Loracle's Wheel: Guardians of the Fate

Loracle's Wheel: Guardians of the Fate

by Rowan Lefwyn

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The first Episode of the epic fantasy series, Loracle's Wheel: Guardians of the Fate

The dread pestilence of corrupt majik holding sway in the lands of Anatherea is augured to come to an end after two Ages of dominion. All nations wait in expectancy as the Loracle’s Wheel of prophecy rolls down its Pathe to its ultimate conclusion to bring forth the Promise of a silfen age. Yet, even as the Darkmoon rises on the horizon heralding the dawn of a brand new day for mortal and immortal alike, the enemies of prophecy continue to thwart the Guardians of the Fate who keep the Wheel rolling on the Pathe.

The machinations of the dark drui Dhrevehin have ever plagued the Wheel bringing shadow to the lands. Now that dark lord’s interference has caused the Moon Rhombic and Bride of Silfer to be lost from the complex scheme of Loracle’s Wheel. Still, the Guardians of the Fate stand faithful to the prophecy so all of Anatherea will not be plunged into the eternal darkness of Dhrevhin’s Abysm of Eyr without a fight.

One such Guardian is Captain Liiam Bladeswythe, the hand meant to cut the shadows of the wounded lands with the missing Moon Rhombic he seeks so futilely to recover. Even though the Pathe seems to be failing at this crucial point in its history, Liiam still trusts in the luck of his skill and cold hard steel. The warrior prince is less enamored about finding the missing Beloved of Silfer the Pathe has Promised him. Immortal to the core, Liiam dreads betrothal to a mortal woman from a wild, barbaric horse realm.

Unlike other Guardians of the Fate, Overlord Bhren views the prophecy with a fear bordering on hysteria. He’s terrified the dead Bloodstone he’s bound to will one day suddenly flair to life again with blood-wyte, a hereditary majik of old. The reanimation of this majikal article might just illuminate his dark past and the guilty secrets it holds.

After stealing the Moon Rhombic, Shay Shaelrider takes refuge in remote Khorrin among the brooding, barbaric Sentaurs, Sentries of the Pathe. She sees through the awful secrets of the Guardians of Fate. The halfblooded pariah paradoxically has the shine of the lost blood-wyte illuminating her eyes in spite of her corrupt blood.

Shay cares not for prophecy for it has Promised her nothing but exile. For the Sentaurs of Khorrin the Pathe ensures only enslavement if it should ever come to completion. An event that seems more unlikely with each passing hour. Shay knows as all of wild Khorrin knows: The Guardians covertly destroyed the bloodline of the Beloved of Silfer ages before. The Pathe and its Wheel is now only an elaborate charade, profiting only those who Guard it.

Haunted by a brutal past and an uncertain future Shay is bound only by the oath given to her insane, immortal mother. Even though the Pathe speaks against her half-blooded helvish nature, Shay vows to protect the Moon Rhombic from those who would extinguish the last remaining pure elven majik left in the world.

All might have remained in stalemate until Bhren and Liiam are sent on a fool’s errand into wild, forbidden Khorrin. There, some mysterious force intervenes and Liiam nearly succumbs to a nomadic, wandering madness. With the Moon Rhombic, Shay intervenes against this insanity. Now the three are drawn inexorably together to walk a faltering Pathe together.

Majik and mayhem follow as Bhren, Liiam, and Shay are thrust into an unimaginable twist of Fate. Dark secrets of the Pathe’s past are revealed, and the Mhysteria of prophecy begins to shine as it has not in an Age. Bhren despises Shay for her knowledge of his guilty secrets even as Liiam is spellbound by her raw immortal nature.

Now, to keep the ancient elven Moon Rhombic and her adopted homeland safe from destruction by the Guardians, Shay is forced to choose between eternal life in exile or certain death.

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Publication date: 08/20/2014
Series: Loracle's Wheel: Guardians of the Fate , #1
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About the Author

Rowan Lefwyn is an American Author and Philosopher of metaphysics, psychological social disease, and the complexity of individual self-empowerment in a collectively dis-empowered world. She speculates on these topics through the medium of fiction. When she's not writing, she gardens and horseback rides in Michigan where she lives with a petulant thoroughbred and two hens, Dory & Gray. Other titles by Rowan include Directive 303

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