Lord of the Abyss

Lord of the Abyss

by Nalini Singh

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ISBN-13: 9781459282193
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 12/01/2011
Series: Royal House of Shadows , #4
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 185,289
File size: 1 MB

About the Author


New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author

Nalini Singh loves writing paranormal romances.

Currently working on two ongoing series, she also

has a passion for travel and has been to places as far

afield as Tahiti, Japan, Ireland and Scotland. She

makes her home in beautiful New Zealand. To

find out more about Nalini’s books, please visit her

website, www.nalinisingh.com.

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He was the most beautiful monster she had ever seen.

It was the first thought Liliana had as she lay weak and drained across the black marble of the floor, her face reflected in its polished surface. As she watched, the one they called the Lord of the Black Castle rose from his ebony throne at the head of the room and walked down the ten steps with a lazy grace that spoke of power, strength…and death.

Trying desperately to close her hand into a fist, she attempted to push herself up onto her knees, unwilling to meet him at such a disadvantage. But her body was debilitated beyond bearing by the blood she had spilled to make the crossing, her wrists spotted with it, though her magic had sealed the wounds. Her father would've sacrificed another without a thought to the life he took, would call her a fool for using her own blood.

"Weak." He had spit the judgment at her more than once. "I took a beautiful witch to wife and got a hatchet-faced mewling brat in return."

Sensing the vibration of the monster's boots getting ever closer, she took a deep breath, able to feel it rattle in her throat. It wasn't meant to be like this. The spell should have deposited her in the forests outside his domain, not in the midst of his great hall, where he stood as the lone, lethal shield against the vicious beings beyond. She could feel eyes on her, hundreds of them. And yet no one made a sound.

The boots were almost to her now.

Cruelty was no stranger to her, not after having grown up with the Blood Sorcerer for a father. But this man, this "monster," was meant to be completely without heart, without soul. His castle held within it the gateway to the Abyss, the place where the servants of evil were banished after death to suffer eternal torment at the hands of the basilisks and the serpents, and he was the guardian of that terrible place. It was said that even the most inhuman of the dead quivered when confronted by his visage.

But that was a lie, she thought as he crouched down beside her, his boots heavy in her line of sight.

He was not ugly at all.

Strong hands gripped her by the shoulders, pulled her roughly to her knees.

And she found herself staring into the face of a monster.

Sun-kissed hair, eyes of winter-green and skin that held the golden brush of summer even in this black place devoid of warmth, he could have stood in as the model for the mythical Prince Charming spoken of in childhood storybooks. Except Prince Charming did not wear armor of impenetrable black, and his eyes were not full of nightmares.

"Who is this?" A quiet, quiet question.

It made the hair on the back of her neck rise. She tried to force her tongue to work, but her body refused to cooperate even that much, still stunned from the leap she'd made from her father's stolen kingdom to this place that stood as the dark ward between the living and the most depraved of the dead.

"An intruder." He stroked her hair off her face, the act almost tender…if one ignored the fact that he wore gauntlets over his forearms that extended to his hands in spiderwebs of black. A spray of razors rode over his knuckles, while his fingers were tipped with bladed claws the same shade as his armor. "No one has dared enter the Black Castle without invitation in…" A flicker in the green. "Ever."

He didn't remember, she realized, looking into that face that was only of the Guardian. There was no echo of the boy he must've once been. None. Which could only mean one thing—according to legend, it was Queen Alvina who had cast the final desperate spell that had thrown her children from Elden, but Liliana's father had ever gloated that he'd thwarted the queen's magic with his own.

What only Liliana knew, because he'd once betrayed it in a rage, was that the Blood Sorcerer believed he had failed. Perhaps he had with the three oldest children, but not with the youngest…with Micah. Her father's blood enchantment had held strong as the child grew into a man, into the dread Lord of the Black Castle.

Oh, he would be pleased. So, so pleased. For those he bespelled rarely, if ever, broke through the veil and found themselves again. Liliana's mother had not—she haunted the hallways of his castle to this day, a slender woman with skin of the dark, lush honey-brown that spoke of Elden's southern climes, and eyes of uptilted gold.

Irina believed herself the chatelaine of a great keep, childless and with her only duty being to see to the needs of the master—even if those needs meant nights filled with screams and bruises ringed around her neck more often than not. Her gaze glanced off her daughter even when Liliana stood directly in her path and pleaded for her mother to remember her, to know her.

By contrast, the winter-green eyes on her face right then saw her when she wished they would not. She had meant to slip unnoticed into his household, learn all she could about him before attempting to speak the truth of his past. She'd been ready to cope with a lack of memory, for he had been only five when Elden fell. But if he was caught in the malicious tentacles of her father's sorcery, then her task had become a thousand times harder. The Blood Sorcerer's work had a way of mutating over time, so there was no knowing what other effects it might've had.

"What do I do with you?" the Lord of the Black Castle and the Guardian of the Abyss asked in a tone that held a faint, dangerous amusement. "Since I have never had an intruder, your presence leaves me at a loss."

Playing with her, she thought; he was playing with her as a cat might with a mouse it fully intended to eat—but wanted to torment first.

Anger gave her the will to stare back, her defiance born of a lifetime of fighting her father's attempts to break her. Perhaps it was futile, but she could no more help it than a cornered animal could stop itself from striking out.

He blinked. "Interesting." Steel-tipped nails grazed her cheek before he moved both hands to her shoulders again and pulled, bringing her to her feet as he rose.

She wobbled, would have pitched forward if he hadn't held her up. As it was, one of her hands slammed up against the cold black of his armor. It felt like rock. Her father's sorcery she thought, had grown upon itself, turned his mental prison into a physical truth. To counteract the spell, she'd first have to remove his armor.

Of course, before she could attempt any such thing, she had to survive.

"The dungeon," the monster said at last. "Bard!"

A heavy tread, one that made the ground tremble. A second later, Liliana found herself being picked up in huge tree-trunk arms as the monster watched. "Take her to the dungeon," he said. "I'll deal with her after I hunt those destined for the Abyss tonight."

The command echoed ominously in Liliana's mind as she was carried from the hall in a hold that was unbreakable. In contrast to the strange whispering hush that pervaded this castle of harshest stone, she could feel a big, steady heartbeat against her cheek, the speed of it so slow as to be nothing human. Unable to turn her head, she couldn't see who—what—it was that carried her with such ease until they passed through a hall of black mirrors.

His face appeared as if it had been formed of clay left in a child's hands. It was all knots and bulges, misshapen and without any true form. He did have ears, but the large protrusions stuck up far too high on the sides of his head. And his nose…she couldn't truly see it, but perhaps it was the small button hidden between his distorted cheeks and below the overhanging jut of his brow.

Ugly, she thought, he was truly ugly.

That made her feel better. At least one being in this place might have some sympathy with her. "Please," she managed to whisper through a throat cracked and raw.

One of those ears seemed to twitch, but he didn't halt his steady, relentless pace toward the dungeons. She tried again, got the same response. He wouldn't stop, she realized, no matter what. For the monster would punish him. All too aware of the cage created by that kind of fear, she went silent, conserving her energy.

It was as well, for this Bard's long, slow strides soon brought them to a dark corridor formed of crumbling walls, the only light coming from a single flickering torch. Then she glimpsed the stairs. The descent into the menacing maw of the Black Castle was narrow and tight enough that Bard's head scraped the top more than once, his shoulders barely fitting. She felt her feet brush the stone, too, but Bard just held her in a more restrictive way, ensuring she took no injury.

She didn't make the mistake of thinking it was because of any care on his part. No, he simply didn't want to be responsible for explaining why the prisoner had been harmed in a way that had not been mandated by the Lord of the Black Castle.

The stairs seemed to spiral down interminably, until she wondered if she was being taken into the very bowels of the Abyss itself. But the dungeons they finally came to were harshly real, the passageway lit by a torch that gave just enough illumination for her to see that each cell was a black square broken up by a small window set with bars. She strained her ears but heard only silence. Either there were no other prisoners…or they were long dead.

Opening the door to the nearest cell, Bard stepped inside and placed her in the corner, atop a bed of straw. His eyes met hers, and she sucked in a breath. Large and dark and full of sorrow, they were the eyes of a scholar or a physician, shimmering with compassion. But he shook his head when she parted her lips.

There would be no mercy from him, not here.

As he turned to step out, he grunted and rattled something in the other corner. Then the door slammed shut, leaving her in a darkness so complete, it was stygian. But no—a scrap of light flickered in from the flames of the torch outside, enough to allow her to navigate the cell.

Gathering her strength, she crawled to where Bard had rattled what sounded like a metal bucket. Her hands touched it after what seemed like hours, and she felt her way carefully up its side until she could dip her fingers within.


Her throat suddenly felt as if it was lined with broken glass. Sheer need gave her the strength to pull herself up onto her knees and cup her hands, drink her fill. The water was cool and crisp and sweet, the droplets trailing down her wrists. It was beyond tempting to gorge, but she stopped herself after a bare few mouthfuls, aware her empty stomach would revolt if she overindulged.

Her eyes more accustomed to the shadows now, she glimpsed something else beside the pail. A steel container. Opening it, she found a small loaf of bread. Hunger a clawing beast in her stomach after days without food, she ripped off a piece and chewed. The bread wasn't moldy or stale but simply lumpy and hard—as if the baker had been given instructions to make it as unpalatable as possible.

A skittering to her left, the sound of tiny paws on stone.

She turned her head, found her eyes meeting two shiny ones that gleamed in the dark. The sight may have incited fear in another woman, but Liliana had long made pets of such creatures in her father's home. Still, she examined her roommate carefully. It was a small, quivering thing, its bones showing through its skin. Hardly a threat. Tearing off a piece of bread, she held it out. "Come, little friend."

The mouse froze.

She continued to hold the bread, almost able to see the way the tiny creature was torn between lunging for the food and protecting itself. Hunger won and it darted to grab the bread from her grasp. An instant later and it was gone. It would return, she thought, when its belly forced it to.

Closing the container with half the loaf still inside, she placed it beside the water and made her way to the straw. For a dungeon, she thought drowsily as her body began to shut down, this place was not so terrible. The monster clearly needed to take lessons from her father in how to make it a filthy pit full of screams and endless despair.

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Lord of the Abyss 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 74 reviews.
CYP More than 1 year ago
As always, Nalini Singh comes back to tease us with more unconditional love and hot sex scenes! I have always loved Singh's writing, and it was no different in LORD OF THE ABYSS. LORD OF THE ABYSS started out with a brisk pace, throwing Liliana right into the midst of the throne room in the Black Castle. So the suspense and thrill level has always been on the up high. And from there, it never got boring. Liliana's role in the book was to infiltrate the Castle, get to Micah, lead hero, Lord of the Black Castle, Guardian of the Abyss, and youngest heir of Elden, and help him remember a past that he cannot recall, and get him to Elden by the midnight in a few days time to defeat her infallible father, the cold and ruthless Blood Sorcerer, before midnight in a few days, before Elden falls true to the evil clutches of the Blood Sorcerer. And saving an entire kingdom isn't exactly an easy task for one young woman. Our lead heroine, Liliana, wasn't pretty or perfect, and naturally, Micah's reaction to her was rather neutral. But as the story progressed, and Micah and Liliana got to know each other better, the romance that developed was so sweet! The way Micah behaved around Liliana made her forget about her imperfections... Made me forget her imperfections. He made her feel hot and beautiful. All that and both personas' basal characters held firm. Liliana, though flawed and with a low self-esteem, had a heart so pure and compassionate. They were just too cute together, especially since Micah's never been around courting couples and as such, he is, in a way, very child-like when it comes to wooing Liliana. He's very honest about his feelings, very straightfoward and explicit in showing what he wants. There is a lot of affection between them that made reading it such a joy. The sexual tension's a killer too. The plot's a little fantasy-like with the usual Paranormal Romance touch. But I daresay it bordered on being an Erotica. There were quite a number of explicit sex scenes in here! Not that I'm complaining, but it did slow down the plot. Upped the sexiness, but debilitated the action. All in all, I did like this book. A lot. I loved the action, the romance, the suspense, the characters... Everything!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book so much! It was my favorite in the series hands down, and of course, why not, it was written by Nalini Singh! She is the QUEEN of love scenes, nobody, and I mean nobody does them better! She knows how to build and build and build a scene until you swear YOUR heart is about to bust if we don't get to the good stuff already! LOL! But this book is about so much more than the bowchicawowwow!! I loved Micah, despite everything surrounding him and what he'd become he was so innocent in in so many ways, especially when it came to women. I also loved Liliana for her strength of character and not falling prey to her bloodline or her father's demands to come to heel. This is another book I'd gladly read again just because, to see the journey the two characters take, one knowing what is coming and trying to prevent it, one just trying to figure out why they are so affected by the other's presence. It was the perfect ending to the series, it couldn't have ended on any higher note. If you like this series you will love this last edition!
RBtWBC More than 1 year ago
Lord of the Abyss is the fourth and last novel in the Royal House of Shadows series. The series follows four siblings, prince’s and princess of the magical realm of Elden, who were magically cast out by their parents to save them from the evil Blood Sorcerer who murdered the King and Queen and captured the kingdom, tainting it with his evil and nearly destroying the land. This last installment follows the youngest brother, Micah, who was just a boy when this tragedy occurred. Sent to the Abyss, he wakes knowing himself only as the Lord of the Dark Castle and of the Abyss, protector of the gateway where malevolent souls are taken. Until a strange creature, announcing herself as Liliana, drops from the air onto his floor… Liliana may be the daughter of the Blood Sorcerer but she is in no way evil. Biding her time and perfecting her magick, Liliana escapes her father’s castle for the Abyss seeking the last chance to save Elden and destroy the Blood Sorcerer forever. But first Liliana must make it out of Black Castle’s dungeon before she can force the Prince Micah to remember his past and his legacy. Time is running out though. Charming the dark Lord with her bravery, storytelling and cooking, Liliana slowly see’s the man hidden behind the intimidating armor and every time a piece of it recedes she loses a bit of her heart to him. But can this fearsome lord ever love the homely daughter of his enemy, even if they make it to Elden in time? Lord of the Abyss was a fantastic conclusion to the rich and unique series of the Royal House of Shadows. A first read for me from author Nalini Singh (I know, I know! *hangs head in shame* But she’s on my TBR list!) I can easily see why she has such a huge fan base. The romance of the story was heart-warming and not what you would typically find in a Paranormal Romance. Essentially a retelling of Beauty and the Beast; Liliana is not a beautiful heroine, at least on the outside. But Micah easily sees the true beauty of her beneath the exterior. While Micah is a sexy, fierce and greatly feared man, Liliana views the compassion in him that no one else sees and the joyous little boy he must have once been. Their dialogue together is what really made the novel for me. Both are innocent in the ways of love and sexuality but Micah is also un-socialized so tends to be quite blunt with his need and feelings, whether it is commanding Lily to limit her crying to only four times a year or to stop talking and kiss him. The relationship that builds between Micah and Lily’s is natural and balanced with several steamy scenes to get you squirming in your seat. An emotionally riddled story, the final battle scene tore at my heart. Nalini Singh weaves a captivating fairy tale giving new readers essential background information from the first three novels making Lord of the Abyss a good standalone, as well as new information on the four royal heirs through Liliana’s storytelling. Some loveable secondary characters provide readers with some understanding into life in the Abyss and insight into the Lord of the castle. The action and suspense is balanced well with the romance for a satisfying read and the epilogue provides the happy ending that all fairy tales need to be complete, with all four siblings and their mates. Creative and captivating, Lord of the Abyss is a recommended read!
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
Reviewed By: Jen Review Copy Provided By: Net Galley This book is by far the strongest of the series. The fairy tale featured here is Beauty and the Beast, with the roles reversed. Micah is the youngest of the royal children scattered to the ends of the kingdom to be spared from the Blood Sorcerer who conquered Elden. And Liliana is the daughter of that evil sorcerer, but she's nothing like her father. The story sets out with Liliana on a journey to find Micah to help him fulfill his destiny to defeat her father. What she doesn't expect is to find a gorgeous young man who seems to look past her disfigurements and sees what's beneath, but doesn't know anything about his family and the quest he must undertake. I really did like the idea of this series. But I think by having different author write each of the stories, the series as a whole fell short for me. However, this book was the highlight. I enjoyed getting to know both Micah and Liliana and watching their romance play out. The overall arcing plot was continued and concluded in this tale. I think the only thing that didn't give this book a better rating from me was the lackluster ending. I expected some grand finale battle, but it didn't really happen. And of course, the prologue was a nice added bonus.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Micah is a wonderful leading man, and I loved the simplicity of this story. A Beauty and the Beast setup but with the Beauty totally knowing what she's doing. Loved it. Thanks, Miss Singh for another wonderful story.
SmittenWithReading More than 1 year ago
My Review: What a fantastic ending to this great series. This book was about Micah, the baby of the family. He was five years old when the Blood Sorcerer killed his parents and took over his kingdom. He was flung to be the Guardian of the Abyss¿a job where he helps force evil into the abyss. It¿s a solitary job and has turned him into a warrior that most are afraid of. Since he was so young when upheaval began and there was so much magic thrown at him, he has no memory of his life before he became the Guardian. Liliana is the daughter of the Blood Sorcerer. She knows his evil and knows that if Elden is to survive, then Micah needs to come home before the 20 years is up. She tracks him down to the Abyss where she slowly and methodically inserts herself into his life, creating situations to help him remember his heritage. She is deceiving him, but she is doing it with the purest of reasons. Micah is a hero that makes my heart weep. He has never known human kindness or intimacy. Lily touches his heart simply because she doesn¿t fear him and she will stand up to him, but at the same time, she shows him a kindness and empathy that no one else ever has. That doesn¿t mean that this guy isn¿t pure alpha, because he most definitely is¿he just has a huge soft spot for this woman who has stolen a piece of his heart. I love the two of these together in the final scenes where they are putting themselves into danger. The dialogue between the two of them is magic with the romance and love between them. Lily has overcome so much and managed to maintain a pure heart. She is so strong. She was raised by one of the most evil men around, but she still works so that good can win. She knows how awful her father firsthand and she will do anything so that there isn¿t anyone else that has to feel the horror that is his life. She will lay down everything to make sure that Elden survives. This has been a great series. Each book has had a slightly different flavor with the different authors, but for the most part, they have all been good. My only complaint is I wish that there had been more to the reunion of the four siblings, but I realize that would have been difficult to accomplish with the four authors writing the series. Nalini did handle the tying up of the series very well though, with the way that she wrote the epilogue and how all four of the siblings will be living out their lives. Just a great series that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I would recommend reading the whole series Royal House of Shadows with Gena Showalter, Jill Monroe, Jessica Andersen and Nalini Singh.
Lavinient on LibraryThing 10 months ago
Definitely my favorite of this series. Singh based this one off Beauty and the Beast, though it is our heroine who is the "beast" and our hero the good looking one.Micah is the youngest of the four siblings, and only five when his parents, the king and queen of Elden, are killed and Elden taken over by the the Blood Sorcerer. Before his parents died, they magically sent their four children away to different lands. Micah was sent to the Black Castle, the gate to the Abyss, where evil souls are sent. There he is made the Lord of the Abyss, and with no memory of who he really is, he escorts souls to the Abyss. Liliana is the daughter of the Blood Sorcerer. She has spent her whole life being mentally and physically abused by her evil father. She does have powers of her own, and she uses them to send herself to the Black Castle. She has seen that the only way her father can be stopped and the kingdom of Elden reclaimed by the rightful heirs, is if all four siblings fight together. She knows Micah has no idea who he really is, so takes it upon herself to remind him. Micah is used to everyone fearing him, so when a defiant Liliana comes into his life he is intrigued. He is attracted to her spirit right away. Everyone her whole life has called Liliana ugly. She has a hooked nose, small eyes, a large mouth, small breasts, and a large behind. But Micah doesn't seem to realize that he shouldn't be attracted to her. I loved the fact that he never ever once questions his attraction towards her. He cares not one bit for rules of who is supposed to be considered beautiful. He finds Liliana beautiful.I really really liked reading of Micah and Liliana's time together at the Black Castle, Micah's slow realization of who he really is, and Liliana getting to know others at the castle. What I was disappointed in was how Singh brought the series to an end. We only get to see a very short reunion of the siblings and the final confrontation with the Blood Sorcerer was anticlimactic. Only Micah is the one to finally fight him. All four siblings should have been involved in this.This book had my favorite characters and plot of the four books. I just wish for a more grand finale.ARC provided by NetGalley.
RtB on LibraryThing 10 months ago
Reviewed by JenReview copy provided by NetGalleyThis book is by far the strongest of the series. The fairy tale featured here is Beauty and the Beast, with the roles reversed. Micah is the youngest of the royal children scattered to the ends of the kingdom to be spared from the Blood Sorcerer who conquered Elden. And Liliana is the daughter of that evil sorcerer, but she's nothing like her father. The story sets out with Liliana on a journey to find Micah to help him fulfill his destiny to defeat her father. What she doesn't expect is to find a gorgeous young man who seems to look past her disfigurements and sees what's beneath, but doesn't know anything about his family and the quest he must undertake. I really did like the idea of this series. But I think by having different author write each of the stories, the series as a whole fell short for me. However, this book was the highlight. I enjoyed getting to know both Micah and Liliana and watching their romance play out. The overall arcing plot was continued and concluded in this tale. I think the only thing that didn't give this book a better rating from me was the lackluster ending. I expected some grand finale battle, but it didn't really happen. And of course, the prologue was a nice added bonus.
NiinaC on LibraryThing 10 months ago
Liliana - the abused daughter of the Blood Sorcerer who conquered Elden twenty years ago, killing the King and the Queen and cursing the four children who only nearly escaped the battle - has had a vision, so she escaped her father to find the youngest of the four siblings, Micah. The only problem is she will have to get him to remember who she is because she only has a week before it will be too late.Micah is fascinated by the woman who dropped out of nowhere to his castle and isn't afraid to meet his eyes. Eventually he agrees that she may cook for him, but the outspoken Liliana is so much more than meets the eyes and it doesn't take long before he begins to be tempted by the woman who seems oblivious to how she makes him feel.I loved this book, Liliana and Micah make a sizzling hot couple! Both completely new to the other genre one because of his duty and one because of her lacking outer appearance. Of course Liliana's hidden mission to make Micah remember who he is, after all he was only 5 when his parents cast a spell on him to save him from the Blood Sorcerer, might but a damper on their budding romance.I loved how arrogant and possessive and cave-man Micah was, but he also had a deliciously wicked sense of humor after her got to know her. Liliana I loved because she was not a norm beauty, but was "ugly", eyes too close to each other and too small, hooked-nosed, hair like straw but she still didn't pity herself, she accepted what she looked like and when Micah begins to show interest on her she becomes baffled.I haven't read Nalini Singh before but I'm a FAN now! This story was great! The plot, the characters, the weird creatures, burning hot romance, tension, fantasy and truly great finish for the Royal House of Shadows series! I suppose this could be a stand-alone, but at least read 1st and 2nd book before reading this, because they are just GOOD and the siblings from all the books make an appearance in the end battle. But like I said this can be read alone because a lot is explained about thing got to this point (and without spoilers! because it does not ruing the other books, so you can read these in mixed order!).You'll like this if... you like fantasy, paranormal romance and like your heroes bit on the domineering side. ;)
debbieaheaton on LibraryThing 10 months ago
In Singh's paranormal romance novel, Micah, the dark Lord of the Abyss, is a feared monster in black armor. He is clueless that he is the last heir of Eldon and its last hope. Only one woman knows this and she is the daughter of his enemy. Liliana is nothing like her father, the Blood Sorcerer who cursed Micah. She finds the prince inside the armor and falls for him. But before anything can happen, she must find a way to make him remember who he is so he can save Eldon. An interesting installment to the Royal House of Shadows series.
onyx95 on LibraryThing 10 months ago
Growing up learning just how evil and cruel the Blood Sorcerer is, daughter Liliana¿s goal was to return the true heirs to the land, and the kingdom. Receiving a surprising vision of the kingdom falling, the demise of three of the siblings as they were defeated, prompted Liliana to look harder for the only sibling that might make a difference in the outcome of the rebellion, without him, they might not become the full force that was needed. Finding Micah in one of the few places that the Blood Sorcerer couldn¿t get to easily, Liliana herself traveled to the castle of the Dark Lord. For as long as he could remember he had been the Lord of the Abyss. Living with the curse that came with the job of transporting evil souls to the Abyss that he was the gate keeper of. Finding a girl in his realm, a soul that didn¿t belong to the Abyss and she was a good cook as well, Micah wanted to know more of her. With Liliana`s help, the hardest part of discovering who he might have been is deciding what to do about it, and her. Book 4 ¿.. The conclusion of the House of Shadows series wrapped up most of the series. This book was more about Liliana than Micah (the youngest of the siblings), which was actually ok with me. Micah had been so young that there wasn¿t much of a memory, personality or expectation of him. Really enjoyed how strong of character Liliana was and that she was always trying to make up for the evil of her father. The connection to the other books could have been stronger, especially during the final battle. Liked the individual time pieces but wanted a better explination fo them and the time gap between Breena and the brothers, it was never really explained well. I think I did actually like this one, of the four, the best. All four of these authors are good at what they do, I am looking forward to reading other stories by each of them.I was extremely luck to have received this book as a reviews copy from NetGalley, Lord of the Abyss is due out November 22, 2011.
kmartin802 on LibraryThing 10 months ago
This eARC contained two stories. Lord of the Abyss was a fantasy with blood sorcerers and a family that has magic powers. The abused daughter of the sorcerer - a blood sorcerer herself - goes to find the youngest son of the family to aid him in taking back his country from her father. The son - Micah - was sent away by his mother to save his life and has become the Lord of the Abyss whose duty it is to capture evil souls and consign them to the Abyss. He is an object of fear to those around him. He doesn't remember his past until Liliana gradually brings back his memory.Micah may be an object of fear but he is still honorable and kind. His true self as a Prince of Elden is not destroyed. But it is buried under the spells cast by the blood sorcerer who wants to destry Micah's whole family. Even though she is ugly and has no self-esteem, Micah falls in love with Liliana. He admires her courage and sense of honor. She tells him stories and makes him laugh. Her goal is to restore his memory and get him back to Elden before her father manages to completely destroy the country. She is determined to defeat her father and thinks that her death will be necessary to defeat him. She is reconciled to this until she gets to know Micah.This was a nice romance (with some very hot love scenes) and fantasy adventure all in one.Desert Warrior was the second story. Apparently this one was first published in 2005. It reads a bit that way with a too handsome to be true sheik and a beautiful but insecure heroine. She was forced by her family to give him up at age 18 and he has been nursing a broken heart and damaged pride ever since. Her heart was broken too but she was too young to stand up and rebel against the only family she knew. No matter how badly they treated her. When his parents die, she goes to his desert kingdom to comfort him. Almost immediately he decides to marry her but never to trust her with his heart again. Since she loves him, she agrees. Next there are many instances of him being emotionally cruel to her as he tramples on her pride and her already low self-esteem. There are also lots of hot love scenes because, whether he will admit it or not, they do love each other.I don't know how or why Jasmine puts up with the stuff Tariq throws at her. I would think that love could be destroyed if it were treated as badly as it was in this story. The story was filled with intense emotions and heartbreak on the way to the happy ending. It was an emotional roller coaster of a story. Very intense!
TheBooknerd on LibraryThing 10 months ago
Normally I give novellas and short stories a wide berth -- even the good ones are often a bit of a let-down. But everything Nalini Singh writes seems to be gold, and this book was no exception. I've read the first "Royal House of Shadows" book but not the next two. While I'm sure reading those first would have offered a more complete reading experience, I found it wasn't necessary in order to follow along with "Lord of the Abyss". Singh sets up the backstory so well that this could practically read as a standalone. The plot stays true to the overarching premise of the series without being hostage to it. This is a successful story within a story.As is the norm for Singh, the characters are the driving force for this book. Micah is a thoughtful compilation of alpha male and vulnerable victim. His female counterpart, Liliana, is brilliantly developed. And there are just enough side characters -- with compelling personalities of their own -- to fill out the scene without feeling cluttered.There are many reasons why this book is worth your while. The writing is clever and entertaining. The sexual chemistry between Micah and Liliana is delightfully spicy. The pace starts off with a bang and holds steady all throughout. In other words, you should definitely read it.As for the bonus book, Desert Warrior, you can read my separate review for that here on LibraryThing.
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[S]Name~ [T]BLEP
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Name- Mira Geder-female
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Name~ Mira Pronounced [Me-ir-a] Means 'Wonder' in latin _ _ Age~ 117 (Griffin years) 17 (Human years) _ _ Gender~ Female _ _ Species~ Griffin (Animal shape-shifter) _ _ Height~ 4"2 _ _ Weight~ 128 lbs _ _ Apearance~ A pale cream lioness with an eagle head and front eag talons. Her tail base is tiped with feathers and she has large white/pale cream wings. Her eyes are always blue unless she has a temporary personality switch is a symptom of infection caused by the taint. _ _ Eye color bi-polor switch code~ -Unknowns have not yet been witnessed- Blue- normal Green- Unknown Brown- Unknown Grey- Unknown _ _ Abilities~ Shape-shifter (Main shift is a human girl) & Telepathy. _ _ Roleplayer~ •MamaTaffy• Thanks for reading! ^^Last Updated^ 11/6/18^
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If you are a Nalini Singh fan you'll truly love this tale. I have not had the chance to read the other stories in this series however, this is truly well written, adventuresome and has a great story line. A must read for Ms. Singh ' s fans.
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I love Nalini Singh and she may be my favorite author. So while I was a little dubious of this storyline, I bought it because Nalini has yet to lead me astray. And she delivered yet again. It's not her best work, but it's still worthwhile.
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