Lost Restaurants of Providence

Lost Restaurants of Providence

by David Norton Stone


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In the city that invented the diner, so many amazing restaurants remain only in memories. The Silver Top had fresh coffee every twenty minutes, and the Ever Ready was hot dog heaven. Miss Dutton's Green Room and the Shepard Tea Room beckoned shoppers in their Sunday finest. At Childs, the griddle chef made butter cakes in the window for night owls, and Harry Houdini supped at midnight with H.P. Lovecraft at the Waldorf Lunch. Themed lounges like the Beachcomber and the Bacchante Room chased away the Prohibition blues. Downcity Diner offered a famous meatloaf, and Ming Garden's Ming Wings were a staple for regulars. Author David Norton Stone details the restaurants that still hold a place in the hearts of locals.

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ISBN-13: 9781625859303
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing SC
Publication date: 04/08/2019
Series: American Palate
Pages: 144
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About the Author

David Norton Stone's lost restaurant credentials include working as a host at Panache and as a waiter for Michael's Catering after he graduated from Yale. For almost one full night, he washed dishes at a very famous (not lost) restaurant in Providence where, on the way out, he was told that he would never work in a restaurant in Providence again. That turned out to be true, so he went to law school. He has eaten at many of the lost Providence restaurants in this book and misses the meatball, fries and peppers plate at Eddie & Son, the salad bar at the Barnsider's Mile and a Quarter and the meatloaf sandwich (and everything else) at Downcity Diner. With his mother, he was lucky enough to eat at Buddy Cianci's Trapper John's during its brief run. His biggest lost restaurant regret is that he never tasted Ming Wings. David is the author of The Rhode Island Quahog Trilogy: Clamcake Summer, Stuffie Summer and Chowder Summer. He is the co-author of Images of America: Rhode Island Clam Shacks, and his food writing has appeared in Rhode Island Monthly and Edible Rhody and on Quahog.org. His work as a food historian has been cited by Saveur and National Geographic.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 11

Introduction 13

1 Classics

Miss Dutton's Green Room Restaurant and Café 19

Fields Point 21

Schedley's 24

Gibson's 25

Johnson's Hummocks Grill 29

Dreyfus French Restaurant 35

Jacob Wirth Café 38

Shepard Tea Room 40

Narragansett Hotel 43

Crown Hotel 45

2 Themed

The Rathskeller 51

The Biltmore Hotel 53

The Beachcomber 57

The Copper Galley 58

Trapper John's 62

Federal Reserve 63

3 Chinese

Chinatown 65

Port Arthur 67

Ming Garden 69

Luke's Chinese American Restaurant 70

Mee Hong 73

4 Diners and Lunches

Silver Top Diner 75

Koerner's Lunch 78

Mike's Wagon 80

Armand's 82

Eddie & Son 85

McGarry's 86

Central Lunch (Pie Alley) 89

East Side Diner 90

Ever Ready Diner 91

5 Chains

Childs Restaurant 95

Waldorf Lunch 98

White lower 100

Downyflake Doughnuts 102

The Barnsidcr's Mile and a Quarter 103

Amsterdam's Bar & Rotisserie 106

6 Renaissance

Joe's Upstairs 109

Joe's Old Abandoned Grocery' Store 111

Leo's 111

Julienne's 113

Bluepoint 114

In Prov 115

Downcity Diner 117

7 Neighborhood

Farmstead 121

Mediterraneo 122

Alfredo's 124

Rue de l'Espoir 125

Recipes 129

Bibliography 135

Index 139

About the Author 144

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