Looper: Stop Child Abuse

Looper: Stop Child Abuse

by Dawn Fuller


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ISBN-13: 9781490711287
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 08/30/2013
Pages: 40
Sales rank: 888,508
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.10(d)

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By Dawn Fuller

Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2013 Dawn Fuller
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4907-1128-7


"Guess what Looper? It's a snow day and there is no school," said Looper's mom. "Cool! Can I go sledding with Woolly Bear and Julia?" asked Looper. "You may," answered Looper's mom. "I am just going to sleep for a little longer, and then I'll get ready," replied Looper.

As Looper, Julia, and Woolly Bear were climbing the hill to go sledding, Julia noticed Rosa building a snowman by herself. She looks so sad, though Julia. "Looper and Woolly Bear, Do you think Rosa is ok?" asked Julia. "She hasn't been talking," said Looper. "She hasn't been playing with anyone either." added Woolly Bear, "Let's see if she would like to go sledding with us."

"Hey Rosa, do you want to go sledding with us?" asked Looper. "No, not today," sighed Rosa. "Come on Rosa, it'll be fun" said Julia. "Oh, alright," replied Rosa.

On the way down the hill, Julia and Rosa's sled tipped over. "OUCH!" cried Rosa, as she grabbed her arm. "Are you ok? That's a big bruise on your arm, did that just happen?" asked Julia. "No, I fell down yesterday and hurt my arm, I just landed on it," replied Rosa.

"You have to be more careful, that's a really big bruise," said Julia. All of sudden Rosa started to cry. "Should we go get help?" asked Woolly Bear. "NO, don't do that, I'll get in trouble if you tell!" yelled Rosa. "Why would you get in trouble? You didn't do anything wrong." said Looper. "If you tell, my dad will be really mad at me." cried Rosa. "Your dad will be mad because you got hurt?" asked Looper. "I don't understand!"


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