Lots of Jokes for Kids

Lots of Jokes for Kids

by Zondervan


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Introducing a collection of wholesome and hilarious jokes that includes knock-knock jokes, Qand A jokes, tongue twisters, and more. Lots of Jokes for Kids is certain to have every kid you know laughing out loud---it's that funny.

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ISBN-13: 9780310750574
Publisher: Zonderkidz
Publication date: 05/05/2015
Pages: 128
Sales rank: 88,726
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.00(h) x 0.40(d)
Age Range: 6 - 10 Years

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Lots of Jokes for Kids

By Zondervan


Copyright © 2015 Zonderkidz
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-0-310-75057-4


Q & A Jokes

What did one hat say to the other?

"Stay here, I'll go on ahead."

Why did the cookie cry?

Because his mom was a wafer so long.

What did the big bucket say to the little bucket?

"You look a little pail."

What kind of flowers are on your face?


What do you call a bee having a bad hair day?

A Frisbee.

Why did the cookie go to the hospital?

He was feeling crumby.

What does a ghost wear in the rain?


Why was the math book upset?

It had a lot of problems.

What has four legs but can't walk?

A chair.

Why did the grasshopper go to the doctor?

Because he was jumpy.

Why did the Oreo go to the dentist?

Because he lost his filling.

Why are ghosts bad liars?

Because you can see right through them.

How do you make an egg roll?

Push it.

What do you call a sad strawberry?

A blueberry.

Why did the lady want wheels on her rocking chair?

So she could rock and roll.

Why was the car so smelly?

It had too much gas.

What goes around the world yet stays in a corner?

A stamp.

Why is it really hot in a stadium after a football game?

All the fans have left.

What did the hot dog say when it won the race?

"I'm the wiener."

Why did the bee get married?

Because she loved her honey.

Why did the tomato turn red?

It saw the salad dressing.

Who can shave six times a day, but still have a beard?

A barber.

How do you make seven an even number?

Take the S out.

Why were the ink spots crying?

Because their mother was in the pen.

What did one flag say to the other flag?

Nothing. It just waved.

What do you get when you stack a bunch of pizzas?

The Leaning Tower of Pizza.

Did you hear about the kid who drank 8 lemonades?

He burped 7 up.

Where do smart hot dogs go?

To the honor roll.

What kind of crackers do firemen like in their soup?


Why did the grape stop in the middle of the road?

Because he ran out of juice.

What do you call a fake noodle?

An impasta.

What did the egg say to the person?

"You crack me up."

Which nut sneezes a lot?

A cashew.

What do you get if you eat beans and onions?

Tear gas.

What is brown and sticky?

A stick.

What's black and white and red all over?

A newspaper.

Why shouldn't you play hide and seek with a mountain?

Because it always peeks.

Why was the cook frustrated?

He was running out of thyme.

Why did the policeman stay in bed?

He was undercover.

What did summer say to winter?

"Help. I'm going to fall."

When is a vet the busiest?

When it is raining cats and dogs.


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