Lord of the Fading Lands

Lord of the Fading Lands

by C. L. Wilson

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“The best book I’ve read in years.”

—Christine Feehan


The incomparable C.L. Wilson brings her phenomenal Tairen Soul novels to Avon Books! Lord of the Fading Lands is the first book in the epic romantic adventure that combines sweeping fantasy with breathtaking paranormal romance. USA Today and New York Times bestseller C. L. Wilson dazzles with a magnificent, heart-soaring tale of passion and great destiny—of the tormented Fey King Rain, the woodcutter’s daughter Ellysetta, who would be queen, and their eternal quest for true love in the mystical Fading Lands.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780062023025
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 09/28/2010
Series: Tairen Soul Series , #1
Pages: 416
Sales rank: 198,305
Product dimensions: 6.96(w) x 11.28(h) x 1.15(d)

About the Author

C. L. Wilson wrote her first story at age six, and though she took a number of long detours during her life, she never gave up her lifelong dream of being published. Many years, hundreds of false starts, and five completed novels later, she received "The Call" in October 2006 and sold her epic fantasy romance, Tairen Soul, at auction. Her debut novel spent two weeks on the USA Today bestseller list, and her subsequent novels have gone on to hit a variety of lists, including USA Today, New York Times, and Publishers Weekly. When not writing, C. L. enjoys relaxing with her husband and three children in sunny Florida and daydreaming of a world where people exercise in their sleep and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream is a fat-burning food.

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Lord of the Fading Lands

By C. L. Wilson

Dorchester Publishing

Copyright © 2007 C. L. Wilson
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-8439-5977-2

Chapter One

"Ellie, don't be such a soggy dorn." Nine-year-old Lorelle Baristani pouted at her older sister.

It was, in Ellysetta's opinion, an adorable pout. Lorelle's out-thrust lower lip was plump and pink, her round cheeks soft as satin, and her big brown eyes heart-tuggingly soulful. The whole enchanting picture was complemented by masses of mink-brown ringlets, and more than one seasoned adult had been known to abandon common sense in the face of such considerable infant artillery. Unfortunately for Lorelle, Ellie was made of sterner stuff.

Ellie smiled and bent to kiss her sister's cheek. "A soggy dorn, am I? Just because I don't want to spend the whole day caught up in what's sure to be the worst crush in the past year? And for what? To catch a brief glimpse of a Fey warrior as he walks past?" Ellie shook her head and punched down the bread dough she was making for tonight's dinner rolls.

Tomorrow was the much-anticipated annual visit of the shei'dalin Marissya v'En Solande. Her arrival was always a spectacle as she and her guard of one hundred fierce leather-and-steel-bedecked Fey warriors entered the city and marched down the main thoroughfare to the palace.

A week ago, Ellysetta would have gone, nomatter how long the wait, just for the chance of glimpsing the glint off a Fey blade. But that was before that disturbing nightmare and before the dark dreams that had continued to haunt her ever since. When she woke each morning, her skin felt tight, her muscles inexplicably sore and weary, as if each night she fought a battle in her sleep. As if she were fighting to keep something out ... or worse, to keep something in.

Memories flashed-of horrifying convulsions racking her body, Mama's fear, the Church of Light exorcists with their fervent, shining eyes and merciless determination to drive the demons from her soul.

She shuddered from the awful memories and quickly sketched the sign of the Lord of Light. No, all things considered, now was a bad time for her to go anywhere near the Fey and their powerful magic.

"Besides, I'm busy tomorrow," she told Lorelle, grateful for the genuine excuse. "Lady Zillina ordered an entire new suite for her receiving room, and Mama wants me to get started on the embroidery for the pillows."

"But, Ellie, the Feyreisen is coming!"

Ellie's breath caught in her throat. The Feyreisen? Despite her well-founded fear of magic, she'd dreamed all her life of seeing Rain Tairen Soul in the flesh.

Then common sense returned, and Ellie cast a stern side-long glance at her sister. "Who told you that bit of silliness? Everyone knows the Feyreisen hasn't set foot outside the Fading Lands in a thousand years." Not since the end of the horrendous magical holocaust known as the Mage Wars.

"It's not silliness!" Lorelle protested indignantly. "I heard it straight from Tomy Sorris." Tomy Sorris, son of the printer, was the local town crier and usually well on top of the latest news and gossip.

Ellie was unimpressed. "Then Tomy's been smelling too much printer's ink." She transferred the dough back into its rising bowl and covered it with a damp cloth.

"He has not!" A stamp of one small foot expressed the child's outrage.

"Well, perhaps he's just misinformed then," Ellie replied. If Rain Tairen Soul were coming, they'd have heard about it long before now. The Fey who'd once nearly destroyed the world in a rage of tairen flame wouldn't simply end his thousand-year exile without someone knowing about it in advance.

With a few quick swipes of a clean cloth, she swept the light dusting of flour off the tabletop into her palm and disposed of it in the waste bin beneath the kitchen sink. She cranked the sink pump twice and rinsed her floury fingers beneath the resulting cold spurt of water, then cast a glance back over her shoulder at Lorelle.

"Besides, why would the Feyreisen come here? He never had much use for mortals even before the Wars."

She recalled a story in yesterday's paper about a small caravan of travelers attacked near the Borders by dahl'reisen, the frightening mercenaries who'd once been Fey warriors before being banished from the Fading Lands for the darkness in their souls. Would Rain Tairen Soul come to Celieria because of that?

She dismissed the idea instantly. All her life she'd heard tales of dahl'reisen raids-such tales were so common they were used to frighten small children into behaving-but none of those stories had ever lured the King of the Fey beyond the Faering Mists that circled the Fading Lands. No, Lorelle must be wrong.

Ellie untied her apron and hung it on a wooden peg in the corner of the modest, cozy Baristani family kitchen and smoothed slender hands over her serviceable tan muslin skirts. Her shirtsleeves were bunched up around her elbows, and she tugged the plain cuffs back down to her wrists, unable to stifle a wistful sigh as she imagined a fall of ivory lace draped over her hands. It was, of course, a foolish daydream. Lace would only get dirty and torn as she went about her chores.

She smiled at Lorelle, whose pout had now become an outright scowl. "Come now, kitling, don't be cross. I'll take you to the park instead. It won't take up the whole day, it's bound to be less crowded, and we can still have a fine time."

Lorelle crossed her arms over her chest. "I don't want to go to the park. I want to see the Feyreisen."

Before Ellie could reply, Lorelle's twin, Lillis, came skipping into the kitchen, all atwitter. A mirror image of her sister, Lillis would have been indistinguishable from Lorelle except for the radiant excitement stamped on her face, which contrasted vividly with Lorelle's dark scowl. "Ellie! Ellie! Guess what!"

Ellie made a show of widening her eyes with exaggerated interest. "What?"

"The Feyreisen is coming, and Mama says you can take us to see him enter the city tomorrow!"

"Ha!" Lorelle exclaimed. "I told you so!"

This time the breath that caught in Ellie's throat stayed there. Tomy Sorris might have sniffed too much printer's ink, but Mama was never wrong. Seeking confirmation, Ellie glanced towards the door.

"Mama? Is it true? Is the Feyreisen really coming to Celieria?"

Lauriana Baristani nodded, her fingers deftly untying the bow of her large-brimmed sun hat as she crossed the threshold and entered the kitchen. There was a light of excitement in her eyes that Ellie had never seen before. "It's true," she confirmed.

Ellie watched in astonishment as her mother tossed her hat and woven shawl over the back of a nearby chair rather than hanging them neatly on the wooden pegs provided for that purpose. Her mother was a firm believer in a place for everything and everything in its place. Something was going on, something that had nothing to do with the unexpected ambassadorial visit from a twelve-hundred-year-old Fey who could turn himself into a tairen.

"Mama?" She picked up the hat and shawl and hung them in their place. "What is it?" She gave her mother a searching look. Lauriana was a handsome woman in her mid fifties, with a solid build and strong arms that could help her husband move heavy pieces of handcrafted furniture or hug her children close. She had the same rich brown hair as the twins, though her soft ringlets were threaded liberally with silver, and her eyes were a pleasant hazel. Her brown dress was neatly made of sturdy, sensible cloth, and her shoes were sturdy, sensible brown leather to match. But at the moment, she did not look sensible at all. She looked ... giddy.

"Oh, Ellie, you won't believe it!" Lauriana reached out to grasp Ellie's hands. "Queen Annoura," she said, squeezing Ellie's fingers tight, "sent Lady Zillina to commission your father to produce a special carving in the Feyreisen's honor. He's to have it finished and ready to present to the Feyreisen at the Prince's betrothal ball!" When Ellie gasped again and the twins squealed, Lauriana beamed and nodded. "Commissioned by the queen. At last!"

"Oh, Mama," Ellie breathed. "Papa must be singing with pride!" After ten years as a master woodcarver, Sol Baristani had finally received a coveted royal commission. When word got out, nobles and rich merchants would be banging down his door to commission his work. Money, always rather scarce in the Baristani household, was sure to flow into the family coffers.

Lauriana flashed her eldest daughter a devilish grin. "And won't that just put Madam Rich and Snooty Minset's knickers in a twist?"

"Mama!" Ellie gasped, giving her mother a shocked look.

Her mother-definitely not her staid and sensible self-laughed out loud, then clapped a hand over her mouth. "Oh, that was evil. Just evil."

Ellie couldn't help laughing herself. It was so unlike her calm, unflappable mother to say something nasty, even about the social-climbing Madam Minset, the banker's wife. Though if ever a woman deserved to have something nasty said about her, Madam Minset did-and that went double for her daughter Kelissande.

"But, Mama, why is the Feyreisen coming to Celieria?"

Lauriana shrugged. "No one knows, but it's sure to be a spectacle. And I promised Lillis you would take her and Lorelle to see the Feyreisen." Ellie stared in surprise, and her mother blushed a little. "I know what you're thinking, and this doesn't mean I approve of Fey sorcerers. I don't. Not in the least. But the Bright Lord did select Rain Tairen Soul as the vehicle through which He has delivered this latest blessing upon our family. I wouldn't want Him to think us ungrateful. You will take the girls, won't you?"

Ellie glanced at Lorelle, who was now sporting a grin as large as a dairy cow, and had to laugh. "Of course I will," she agreed. The twins shrieked with happiness and danced about the kitchen.

No matter how dreadful her nightmares, Ellie would never have missed this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the one and only Rain Tairen Soul. He was living history, the Fey who'd once in a fit of grief-induced madness almost destroyed the world.

How many ballads had been written about that terrible day? How many plays? Celieria's Museum of Arts held no less than twenty enormous oil paintings that commemorated the entire series of events, masterpieces painted by Celieria's greatest artists over the past thousand years. Ellie couldn't count the number of times she'd stood in front of Fabrizio Chelan's immortal Death of the Beloved and wept at the unspeakable anguish the great master had depicted on the face of Rain Tairen Soul as he held Lady Sariel in her death swoon and cried out to the heavens.

To see Rain Tairen Soul in the flesh. It was more than she'd ever dreamed possible.

She wagged a finger at the twins. "You two had best plan to go to bed early. We leave at the break of dawn, so we can be sure to find a place with a good view."

Her mother shook her head. "You and your love of the Fey." But for once, she didn't add her usual lecture about the evils of magic and the danger of temptations that wore a pretty face.

Though Ellie shared her mother's fear of magic, all things Fey had fascinated her since she was a small child. "That doesn't mean I'm any less excited about your news, Mama." She reached out to grasp her mother's hands. "Indeed, I want you to tell me everything. What, exactly, did Lady Zillina say? Don't leave out a single detail."

Lauriana pulled up a stool and related the whole story, including the ultimate pleasure of having Stella Morin, the neighborhood's biggest gossip, witness the entire event. She'd come into the shop to tell Lauriana that Donatella Brodson, the butcher's youngest daughter, was officially contracted to wed the third son of a wealthy silk merchant.

"Oh-" Lauriana snapped her fingers. "That reminds me. Den is coming for dinner tonight."

"Den?" Ellie repeated with dismay. Den Brodson, the butcher's son, was a stuffed pork roast of a young man. And ever since his first wife had died in childbirth six months ago, he'd been following Ellie around like a starving hound on the trail of a juicy steak. He'd made a habit of catching her in dark corners, standing so close she could smell the reek of onions and bacon on him, and looking too intently down the neckline of her dresses as if he could see straight through the fabric to the soft curves beneath. His thick fingers were ever clutching at her arm, as if he had some right to her. She shuddered with revulsion. She'd never liked him much, even as a child. Now he made her skin crawl.

Beside her the twins rolled their eyes and clutched at their throats, making gagging noises. They didn't like Den either.

"Mmm." Lauriana paid no notice to the rolling eyes and gagging faces, but she did shoo the twins out of the kitchen. "Go play in your room, girls." Then, to Ellie, "Wear your green dress, kit. It makes you look rather pretty."

"Why would I want to look pretty for Den?"

A stern hazel gaze pinned her in place. The laughing, flighty Mama was gone. Practical, no-nonsense Mama was back. "You're twenty-four, Ellysetta. That's long past time to be making a good match and starting your own family. Look at your friends. All of them married for years, with at least one child walking and another on the way."

"Kelissande's not wed," Ellie reminded her mother.

"Yes, but Kelissande's not lacking for offers." The stern look in Lauriana's eyes remained the same, but her voice softened. "She's got beauty, girl, and wealth. You don't."

Ellie ducked her head to hide the glimmer of tears that sprang to her eyes. She knew she was no beauty. She'd seen her reflection often enough to understand that. And Kelissande Minset had always been happy to point out her shortcomings in case she missed them.

"Even though you've got a fine, kind heart," Lauriana continued, "and a strong back to make any man a treasured helpmate, young lads and their parents don't look for those blessings first. The lads want beauty. The parents want wealth. The queen's commission will probably be enough to bring Den's family up to scratch, but you don't have the time to wait for Papa to make a fortune so you can take your pick of men." Unspoken was the common knowledge that if a girl was not wed by twenty-five, she was obviously defective in some way. Spinsters were to be pitied-and watched carefully lest the hand of evil that had blackened their futures laid its shadow over those around them.

Ellie couldn't believe what she was hearing. It was obvious her mother had already decided whom Ellie would marry. "But I don't love Den, Mama." To her horror, her voice wobbled.

"Ellysetta." There was a rustle of skirts and then the unexpected warmth of her mother's arms wrapping around her thin shoulders and drawing her close. "Ah, girl. This is my fault." Lauriana sighed. "I should have done my duty by you long ago. But you were such an ... awkward ... creature, and we were poor. I thought you'd never be wed, so where was the harm in letting you keep your dreams?"

Awkward. Such a mild euphemism for the fearful truth Mama never voiced. Ellie knew her parents loved her, as did Lillis and Lorelle. But that had not stopped her from hearing the talk of others-or seeing the fear that Mama could never quite hide whenever ... things ... happened around Ellie.

"But you've changed, Ellie, and so have our circumstances. You've grown rather pretty in your own way, and this royal commission puts a few coins in our coffers, with the promise of more to come. Look at me, child." Obedient to the command and the accompanying hand raising her chin, Ellie met her mother's solemn gaze. "Life is never certain, Ellie. This is your chance to wed, and you must take it."

"But, Mama-"

Lauriana held up a silencing finger. "Despite everything that happened when you were young, I've never curbed your love of Feytales or your dreams of truemates and happy endings, but that's for Fey, not mortal folk like us. We don't have centuries to wait for true love."

"I know that, Mama."

"Love will come in time, Ellie."

"But not with Den, Mama!" How could it, when the very thought of his touch revolted her?


Excerpted from Lord of the Fading Lands by C. L. Wilson Copyright © 2007 by C. L. Wilson. Excerpted by permission.
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Lord of the Fading Lands 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 260 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I'm writing this review for the whole series because you do need to read all 5 books. This is one of my favorite series. The characters are great from start to finish. You do get tiffed at them sometimes, the story needs conflict, but Wilson always brings them back to a place that you like them again. Its a long journey but definitely worth your time and your money.
harstan More than 1 year ago
When his beloved Sariel died in combat Fey king Rain Tairen Soul went berserk and destroyed much of the realm even as his side defeated the evil wizards of Eld. Now a thousand years later he still grieves, but worries that soon his people the fairy will become extinct. Desperate to save his race, Rain ignores the taboo of touching the sacred Eye of Truth in order to learn if there is some way to save his people. What the Eye showed him after beating the arrogance out of his soul, is a secret. Rain heads a half of continent away to the mortal city of Celieria where apparently resides his lost soul mate, Ellysetta Baristaini, an unacceptable female for their Tairen by the Fey nobles as she is a woodcarver¿s daughter. At the same time that Rain begins courting, the wizards of Eld want to use this expendable woman as a pawn to enable them to destroy the Tairen. --- LORD OF THE FADING LANDS is an entertaining opening romantic fantasy that will please fans of both genres. As with many epic fantasies, the story line focuses on introducing the key characters and the setting so that action is somewhat limited to the romance and to a degree the plotting of the malevolent wizards. Still C. L. Wilson provides a fascinating tale with a solid premise of a dying race, which will bring plenty of fans to this debut, who also will eagerly look forward to the sequel. --- Harriet Klausner
Angieville More than 1 year ago
I waited for this one to become available at the library for quite awhile. It was always checked out and that, coupled with the rather rave reviews I'd read, made me excited to get my hands on it. The cover is decidedly hokey, but I've come to regret bouts of cover-snobbery many a time before. So I resolved not to let it get to me this time. Besides. I finished the book and still can't wrap my mind around what the tairen actually look like. So the creature on the cover is as good a rendering as any, I'm sure.

Essentially, it is a Cinderella story. One in which the prince is actually a king. A massively overbearing, centuries old king at that. Rain Tairen Soul is well-known throughout the world as the man who almost destroyed it all when his beloved was killed. His rage was of such a magnitude that it nearly scorched the world. Thousands upon thousands died as a result. This all took place nigh unto a thousand years ago and Rain has spent the intervening years basically trying to hang onto his sanity and not give into his anger and sorrow. Enter Ellie--found on the side of the road as a child and taken in by a woodcarver and his wife. In a moment of utter terror, her soul cries out and Rain's hears it. He comes immediately to her rescue and the two of them attempt to make sense of what has happened to them. And what has happened is that they are soul mates. That's right. Rain has love thrust upon him centuries after he thought he was through with it for good. And Ellie has it swoop down upon her for the first time in her life. It's all very anguished and touching.

Except it's not.

I don't know if it's just that the story's been done before and in more compelling ways. Or if it's the he's older than Methuselah and she's a spring chicken ick factor. But it didn't do it for me. It's like the whole time the story was telling me, I am So Epic. Bask in my epicness! And Rain was storming around yelling at me, I am So Tortured. Revel in my anguish! Meanwhile, Ellie was tip-toeing around in his wake whispering, I am fragile but with a Core Of Steel. Underestimate me at your peril! But none of it felt real. It just felt like the veneer of epicness and torture and steel cores. There was also a string of women drugged and manipulated against their will which really rubbed me wrong. And did anyone else think Ellie should totally be with Bel? Or was that just me? Now the story certainly had its sweet moments. How could it not? At just over 400 pages, it never gets beyond the courtship stage of Rain and Ellie's relationship. But even then, I didn't feel like they got to know each other well. But I didn't feel like I knew them either so it wasn't that great a loss. I do have to say that this book (and series) is dearly beloved by many so, clearly, your mileage may (and probably will) vary. It may very well fly for you. But, for me, it never got its feet off the ground.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Once he had scorched the world. Once he had driven back overwhelming darkness. Once he had loved with such passion, his name was legend... C.L.Wilson¿s debut novel, LORD OF THE FADING LANDS, has everything a romance novel should. Tortured hero, misunderstood heroine, great love, evil villain, humor, passion, mystery - it¿s Cinderella set in a land of Tairen, Celerians, and humans. No wicked stepmother or sisters, but certainly plenty of mean and nasty peers. The Tairen are fey, gifted in magic and mystery. A thousand years after the Mage War, however, they are facing extinction. Rainier vel'En Daris Feyreisen is the last of the Tairen Soul, and in an effort to consult the Eye of Tairen as to how to help his people, he is guided to find a woman surrounded by flame. He finds Elly, and discovers she is his shei¿tani, the mate of his soul. Ellysetta Baristani suffered from horrendous nightmares and seizures for years, although they finally ceased, to her adopted family¿s relief. Raised by strict but loving parents, Elly is fascinated by the tairen, and especially Rain Tairen Soul. An awkward, gawky, and unattractive child, Elly is finally coming into her own beauty. Because she is nearing her 25th birthday, her mother, in a genuine loving gesture, allows her to be betrothed to a man with the personality of a toad who only wants Elly so he can exploit her. Our H and H meet and it is not love at first sight. Rain recognizes her as the woman shown to him by the Eye fo Tairen and forces himself into her life. Elly, while admiring him from afar, is afraid of him and his magic when he rescues her from a stampeding crowd. It¿s a good romance, believable and heartwarming. Most of the story is about Rain and Elly adjusting to the idea that they are destined to be together. Neither are inititally thrilled with the idea. Ms. Wilson moves the story slowly to allow the reader to get to know the nuances of the characters and to immerse ourselves into their world. She masterfully uses details to create a seamless and richly detailed story. The quality of her storytelling is absolutely rock solid. I found the book to be magical, dramatic, romantic, tense, and thoroughly entertaining. It is everything I like in a book. My only complaint is that I wasn¿t ready for it to end. The sequel, LADY OF LIGHT AND SHADOWS, is set for release at the end of October. I can hardly wait.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Rain Tairen Soul, King of the Fey, the most powerful Fey alive, takes matters into his own hands to help save the tairen -- magical winged cats of the Fading Lands -- from extinction because if they no longer exist, so too would the Fey die out because they are so closely related, their existence dependent upon one another. Taking the Eye of Truth -- the oracle a trained seer can use to garner answers from any realm of time -- in his hands, something that should never be done, he demands how he can save his people but receives only mind-bending pain and scenes of the past that are just as painful - the Mage Wars, the death of Sariel, his heart mate, and his Rage on the world in his grief at her passing, scorching anything and anyone is his path during his grief in his tairen form. As suddenly as the pain was upon him it is taken away, and in its place is the vision of a woman and of a city he knows well and despises just as much. But now he knows what he needs to do. His soul mate awaits him. Ellysetta Baristani, a woodcarver's daughter, is fast approaching her 25th birtday, the time when a woman is considred a spinster if not married, but although she is happy with her family, that same poor family and her own strangeness keeps eligible men from her door asking for her hand. All except one, the butcher's son, who Elly refuses to marry, even when her parents insist on the union. She prays to the gods to send her anyone but that despicable toad, and she learns very soon that you must be wary what you ask for. But when she meets her destiny and learns more about him and his kind, both of which have always fascinated her, life is never the same quiet peacefulness she's known all her life. But would she give Rain up for any aspect of a life that seems so far away now. Not for anything in the world. Lord of the Fading Lands is a beautiful love story, bringing together soul mates, one magical and thousands of years old and the other a young, innocent girl of common unbringing, but when they touch, desire and need threads through them both, one having to control his desires and keep his tairen in check, the other slightly afraid of such intense feeling but wanting to experience it nonetheless. Dark forces are stirring to keep this union from happening, to take over the world and be all powerful, but being a soul mate transcends love and when it happens, no power in the land will be able to conquer them and their passion. These characters plow right into your heart and stay there. Even the secondary charaters, good or evil, make you sit up and take notice. And the tairen alone is the worth the reading of this story. This is one unique and wonderful book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have read the original four books in the series before and loved it, with the new books in the series, I have to read them again (looking foward to it)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The characters are strong and writer gives vivid details so you can encompass the story.
Leeya_Morgan More than 1 year ago
I have read a lot of books over the years, but this is one of my favorites. The characters are complex and real. Their reactions feel genuine and for a fantasy book, that surprised me. Rain is your typical broody, loner male lead but its his unexpected gentleness that captivates the reader. Elly is strong and courageous, with a nice family background. The development of the each individual character is quite interesting to see. I literally could not put this book down until I was finished with it. And if you love fantasy and plot twists, this is definitely the book for you. C.L. Wilson breathes a fresh new life into the tired old stories that line fantasy book shelves.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This has to be the best series i have ever read. i couldnt stop reading it, and now i can barely wait for next year. Please do yourself the biggest favor by picking this book and lady of light and shadow. it has everything, action, intrigue, love. Written beautifully with everything fitting together so well.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was enthralled from the first paragraph to the last. I sat up all night to read, not wanting to put it down, afraid I might miss something. While the book was closed I was so caught up in the story, as if I too was there, part of the story. When there was danger, I wanted to warn her somehow. I believe I may have fallen in love with Rain even faster than she, and I was aware I was falling. The romantic way he courted her took your breath away. I am not a young girl, yet I found myself giggling at times. When my husband wanted to know what was so funny, I told him I would tell him later-and I SHOWED HIM. I wanted to read faster, then wanted to slow down so as not to finish. I wanted it to go on for ever!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I can only wonder if the author is really a character from this fairyland because I have been spell bound by this story. It has mistery and has romance. It is wonderful to know that the heroine does not always have to be a great beauty but that her beauty comes from within. Lord Rain and the Fey are beautiful and enchanting characters. I can't wait for the next book to take me back to the beautiful Fading Lands fantasy.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Great book! Fantastic story with all of the right combinations - changlings, magic and mystical places! Lots of twists & possible twists that leave you wanting more! Good, strong, characters in this book and great ground work in plot development for the next book. You can find yourself really immersed in this story! Can't wait to get the sequel!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I received this book as an advanced reading copy and I finished it within 24 hours of starting it.....and that is with work and family related doings. It was a hard book to put down and I can't wait for the next installment to come out. I won't spoil the plot, but, if you like books that are a combination of JRR Tolkien 'elves, mages, magic' and Christine Feehan 'shapeshifters and a dab of romance', you will really like this book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The Chronicles of Narnia, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Harry Potter series, Stephen King novels, and few others create a world so real it sucks the reader in and holds them captive, refusing to let go until the author has finished having their way with them. C. L. Wilson¿s debut novel THE LORD OF THE FADING LANDS is one of those books. In the land beyond the Faering Mists, the tairen are dying. With the death of these magnificent, magical winged cats, so ends the Fey, a race of magic weilding warriers. Desperate to save his two species, Rain, the Fey King and Tairen Soul, consults the Eye of Truth and finds salvation in the unlikeliest of beings ¿ the orphaned human named Ellysetta. Good wars against evil as Rain woos the mate destiny has pre-ordained for him while Ellie discovers and begins to wield the magic she has long denied. Easily the best book I have read in years, THE LORD OF THE FADING LANDS 'October 2007' weaves a complex and detailed spell. C. L. Wilson might be a new voice in Paranormal Romance, but she is a powerfully mature one. Her story left me breathless and hungry for more and very, very glad the publisher 'Dorchester' has decided to release the second book in the series, LADY OF LIGHT AND SHADOWS this November.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book. Sometimes it's difficult to keep up with a book where just about everything is a part of a different world. C.L. Wilson does an excellent job of not only telling a great story, but making sure the reader can understand this new fantasy world. I am so excited to read the second book. C.L. Wilson will have many followers after this series.
Guest More than 1 year ago
C.L. Wilson has provided readers to join in a world of sensuality and beauty. Passion flows off the pages. Once you begin to read you will be unable to put it down. Can not wait for the next installment.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Fantasy romances are popping of the shelf these days. There are so many - any yet many of these have little substance. Lord of hte Fading Lands though - this book has depth and strength. THIS is the type of book worth waiting for! C. L. Wilson has created a strong, wonderful story and her name will be one I will be watching for more great books. Already I can hardly wait for the sequal!
Guest More than 1 year ago
C. L. Wilson has created a new and exciting world in which to lose oneself. If you love Sherrilyn Kenyon and Christine Feehan, then Lord of the Fading Lands is a must read. I am definitely looking forward to more from this author and I'm thankful Lady of Light and Shadows will be released so soon following LFL. Bel, Kiel and Kieran need their own stories, too.
Guest More than 1 year ago
C.L.Wilson is a bright new voice of the romance/fantasy genre. I highly remmend her new book Lord of the Fading Lands to those who like books in the vein of Christine Feehan and Sherrilyn Kenyon who are too of my favorites. I have now added C.L.Wilson to the list. She has created a fantastic new world for us to expore and enjoy. I eagerly await her next installment.
Guest More than 1 year ago
What a wonderful beginning of (hopefully a long) series by C.L. Wilson. This book has a wonderful, grab your attention beginning and never stops. It is almost impossible to put this book down once you start, and wishing you could get the next book in this series NOW. The love scenes are marvelous, not just physical but what dreams are made of and provides you with wonderful moving feelings. The descriptions of the characters and places come to life vividly in your mind and the plot just holds you to see what is next. Thanks Cheryl for a wonderful story and lovely poems and lyics, cannot wait for Lady of Light and Shadows, and hopefully more about the people introduced in this book. Can't wait to see if anything comes of various plots involving the sisters of Ellysetta, maybe even with one of the Fey guards of Ellysetta(?) What wonderful twists and plots to imagine coming to life from Cheryl Wilson. I certainly hope there is more after Lady. visit Cheryl's site and click on the 'Wish' list here to get your books as fast as possible. Well worth the full price and if you are like me, not a book I would resell. this is a book I will read again and again. Mere words cannot convey how wonderful this story is.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Mrs. Wilson unfolds an enchanting world where the joining of the magical Fey and the mortals of Ceileria comes a Cinderella story come true. Rainer von¿En Daris Feyreisen, King of the Fey, and the last Tairen Soul of the Fading Lands finds himself thrust in to a relationship with a `mortal¿ peasant whose family is of the working class. As Rain and Ellysetta begin their courtship the local nobles and a shunned fiancé (bad Celerian custom) makes for some very interesting situations and well placed humor. Mrs. Wilson does a fine job of creating situations that we (the reader) can apply to other dating relationships and old time stories although, this book mostly focuses on the courtship of the Fey King and his `mortal¿ Truemate, it develops the customs of the Fey people and the mortals of Celieria, and it develops several secondary characters that may follow in this delightful series.
Guest More than 1 year ago
CL writes a very believeable story. I realy enjoyed reading this book.It's a story about King of the Fey Rainer Tairen finding his truemate in Ellysetta Baristani a master woodcarver's daughter.Rain has lived over thousand years, Ellie only twenty-four years. Ellie is so very shy and does not understand how Rain could care for such a plain and tall girl as her. He sees her magic and inner beauty. The magic that Ellie does not want to admit she can weave.It has been such a long time since Rain has felt like this.They are so dfferent but so alike. It was a joy to see the two of them get to know each other. Yes ,it feels like you are there with them. There is mystery also, someone is trying to hurt the people Ellie loves. I's a must read. I know I will continue to read about Rain and Ellie as long as CL writes about them. Please don't stop CL.She is now one of my favorite writers.I can't wait for LADY OF LIGHT AND SHADOWS.If you enjoy reading Chistine Feehan as I do ,you will enjoy this also.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is one of the best debut novels I have ever read and I eagerly await the next in the series. There is no doubt in my mind that CL Wilson has a long career ahead of her in the paranormal romance genre. Without giving too much away it¿s a story about Faerie King Rain 'Tairen Soul', a man tormented by grief: a thousand years ago, the woman he loved was slain in battle, and in his rage against this he laid waste to half the world, and then retreated to the Fading Lands. Only a new threat to this land brought him back into the world that had cost him so dearly. A new voice calls to him - more seductive, captivating and intriguing than ever before...it is the call of his truemate Ellysetta. Now an ancient, familiar evil is regaining its strength and threatens the world and the both of them. What makes me excited about this book is the wonderful combination of intrigue, magic and romance. With some of the best range of secondary characters I have ever found in a series like this and hopefully will be given stories of their own. It was a joy to read from start to finish, I started it in the afternoon but couldn't put it down until I finished which was late in the night. I recommend this book to all lovers of the paranormal genre. Its now one of my all time favourites and is firmly on the keeper shelf Alert!! This is the first book in the series and the story continues in November with Lady of Light and Shadows!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is so well written and weaves a magical story 'in your mind' that you do not want to put it down. It is the quality of writing that could have gone to hardcopy first then paper back. We are lucky that we are getting it at paper back prices. I would buy it at hardcover prices.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book captures you from the first page and holds you completely until the end. Anybody who enjoys authors such as Christine Feehan, Allysa James, Slyvia Day or Marjorie M Liu will REALLY enjoy this book. The plot is tight, well written and wholly enjoyably. I could not put this book down until I finished it. This is one book I can honestly rave about. A new kind of shape shifting race in a new world and both come together nicely and continue to develop as you delve further into the story. I really, really. quite enjoyed it and am looking forward to her next book