by Mike Weatherford

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LOST! by Mike Weatherford

The prestigious space-liner Sun-Dancer was on course between its two most separated ports of call when a disaster assails the ship. It's first pitched dozens, perhaps hundreds, of light-years from its course, it's kicked out of transspace, and strikes something in between stars. The ship's engines are destroyed, but the captain, using auxiliaries and stored capacity, brings the ship down to the surface of an inhabitable planet. Immediately, a dozen different factions form. Some believe there's nothing really wrong with the ship. Dozens of others believe they will be found and rescued within mere days. Some don't like the aliens traveling with them aboard Sun-Dancer. Others believe their first-class status frees them from doing anything for themselves. Some of the passengers, however, believe they're on their own, and need to work together to survive, without the resources that most colonial assemblies would be able to call upon. The constant small wars and bickering make the task of adaptation difficult for everyone.

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BN ID: 2940015806212
Publisher: James Michael Ford
Publication date: 11/28/2012
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
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About the Author

James Michael Ford is my fiction pen-name. I use this name partly as a tribute to my father, James (Jim) Weatherford, who taught me things I never knew I'd need; partly in self-recognition (Michael); partly in honor of my family surname (WeatherFORD); and partly for author name recognition. It's much easier to say “James Michael Ford” than it is to say “Michael Allen Weatherford”, or just plain “Mike Weatherford”. I've also learned from multiple reader friends that a single-syllable last name is more easily retained than a multiple-syllable name.

I've been a writer since about fourth grade. Most of my post-school writing was done for the Air Force, where I spent 26 years. I'm now retired and totally disabled. That leaves me time to freely commit myself to writing, both fiction and nonfiction.
I'm over sixty years old, and I've been married to my wife, the lovely Jean Smith of Littleton, Colorado, for over 45 years. We've had many children in our life, including our now four. Our youngest, Timothy, is just beginning to learn to read and write. Jean and I, along with Timmy, live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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