Lord Bredon and the Bachelor's Bible

Lord Bredon and the Bachelor's Bible

by Mia Marlowe

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With the dowries of all the season’s debutantes exposed in its scandalous pages, The Bachelor’s Bible is a handy tool for an earl in need of an heiress . . .
Edward Lovell, newly minted earl, bears a weighty responsibility: to restore his family’s estate to its former grandeur. The task requires not simply a wife, but a wealthy one. Thanks to The Bachelor’s Bible, he already has a particular lady in mind. He has only to convince her sponsor that he will make a suitable husband. There’s just one complication: the sponsor is none other than the only woman he’s ever loved—and inexplicably lost. Now a young widow, Lady Anne Howard is more beautiful than ever . . .
Anne is not about to be taken for a fool a second time. When they last met, Edward was Lord Bredon, the man she adored—the man who destroyed her dreams of a happy future. Now he is pursuing the hand of the young lady Anne must keep safe from unscrupulous suitors. But who will protect Anne from the earl who still possesses her heart?. . .
“Mia Marlowe is the mistress of saucy historical romances.”
—Books Monthly
“Mia Marlowe is a rising star!”  New York Times Bestseller Connie Mason
“Mia Marlowe proves she has the ‘touch’ for strong heroines, wickedly sexy heroes!”
Jennifer Ashley, USA Today bestselling author of Lady Isabella’s Scandalous Marriage
“Her three-dimensional characters truly steal readers’ hearts and keep the pages flying.”
 Kathe Robin
“A delightful Regency romance, full of passion, humor, and love.”
Ella Quinn, USA Today bestselling author

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ISBN-13: 9781516106622
Publisher: Kensington
Publication date: 04/30/2019
Series: The House of Lovell , #2
Sold by: Penguin Random House Publisher Services
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 31,056
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Mia Marlowe learned much of what she knows about storytelling from singing. A classically trained soprano, Mia won the District Metropolitan Opera Auditions after graduating summa cum laude from the University of Northern Iowa. She adores history, art, travel and new experiences. She and her family have lived in 9 different states, 4 time zones, but she now calls New England home. Learn more about Mia at www.miamarlowe.com.

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Lord Bredon and the Bachelor's Bible 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Anonymous 14 days ago
Anonymous 15 days ago
London - 1817 Lady Daly and other friends of Sir Erasmus Howard are attending the man’s funeral. They comment on how young the man’s wife is and to herself, the young widow is thankful that she is finally free. At age 30, Edward Lowell, Earl of Chatham, only recently came into his title after his father’s death. Unfortunately, his father had not managed the estate's funds well, so Edward is in need of marrying a rich heiress. Edward’s friend, Sinclair, Earl of Ware, is married to Edward’s sister, Caroline, who is expecting a baby. He has confided in them that he is finally going to look for a bride. To that end, he has a copy of “A Register of Ladies of Means", or "The Bachelor’s Bible". Miss Martha Finch, daughter of a wealthy baron, is his top pick as her dowry is 80,000 pounds. Her dowry would help his dwindling funds. He is also in need of an heir. Problem is she’s very young and a bit silly. When Edward sees the lovely Anne, 28, Sir Erasmus Howard’s widow, he is sorry that the did not marry her himself. But he soon finds that she has been a widow for several years. When he learns that Anne is the sponsor for Miss Martha Finch, he’s quite surprised. Behind the scenes, Anne is Mrs. Hester Birdwhistle who writes anonymous articles. Edward is still drawn to Anne. But when he learns that her husband may have died of poisoning, he needs to investigate. Could Anne have killed her husband? Has Edward fallen in love with a murderer? My goodness! This book offers treason, murder, lots of twists and turns, and many nail biting moments. The ending is very clever in how it wrapped up a big dilemma. I enjoyed the story and many of the characters that were very well-written. Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
Synergy 18 days ago
I like that Lord Bredon and the Bachelors Bible is a second chance romance told from a dual POV. The hero is smitten the moment he sees Anne again. Yet, it takes him a minute before he’s willing to risk the solvency of his earldom to make her his forever. I appreciated seeing the hero weigh all the costs of his responsibilities against being with the woman he loves, since often authors write insta-love with no thought for the practicalities that any reasonable person would consider. It’s a good read that was engaging throughout. I received an ARC of this book, from the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for a fair and honest review.
Historical_Romance_Lover 18 days ago
I really enjoyed Edward and Anne's story. It was a reunion story, which is always fun! They were in love years ago, but Edward's father made him go on a grand tour. When Edward left, Anne was forced to marry. She is now a widow and is chaperoning to make ends meet. Edward has decided to court a young woman for her large dowry and is surprised to learn that his former love is her chaperone. He is still in love with Anne, but needs money to same his estate. Will love triumph over his estate's survival? I enjoyed this second installment in the House of Lovell series. I really enjoyed Anne and that she went after what she wanted in life after she became a widow. Strong women always make historical romances more interesting! I'm excited to see what Marlowe comes up with next!
georgia1 19 days ago
Sometimes what you need is definitely not what you want. Such is the case for Lord Edward, Earl of Chatham who really had no choice but to marry for money. If not, since the recent death of his father, his estate will fall into ruin. So, he set his sights on one young lady with a large dowry, Miss Martha Finch. Once he had her in his sights, he made his move to be introduced when he ran into a lady and had to steady her. Well, it was not just anyone but Anne Howard the women he had once loved. What will happen now? She had not waited for him and married while he was on his grand tour. They had loved each other or he though. This was such an entertaining story, filled with some humor, suspense and hidden secrets that needed to come out, but were painful. These two truly were meant for each other but she had no money herself and that is what he needed! Take a journey to see how these two can possibly find their happy ever after. I read this through NetGallery. Lori Dykes
Tlbran 20 days ago
This is the 2nd book of the House of Lovell series but it can be read as a standalone. The book was hard to get into at first, it seemed to move very slow in the beginning and then all the action happened at the end. There was more than one plot to the story but the last one didn’t come about until the end of the story and that’s were everything started happening. It was a good book but there did not seem to be anything that stood out to me. I received a digital ARC of this novel courtesy of NetGalley in exchange for an honest and voluntary review.
CaroleBurant57 21 days ago
The Bachelor's Bible compares to today's "little black book" except it lists the dowry value of each of the ton's eligible females. Lord Edward Lovell, now the Earl of Chatham, must marry someone who has a large dowry to help save his estate from ruin. Just as he decides who he will choose, his plans become complicated when he finds out the girl's sponsor/chaperone is none other than Lady Anne Howard, the woman he loved many years ago before he had left for his Grand Tour and who had broken his heart by marrying someone else after he'd left and not waited for him as he had asked her. She is now a widow with hardly any income and even though sparks fly between them, he tries to stay away from her because he really does need to marry someone with money. Easier said than done!!!! I thought this was a delightful story to read and it pretty much kept my interest from start to end. There are quite a few twists and turns in the story and it was fun to see how everything was revealed. I was given a free copy of this book via NetGalley and am voluntarily leaving an honest review.
Noire 21 days ago
Second Chance at Love with a dash of murder and mystery I received an ARC of this book to read in exchange for a fair review. Lord Bredon and the Bachelor’s Bible is the second book in Mia Marlowe’s House of Lovell series. It can be read as a stand-alone but I have read and enjoyed the first book so do recommend reading it. Edward Lovell is a man of many titles ... previously Lord Bredon he is now the Earl of Chatham and with his new title comes a great deal of responsibility and a great deal of debt. The Batchelor’s Bible in the title is a book that has been making the rounds of gentleman's clubs because it contains a listing of heiresses and their dowries. Edward is fully prepared to make a marriage of convenience with one of the eligible young ladies when he once again meets Lady Anne Howard who captured his heart several years ago. Now widowed Anne is herding one of young heiresses through the season and while she may still love Edward she is not interested in giving up her freedom or forgiving him for abandoning her when he headed off on his Grand Tour. Add a murder mystery, some traitorous plotting and this second chance at love story will keep you engrossed. I did enjoy this book very much. Medium Steam. Publishing Date April 30, 2019. #NetGalley #LordBredonandtheBatchelorsBible #MiaMarlowe #HouseofLovellSeries #KensingtonBooks #LyricalPress
DebDiem 21 days ago
Lord Bredon And The Bachelor's Bible is a phenomenal historical romance by Mia Marlowe. Ms. Marlowe has provided readers with a well-written book and filled it with an outstanding cast of characters. Edward is in need of an infusion of cash to bolster his coffers after his father's death and decides to wed the woman with the highest dowry. Anne had loved Edward but he left her to tour Europe and when Anne discovered she was pregnant she was forced to marry someone else. Anne and Edward's story is loaded with drama, humor, sizzle and suspense. I enjoyed every page of Lord Bredon And The Bachelor's Bible and look forward to reading more from Mia Marlowe in the future. Lord Bredon And The Bachelor's Bible is book 2 of The House of Lovell Series but can easily be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book that I received from NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
Texas109 21 days ago
Lord Bredon and the Bachelor’s Bible is another in author Mia Marlowe’s list of delightful Regency reads, of which I have been a fan since I first read Stroke of Genius. This offering is a lovely second chance romance with a little mystery thrown in to get the reader’s pulse racing. Widowed Lady Howard, Anne and Lord Bredon, Edward were in love and headed toward marriage when his father sent Edward on his tour abroad. Edward asked Anne to wait for him, but she didn’t. Now as the guide and chaperone for a young woman making her society debut their paths have crossed once again. The estate Edward inherited is nearly broke and he has been advised to wed a debutante with a rich dowry. Unfortunately, the richest dowry belongs to the girl placed in Anne’s care. Ms. Marlowe puts tongue in cheek once more to show readers just how superficial and absurd societal structures were during the period. She has written a devilish supporting character in Reginald Dicky, the acknowledged but still illegitimate son of a duke. Reggie, who constantly plays the clown is not as dumb as he pretends...lucky for readers. Anne has a few secrets of her own to also tease readers. Feeling fortunate to have received an advance copy of this book. My review is completely voluntarily. Most highly recommend.