Love and Consciousness

Love and Consciousness

by PuMa Tse


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Consciousness emerges from an evolving and scalable architecture of mind. The architecture shows a stark contrast with computer technology and reveals the physics of mind. The evolving way mind stores and retrieves information is at the root of both scalability and the emergence of consciousness. Consciousness is holistic and much more than just the evolving mind. It includes the emptiness of inactive parts that provide awareness of the active parts.

Mind and consciousness imperfectly mirror the physical universe. Unlike a computer, the mind endeavors to perfect itself. To do this, mind evolves its qualia and memes subjectively in a way not dissimilar to how the universe develops matter from the most fundamental to filaments of galaxies. Through this evolution it changes the way it stores and retrieves information consistent with field theory. How it evolves is a function of normal psychology processes which are reflected in practical applications provided by the core teachings of Yoga, Buddhism, and Zen.

Mind control aides in advanced evolutions and scaling of mind from individual to collective forms of consciousness. Right love and distinguishing the middle path from the middle way provides practical insights into how we see things, behave, and evolve. This comprehensive understanding provides insights into the nature and boundaries of life, soul, death, divinity, and the paranormal.

Love is both fundamental and an emerging value of an evolving consciousness. Love is a measure of values and opportunities that enable and complement our needs. By modeling love relative to consciousness we see the parts that work together and how those interactions shape our love for ourselves. From this self love we can begin to love others, fall in-love, have a sustainable relationship and life worth living that enhances our ability to evolve. By extension the same rules and structure applies to our institutions and a sustainable civilization worth living in.

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