Love a Foot Above the Ground

Love a Foot Above the Ground

by Anna Celeste Burke


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"In those happy days we were so much in love we lived about a foot above the ground. We had one perfect Christmas then, I lost him. It took me a while to find him again-but this time it was forever."

As my dear Bernadette spoke those words I felt the ground shift, just a little. Not unlike one of the small tremors that move the earth for those of us who live along the San Andreas fault-line. I was only nine years old at the time, so I had no way of knowing how much the story that followed would truly move me-how much I would come to rely on the tale and the teller of the tale. Tears streamed down my face, as I struggled to make sense of the joy radiating from the woman who held me in her arms and gave me my first glimpse of something transcendent." Jessica Huntington
A story of love, loss, and inspiration set in the 1960s, told to Jessica Huntington in the 1980s, and shared with us today.

For fans of the Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery Series, the story is narrated by the protagonist in that series. The story is Bernadette's. A tragic, but ultimately uplifting story of love lost and found again, in Bernadette's words, "it's a real happily ever after story." Hers is the kind of story everyone faces who takes that leap of faith into love. A love that lifts us up about a foot above the ground leaves us vulnerable and pushes us toward something more lasting.

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ISBN-13: 9781505400687
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/22/2014
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.34(d)

About the Author

Life is an extravaganza! Figuring out how to hang tough and make the most of the wild ride is the challenge. On my way to Oahu to join the rock musician and high school drop-out I had married in Tijuana, I was nabbed as a runaway. Eventually, the police let me go, but the rock band broke up. Our next stop: Disney World, where we trained to be chefs. More education landed us in academia at The Ohio State University. For decades I researched, wrote, and spoke about a number of gloriously nerdy topics. Retired now, I'm still married to the same sweet guy and live with him near Palm Springs, California.

In addition to Love, A Foot Above the Ground, a sweet story of love and loss set in the 1960s,
I write the Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery series set here in the Sonoran Desert. It is a spectacular place to ponder life's mysteries while relishing the delights of the desert resort cities. The books in this series are romantic mysteries with a dash of humor, Book 1, A DEAD HUSBAND, was released December, 2013. Book 2, A DEAD SISTER, released April, 2014. Book 3, A DEAD DAUGHTER, out soon. Love, A Foot Above the Ground, is a kind of prequel to the Jessica Huntington series and features two of the main characters in those books. Thanks for reading!

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Love a Foot Above the Ground 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This enchanting story of transcendent love, laced with mystery and exotic settings, lingered in my mind long after I finished reading it. Though the heroine tells it simply and humbly, the story is rich in wisdom about family, honor, strength, and determination. Bernadette is full of admiration for her husband, who is as intelligent and spirited as herself: “Guilleromo’s spirit was so strong, his love so fierce, that I learned, earlier than most, about endings that aren’t really endings at all. I found out what happily ever after really means.” Even after he disappears in mysterious circumstances, his goodness, like that of Bernadette, continues to radiate outward, improving the lives of everyone around them. Though this book stands alone, it is a prequel to the author’s wonderful Jessica Huntington mystery series, which starts with A Dead Husband (Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery, Volume 1). This prequel explains how Bernadette became a strong and positive--and often funny and feisty--second mother to Jessica. It also explains how she remained humble even as she progressed from being Jessica’s nanny to managing a large estate for the Huntington family. Adding to the enchantment of this story is the exotic setting, so beautifully described that we are transported to another place and time. Against this backdrop, Bernadette and Guillermo come to life and touch our hearts. This is a hallmark of this author--books that are easy to read yet well-researched and beautifully told.
LeChanteur More than 1 year ago
“He was only supposed to be gone three days.” More than just a romance novel; more than just a mystery novel; more than just what could equally be described as a coming-of-age novel – and not that anything is remotely wrong with these genres – Anna Celeste Burke’s A Foot above Ground poses, via a tragic event, one of the most fundamental questions pertaining to philosophical thought in the 20th/21st century: where do we turn for comfort/consolation in our hour of need, when having turned our backs on religion? And all is achieved via the most beautiful relationship: that of a nine year old girl, Jessica, the novel’s narrator, and Bernadette, her childcare worker and storyteller. Not only does Jessica bare her soul to our nine year old narrator, but in doing so partly shapes her life; prepares her for all the good and ills of the human condition, all that it is capable of – couldn’t we all have done with such counselling, such a relationship at such an impressionable age? I’m not one for giving the story away in my reviews but in this case, suffice it to say, we know from the outset that tragedy will strike – Jessica will lose the love of her life somewhere down the line. The question is how. And it isn’t how we would expect. Furthermore, we arrive there via Anna Celeste-Burke’s graceful, patient, informative and learned pen. It is a beautiful story, a beautifully written story; one that, yes, demonstrates to what lengths people will go to hurt others through their own fear of living, but one that still offers hope. And we, as readers, can’t ask any more from an author. Bravo, Anna Celeste-Burke.
starsstars More than 1 year ago
"Love a Foot Above the Ground" by Anna Burke is a moving story about the love of Bernadette and Guillermo. This story of love is told by Bernadette to a delightful and astute nine-year-old Jessica. Jessica as a grown woman reflects on how Bernadette’s love story has touched her throughout her life. Indeed, Bernadette’s faith that the love between her and Guillermo will not die deeply touched me and will stay with me. I believe that Bernadette’s story will deeply touch you too. Anne Burke is a gifted writer. “Love a Foot Above” is a beautifully written and deeply felt story. I was completely immersed in the story that I could not put it down! Burke’s wonderfully crafted details of her characters and their lives in a fishing town in Mexico brought the story to life in my mind and heart. I highly recommend this beautiful love story.
MikiHope More than 1 year ago
Having read and reviewed all 3 of the Huntington Desert Mystery Series by Anna Celeste Burke-I, like many of you wanted to read about a character in all those novels-Bernadette! Bernadette, one of my favorite characters in this series has a book about her as well--it is the prequel to all these books. Everyone should have a Bernadette in their lives especially if you are among the 1% that live in California and are spoiled, rich and totally unhappy as all the women in this series are, and so are most of their mothers! Bernadette, the housekeeper and somewhat surrogate Mom tells her story to 9 year old Jessica in such a way that you can actually feel every last occurrence. You will laugh and cry as Bernadette tells her amazing tale of love found and lost, that not all people are good--even family and that trust in the almighty will pull you through. But is also trying to teach Jessica that Hasta luego is not goodbye!