Losing Control

Losing Control

by Crissy Smith

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ISBN-13: 9780857154712
Publisher: Totally Entwined Group Ltd
Publication date: 02/21/2011
Series: Corporate Wolves , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 83
Sales rank: 437,688
File size: 384 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Crissy Smith lives in Texas with her husband, daughter, and three Labrador retrievers. The three dogs love to curl up under her computer desk and nap while she writes. It doesn't leave a lot of room for her but what's a woman to do? When not writing or reading, she enjoys hunting, camping and shooting. But she has a girly side too and is addicted to pedicures and coffee. She has been writing since she was a teenager and still loves everything to do with the paranormal. Her stories and characters all have a place in her heart. She loves the alpha male, the dominant werewolf, or the Master vampire which find their way in most of her books. Learn more about the characters she has created at her website where they have their very own page. It will be updated from time to time to let you know what's going on with them. Also you can find out who will be in the next book.

Read an Excerpt

Shawn King walked through the automatic doors of the corporate office building housing McCoy Industries, where he would now work. He’d only been back in town for a month, but he was already starting to go stir crazy with having nothing to do. He’d left his security business in London to come home.

It was time to settle down and claim his mates.

He pushed the button of the elevator and waited. His brother’s mate, CEO of McCoy Industries, had offered him a job as head of security until he decided what to do. Shawn hadn’t planned on taking Mac up on his offer, but he didn’t see much choice. It looked like the only way to get closer to the object of his desire.

Shawn stepped into the elevator and fate smiled at him as he heard the deep command to hold the elevator. He was more than happy to comply.

The man who had haunted his dreams for two years stepped inside with his head down, attention on his briefcase. “Thanks,” he murmured.

“No problem,” Shawn told him, boldly watching as the other man’s head snapped up.

“What are you doing here?” Kyle Moore asked, his eyes narrowing.

Shawn would have laughed out loud at the look on the other man’s face but he knew that wouldn’t win him any points. Instead, he shifted closer. “I’m back. In fact, Mac has offered me a job, so I will be around...a lot.”

He let that sink in for a minute. He could smell the subtle change in the other man’s body. Kyle had first been uneasy and angry. His scent now included intrigue. Shawn was hopeful that meant Kyle was still attracted.

“You’re going to work here?” Kyle asked, disbelief colouring his voice.

Shawn nodded. Kyle was only a couple of inches shorter than Shawn’s six foot three frame. The build on the other man was good and he knew that under his dark blue suit, Kyle’s body was to die for.

He licked his lips remembering the one night they had spent together.

Kyle cleared his throat and Shawn refocused. “I asked if you really planned on working here.”

Shawn smiled at the annoyance in his voice. “I do.”

Kyle grunted in response. “For how long? How long before you leave again?”

Shawn knew he deserved the scepticism on Kyle’s face but he didn’t like the flash of hurt that showed before Kyle covered it.

Taking a chance, he reached out to Kyle. He placed his hand on the other man’s shoulder and squeezed. “I won’t be going anywhere...again. I’m here to stay.”

Kyle swallowed and Shawn barely held back a groan. The erection straining against the zipper of his khaki pants had to be visible. He looked down and was relieved to find Kyle was having the same reaction to the closeness.

“And there’s something you should know,” Shawn told him as he brushed his erection against Kyle’s.

“What?” Kyle asked, his voice strained.

“I came back for one reason,” Shawn admitted. When Kyle didn’t question him further, he leaned closer to whisper in his ear.

The elevator dinged as he spoke. “To claim you.”

Kyle’s breath rushed out and he blinked. The elevator doors opened but he didn’t move to exit.

Shawn stepped aside to let him off. “I’ll see you soon,” he promised.

Kyle growled in the back of his throat before glaring at him and stomping off. Before the doors closed, he looked back. Shawn just smiled.

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