Lord of All: Developing a Christian World-and-Life View

Lord of All: Developing a Christian World-and-Life View

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Lord of All: Developing a Christian World-and-Life View by D. James Kennedy, Jerry Newcombe

A culture of unbelief is spreading throughout society-from the
hearts and minds of individuals into the media, the courtrooms, the
classrooms, and beyond. Every Christian must be prepared if we are
to struggle effectively with the anti-Christian worldviews that are
eroding the foundations of our society.

The authors of this book put several of these worldviews up
against Christianity, and the contrasts are clear: cynicism and
hopelessness vs. meaning and purpose; confusion vs. truth; death
vs. life. They define and defend a Christian world-and-life view
and show how to let God guide us as we live and work in an
increasingly humanistic world.

Many believers today practice an abbreviated form of
Christianity. They know their faith applies to their spiritual
lives and to their relationships with others, but they don't
realize that the Bible contains commands that equip them to live
out their faith in all of life. They may have a "Christian life"
view, but they lack a Christian world-and-life view.

In Lord of All, D. James Kennedy and Jerry Newcombe
define this Christian world-and-life view by considering the six
main spheres of influence that Christians should be working to
strengthen, from the global and national levels down to the church
and the family. Those with anti-Christian worldviews are working
hard to push God out of these spheres, and as Christians we are
called to reclaim them for Christ.

With an unflinching commitment to God's truth, the authors take
us through each of these spheres of influence and give us an
overview of what has gone wrong and why a biblically informed
world-and-life view is essential. They provide us with the tools
and guidance we need to begin integrating our faith with every
aspect of life.

Throughout the book we are reminded of the truth that God is
sovereign not just over spiritual things, but over all of life. He
is Lord of all.

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Publication date: 02/15/2005
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