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ISBN-13: 9780977677252
Publisher: KidBookInk Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 03/02/2011
Pages: 36
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.09(d)

About the Author

Deborah Wilcox

Children's Writer/Graphic Designer

Deborah Wilcox was the owner of Imprint Graphics, Greensboro, North Carolina. She worked from east to west coasts, promoting the graphic arts business. As a sideline, she was a writer, especially, a children's writer. Then, in 1995, Deborah had a massive hemorrhagic stroke. Most people die from hemorrhagic strokes but Deborah was a true fighter. And she prevailed after many years of therapy.

Max & Mimi were Deborah's kittycats, brother and sister, that traveled everywhere for Deborah's therapy. Although she could not speak correctly, aphasia was the culprit, she would cuddle them and tell them everything would be alright. Just a matter of time. Then, Hurricane Fran hit the Topsail Island, North Carolina coast with full force. Max & Mimi were lost forever. Deborah spent days calling Max & Mimi's names while riding her tricycle up and down the Topsail coastline. To no avail.

Deborah really didn't know what to do. The hurt inside, for her, was exhausting.
The only thing that she could do was to write. About Max. About Mimi. It was very hard, the writing part, the aphasia was kicking in to the max and Deborah had to write with her left hand now, not her right. After that, she and a friend went to Hollywood, Florida to the best hospital around, Memorial Regional Hospital, and there she started getting better. She would take her text of Max & Mimi everywhere she went. Revamping, making it better. The aphasia was getting better now. And her hemorrhagic stroke was getting better, too, and so was Deborah. Eventually, she moved back to North Carolina.

Upon arrival, Deborah called Bob Livengood, also a graphic designer, and he agreed to illustrate the book with her. Then Marty Allen, a mutual friend, from Cleveland, Ohio, and radio personality, immediately wanted to make a DVD of the book. The ball was rolling now.

With the help of Bob and Marty, the story of "Lost At Sea. The Adventures of Max & Mimi at Topsail Island." burst into life! And Deborah's getting better daily!

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