Lost Times and Untold Tales from the Malay World

Lost Times and Untold Tales from the Malay World


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ISBN-13: 9789971694548
Publisher: Nus Press Pte Ltd
Publication date: 01/01/2009
Pages: 428
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations ix

Acknowledgements xv

Introduction xvii

Significant Time, Myths and Power in the Javanese Calendar Ann Kumar 1

How Surakarta was Founded on the Wrong Day M C. Ricklefs 17

Shining Stones: The King and the Ascetic in Indonesia John N. Miksic 22

An Excursion to Java's Get-Rich-Quick Tree George Quinn 33

Chasing the Dragon: An Early Expedition to Komodo Island Timothy P. Barnard 41

Lord Hunting Tiger and Malay Learning in Japan Before the War Mikihiro Moriyama 54

Martyr to Science or Gaseous Windbag of Colossal Ignorance? Amin Sweeney 66

A Paler Shade of White Mary Kilcline Cody 82

The Perils of Propaganda Paul H. Kratoska 97

Wanted Jan van der Putten 114

In Search of Fatimah Wendy Mukherjee 129

When is a Jawi Jawi? A Short Note on Pieter Sourij's "Maldin" and his Minang Student "Sayf al-Rijal" Michael Laffan 139

Reflections on the Mysticism of Shams al-Din al-Samatra'i (1550?-1630) A. H Johns 148

A Life Unrecognised: Muhammad Yusuf Ahmad Majalah Guru Mark Emmanuel 164

Fr Pécot and the Earliest Catholic Imprints in Malay Anthony Reid 177

Some Light on Ahmad al-Fatani's Nur al-mubin ("The Clear Light") Edwin Wieringa 186

Ritual Recitation of Abdul Qadir's karamat: A Social History Julian Millie 198

Singing the Text: On-Air Textual Interpretation in Bali Helen Creese 210

Faust does Nusantara Holger Warnk 227

Finding Love in Hikayat Raja Kulawandu Muhammad Haji Salleh 241

The Thread of Eroticism in Faridah Hanom, An Early Malay Novel Syed Sheikh Al-Hadi Christine Campbell 257

Pedal Power in Southeast Asia Kees van Dijk 268

The Lament of an Old Man: Sayyid 'Uthman (1822-1914) of Batavia on Cars Nico J. G. Kaptein 283

Some Thoughts on Islamic Manuscripts from the Southern Philippines and the Jawi Tradition E. Ulrich Kratz 290

To Rescue a Beached Whale: The Translation of Matthes' Bugis Dictionary Campbell Macknight 304

Was the Mousedeer Peranakan? In Search of Chinese Islamic Influences on Malay Manuscript Art Annabel Teh Gallop 319

Gardens of Knowledge: From Bustan to Taman Virginia Hooker 339

Bibliography 357

Contributors 384

Index 391

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