Lord Darkwood's Revenge

Lord Darkwood's Revenge

by Jennifer Wenn

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A decade ago, Douglas Scott, the elusive Lord Darkwood, survived a horrendous accident that left him with both physical and emotional scars. Abandoned by his beautiful fiancée at his darkest moment, he turns his back on society, embracing a hermit lifestyle, until an unexpected meeting awakes a desperate need for revenge.

Unaware of Lord Darkwood's wicked plans, Wendolyne Russell travels to his crumbling manor in the middle of the dark forest to be the companion to Douglas's sickly, bedridden elderly aunt. Used as a servant by her parents, Wendy easily adapts to a similar role at her new home, slowly awakening the once grand manor.

Thrown together, the beast learns to yield and the mouse learns to roar, and Douglas and Wendy find themselves warming to each other—to the point of flames. But danger lurks. Douglas's accident was an unsuccessful murder attempt, and the murderer returns to finish what he started.

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BN ID: 2940161318966
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Publication date: 04/17/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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Lord Darkwood's Revenge 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
georgia1 6 months ago
Douglas Scott, the Earl of Darkwood, had it all. Wealth, two homes, friends and a beautiful fiancee name Annabelle. But his cousin Anthony was a gambler and could not keep from having to come to Douglas to beg for money for him and his father to get them out of debt. This one time Douglas had decided not to help him or Anthony would never learn. Unfortunately a desperate man will do whatever he can to solve his problem and that was to cause an accident that would kill Douglas! Oh yes, he saw no other way out! But as fate would have it Douglas lived but was greatly scarred. It seemed he lost everything in that moment. His fiance and then his comfort with being seen. So he becomes a recluse and bides his time. Ten years later he makes his move and blackmail's Annabelle father by buying up all his debt and he demands Wendy, Annabelle's sister. Not to compromise her but to be a companion to his elderly Aunt. Then the story truly begins with the interaction between the two and all of the outside forces which work against them. Prepare to be pulled into this story of a wounded man and the lady who might be able to bring him to the light.. I really enjoyed this first book I have read by Jennifer Wenn and recommend you read it too! Lori Dykes
Sunshine1006 6 months ago
Lord Darkwood, Douglas is betrothed to Annabelle. She is beautiful and everything he could want in a woman. Anthony, his cousin is a gambling rakehell who wants only money from Douglas. He refuses to give him anymore money. He knows that it will only cause more harm. There is a terrible accident where Douglas is almost killed and scarred for life. Annabelle is disgusted by Douglas and breaks off her engagement. Douglas thinks he is so disfigured that he turns into a recluse, not seeing anyone. Annabelle marries Anthony who has not changed his ways. Douglas, Lord Darkwood has bought up all of Annabelle's fathers' gambling debts and threatens to ruin him, if he doesn't give him what he wants. He wants Wendolyne, Annabelle's younger sister. She has been acting as cook and maid to her family since they lost all their money. Her family basically sells her to Douglas. He promises not to compromise Wendy, but the attraction is there and it turns into more. Wendy's family is still trying to sell her to the highest bidder. When Douglas figures this out, he realizes his feelings and that he is not a monster. Is it too late? Will Wendy be married to someone else or dead before he finds her? I loved this story. It is something like Beauty and the Beast with the beast not a beast. Secrets come out and the ending is perfect. I received this book from Net Galley and Wild Rose Press for a honest review. I voluntary read this book.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Darkwood Manor - 1805 Anthony Scott is in love with Annabelle Russell, however, he has limited funds as his father gambled the money away. Anthony has become like his father and gambles too. Now, Annabelle is to marry the wealthy Douglas Scott, the Earl of Darkwood. As he has done before, Anthony comes to Douglas asking him to pay off his debts. This time, Douglas refuses. Furious, Anthony thinks of killing Douglas and then he would be next in line for the title. So, he sets up an accident where Douglas’s carriage goes off a steep cliff. However, Douglas survives but has injuries and scars on his face. When Annabelle sees Douglas’s face, she refuses to marry him and marries Anthony instead. Ten years later finds Douglas leading the life of a recluse where no one sees him and he lives in the dark. Knowing that Annabelle’s parents, Sir Edward Russell and his spoiled wife are in need of money due to excess spending. Douglas buys up their debts and then tells them that he wants their daughter, Wendolyne (Wendy), age 20, to come to Darkwood Manor to be a companion to his aunt who will be visiting him for a time. As Wendy has literally been her parents’ servant for years, this is a nice for her to get away from their selfishness. In return, Douglas will waive their debts. They immediately accept. Wendy is an innocent who has always worked hard literally as a servant in her parents’ home and is willing to help at Darkwood Manor. She tries to get to know Douglas and is surprised to find that she is not repelled by his appearance as to her, he has no scars. Soon, there is an attraction between them that cannot be denied. The greedy hands of Anthony and Annabelle are extended yet again for money from Douglas. In addition, Wendy’s parents want money too. Is there a possibility that Douglas’s revenge can be smoothed over to allow he and Wendy to have a relationship? Will they always be pressured by his and her family for money? This was a difficult book to figure out at times. Is Douglas or is he not scarred? His character is unpredictable as he is loving one minute and then cold. Wendy is much too trusting. Readers will want to see the evil characters get their due. Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.