Producer
Russell Carter   Management
Javier Chaparro   String Section
TJ Doherty   Engineer
Griffin House   Producer
Charles Yingling   Engineer
Wesley Seidman   Engineer
Richard F.W. Davis   Engineer
Bryce Gonzalez   Engineer
Bryan Peterson   Art Direction
Kelcy Warren   Producer
John Ross Silva   Engineer
Rob Lebret   Engineer
James Anderson   String Section
John Schrimer   Engineer
Roberto Chavira   Drum Technician

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