Looking on the website for love.

Looking on the website for love.

by Hanna Belska


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Looking on the website for love

When circumstances make us look at loneliness -
making itself comfortable at the doors of our everyday life,
frightening with emptiness taking away the desire and impetus for motivation -
we begin to look for hope and for a better future believing we will find somewhere a loved one.

The Internet offers a lot of possibilities -
making it easier to look for and be able to present them to those whose shyness doesn't prevent taking any steps to follow the footsteps of their desires.

The Internet provides a field of performances for fraudsters who only have in mind not to work too hard,
to earn as much as possible,
soon as possible,
so they try to prey on the gullibility of those who have no idea they may fall into the trap of the cheater.

Scammers can create affection by promising devotion to those who are weak, lonely and searching for love.
Scammers develop affection in those who feel the need to have someone close,
and in those who believe in the good intentions.

Scammers like to promise to the seekers of love
Something they want something what is difficult to achieve for themselves.

Those whose loneliness leads to desperate desires losing caution along the way,
allowing them to be drawn into a naive faith in imaginary love offered by scammers who invent stories,
just to take advantage of someone's naivety for their own needs out of pure greed.

But there are some who find their happiness and are very pleased they chose such a path to find someone close.

Everyone has a chance to look,
it's true, but there are also those who seek but don't always want to find they are too picky not wanting to accept what is offered to them expecting to meet unrealistic dreams.

There are those who place the bar to high not giving anyone a chance because they don't want to unnecessarily waste time on those to whom they don't want to devote more attention
They are in the eternal search of the shadow of their own imagination which has drifted away from reality.

I also tried to get to know someone in this way and my experiences has resulted in the poems
I present in this book.

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ISBN-13: 9780692352915
Publisher: Hanna Belska
Publication date: 01/06/2015
Pages: 108
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