Lose Control - Women's Bible Study Participant Workbook: The Way to Find Your Soul

Lose Control - Women's Bible Study Participant Workbook: The Way to Find Your Soul

by Mary Shannon Hoffpauir


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Have you ever thought you had life under control—until you didn’t? Perhaps thinking “God is in control” but living as if you are. It's like walking around with a hot cup of coffee, afraid that with one wrong move it will spill and be a burning hot mess. Then you realize what little control you have and how dependent on God you truly are.

In Lose Control, Mary Shannon Hoffpauir takes you on a six-week journey through the Book of First Samuel, which is an epic story about a fight for control. Despite God’s warnings through the prophet Samuel, the nation of Israel was determined to take control by having their own king. As you dig into the saga of King Saul and David, who would become the next anointed king of Israel, you will discover that no plan or purpose of God can be thwarted by human beings. Even the worst of circumstances can be used by God to accomplish His purposes in your life.

In her no-nonsense, authentic teaching style that endears her to women of all ages, Mary Shannon encourages you to lose control so that you can find your soul through a trusting relationship with your faithful God.

Components for this six-week Bible study, each available separately, include a Participant Workbook, a Leader Guide, and a DVD with six 25-minute segments (with closed captioning).

- An in-depth six-week exploration of the entire Book of 1 Samuel.
- Study includes five days of homework for each week.
- Encourages women to exchange their desire for control for God’s gift of faith.
- Helps women gain a deeper love and grace for others.
- DVD features dynamic, engaging teaching in six 25-minute segments.

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ISBN-13: 9781791004354
Publisher: Abingdon Press
Publication date: 10/20/2020
Series: Lose Control Series
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 769,041
Product dimensions: 7.40(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Mary Shannon is a powerful and seasoned Bible teacher, author, and speaker whose great love for Jesus and Scripture inspires her audiences to "get their face in the Book!" Most comfortable in a ball cap and ripped jeans, Mary Shannon is a gifted storyteller with a sassy sense of humor and a fresh transparency about the messiness of life: a recipe providing her with fresh insight and ample illustrations that are sure to make you laugh and cry as she brings the Bible to life for the ordinary person. She leads three large community women's Bible study groups in the Phoenix metropolitan area and teaches across the nation as a featured speaker with the Aspire Women's Events. The loves of her life are her daughter, Hillary, and her late son, Zach.

Table of Contents

About the Author 4

Preface 5

Introduction 7

Biblical Background 9

Week 1 I Believe God Is in Control: 12

Giving Lip Service Without Heart Commitment (1 Samuel 1-6) Week I Video Viewer Guide 39

Week 2 I've Got This Under Control: 40

Maintaining the Façade (I Samuel 7-12) Week 2 Video Viewer Guide 67

Week 3 Oh, No! Now I'm Losing Control: 68

Recognizing Our Helplessness (1 Samuel 13-16) Week 3 Video Viewer Guide 101

Week 4 Crud, I'm Completely Out of Control: 102

Admitting Our Need (1 Samuel 16-21) Week 4 Video Viewer Guide 135

Week 5 Control? Over What? 136

Acknowledging We Can't Control Anything But Ourselves (1 Samuel 22-26) Week 5 Video Viewer Guide 167

Week 6 God Really Is in Control: 168

Coming Full Circle to True Belief and Surrender (1 Samuel 27-31) Week 6 Video Viewer Guide 200

Video Viewer Guide Answers 202

Notes 203

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