Lord's Lair: Lord of the Sea, 1

Lord's Lair: Lord of the Sea, 1

by Billy Guajardo

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Dark Sea Gods Name Graphite Will Wage War against his Brothers, Zero and Grog. Both Made of White Scale, Tall as the Sea is high and Relentless Fearless Gods. In War,
He will remind them who Ruled everything in the 7 Seas once before.
Gods of the 7 Seas, have been alive for Millennials. And awaken only when there is trouble in the Sea. They would wake the Seven Seas with a wave that could sink a ship the size of an island in a single wave. They could wake a monster at the bottom of the Sea, to create havoc on a fishing boat, vessel, pirate ship, and any kind of object that floats on water. A Giant Octopus, Squid, Colonies of Mermaids and Mermen with a Trident, Spear or Pitchfork will also fight against capture from Humans on Ships.
Fishermen will capture a mermaid in the Sea. An army of Mermen, with a weapon, spear made of coral reef, a bow and arrow rise from the Sea to save, protect and free a Beautiful Mermaid. They wage war on a massive fishing boat with sharp multiple weapons. If they poke it enough times it will sink the Ship. Therefore, she will be free if she reaches the Sea.
Merman will come across an Old Hermit Merman who will open his eyes to the Sea, a Beast that lived in it and a Graveyard Dedicated to the Sea Gods. He will take him to a place known to a handful of those loyal to the Gods, and the Seven Seas. A Graveyard Where a Family of Sea Gods Lay Immortalized For Eternity.
Look for this Fantasy Adventurous Packed Novella
Sea Ponies, Horses, Lions, Wolves, Watery Eyed Dragons.
Mermaids, Monsters, Serpents, Creatures, and Beasts.
Gladiators, Warriors, Mercenaries, and Military Soldiers,
and Majestic Graveyards Made For the Gods.
And Guardians that watch and wait to wage,
War on them if Other Gods and Armies intrude.
Each Novella has over 25,000 to 46,000 words in it.

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ISBN-13: 9783969311301
Publisher: XinXii
Publication date: 06/12/2020
Sold by: Xinxii Publishing
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 132
File size: 186 KB

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