Lost & Found

Lost & Found

by Robert W. Swanson


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Each year 250,000 American males involuntarily join the ranks of "widowers". Unfortunately, I lost my beloved wife after 41 years of marriage. Because of this personal tragedy I wrote "Lost & Found", a Widower's Survival Guide! LOST pertaining to vanishing. Love/companionship/and special order. And FOUND pertaining to finding pragmatic solutions for a widower's daily life challenges. LOST AND FOUND is not a clinical analysis of grief prepared by well meaning psychologists. On the contrary, each chapter is the result of my personal experiences coping with unfamiliar demands of life without my mate.

Regardless of where widowers come from . economically, ethnically, or spiritually . the destination they arrive at is sadly the same. They are all LOST! Unfamiliar and freighting challenges appear . to stay or sell their home, altered finances, house keeping, cooking, health concerns, the mystery of dating, vacationing solo, single grand parenting, sexuality, remarriage, cohabitation.. New widowers desperately need pragmatic answers to these critical issues. Analysts and psychologists will probe a widower's inter self, but they don't wash dishes, change bedding, prepare meals, and select female companionship!

In my straight-forward book I have detailed my experiences struggling with the personal melt down emanating from the loss of my beloved wife. With candor (and some wit) my travels in LOST & FOUND are "rubber meets the road", widower tested tips for daily survival. Thus this work becomes a very practical guide with easy-to-follow support for the suffering widower, and others wishing to help such a soul rebuild a life. It is currently the book on the market that addresses these delicate and demanding issues.

Chapters include such topics as . on-line dating . understanding contemporary women . to sell or stay in your home . re-marriage . cohabitation . disposing of wife's wardrobe . single grand parenting . traveling alone . help from consolers . children's attitudes . altered finances . maintaining health . keeping house . meal preparation . and dozens more.

The topics covered in my book LOST & FOUND have been endorsed by Hospice of the Florida Suncoast, and have become the basis for an in-depth series of seminars created to help widowers "beyond grief." Currently hundreds of widowers are enrolled in the program entitled "LOST & FOUND, a Widower's Survival Course".

My personal background is that of an award winning, non-theatrical film producer,having written hundreds of scripts for international clients; working on high value projects spanning over 50 nations. Scripts covered a wide variety of subjects from German and French Wines, the menace of communism, to showcasing the major hotels of the world. Awards include the coveted Golden Camera, New York Film Festival, Gold Medal Berlin, and the George Washington Freedom Foundation Medal. My background in creative writing is adroitly reflected in LOST & FOUND.

I urge all widowers (and those wishing to help a man in such circumstances) to check out LOST & FOUND. The book that tells it like it is!

Robert W. Swanson
10427 Longwood Dr.
Largo, Fl. 33777
Email cinerobert@yahoo.com
Tele 7273930770

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