Love and Its Disappointment: The Meaning of Life, Therapy and Art

Love and Its Disappointment: The Meaning of Life, Therapy and Art

by David Brazier


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Love and Its Disappointment: The Meaning of Life, Therapy and Art by David Brazier

In Love and Its disappointment, which is rooted in common knowledge, David Brazier advances in clear and specific terms a radical and practical theory of human functioning, exploring the relationships between beauty and love, frustration and creativity, perception and healing.

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ISBN-13: 9781846942099
Publisher: Psyche Books
Publication date: 09/23/2009
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 5.79(w) x 8.62(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

Part 1 The Theory In Context

Therapy, Love and Art 1

Theory 6

Other Centredness in Brief 10

The Influence of Carl Rogers

The Theories of Carl Rogers 13

The Concerns of Rogers' followers 15

Origin of Theory that the Necessary Condition is Love 18

Love Drive and the Actualising Tendency 21

Ego, Libido and Esteem Theory 26


Redirection or Highest Fulfilment 31

Defeat and the Fullness of Love 33

Philosophical Note 35

Part 2 The Nature of Esteem

Unconditionality-For Nothing 37

To Feel Alive 42

Esteem 45

Expression of Esteem 48

Disappointment of Love

Love Meets with Obstacles 50

The Neglected Child 54

False Guilt 55

Obstacles Though Life 57

Rogerian Ambivalence Concerning Education 60

Ideas of Self esteem, Self love and Self regard 64

Part 3 Art, Culture & Spirit

Esteem Theory and Cultural Appreciation

The Happy Artist and the Troubled Artist 68

T.S.Eliot 69

Saigyo 70

Sincerity in Art 71

Art and Goodness 74

Art as Imitation 76

Esteem and Spirituality

The Story of the Samurai Tadatsumi 78

The Story of the Prostitute of Muro 79

Sustaining Love 82

Love as Moral Progress

Non Arrival: Progress Toward Perfect Love 83

Singularity of the Love Object 87

Happiness is Not the Goal 93

The Question of Tragedy 95

Part 4 Developing Theory & Practice

Love and Different Kinds of Esteem 97

Expression of Love in a Tradition 99

Object Relations

The Client's Natural Flow 101

The Self is a Function of Other Regard 104

Object Centred Response 106

Object Centred Enquiry 110

The Pain of Love and Defending Against it 114

Dimensions of Love 117

Recognising Lovability: Perceiving anddiscerning lovable features in the other 118

Enduring Esteem: Carrying an attitude within oneself of positive esteem toward the other 119

Truth and Mystery: Respect for the other as a being who, while independent of oneself in many ways, is, as oneself, subject to conditions beyond personal control 120

Otherness: Recognising that the other is indeed other 121

Dimensions of Love Lacking as Diagnostic Categories

Enmeshment 125

Disrespect 127

Dishonesty, Resentment & Bitterness 128

Inability to perceive what is lovable in the Other 129

Part 5 Issues of Transference & Technique

Aesthetic Distance and Oestrostasis 130

A Protocol for Object Related Therapy 132

Transference: Therapist as Object

The Idea of Transference 135

The Transference Controversy in the Person-Centred

Approach 138

Transference as a Transition to (Re-)Loving 141

Building Character 143

Grief and Contrition 146

Esteem Between Therapist and Client

Modelling and Imitation 149

Response Learning 150

Techniqueless Therapy?

The Impotence of Technique 154

Technique Nonetheless 157

Staleness and Technique 162

Part 6 In Conclusion, A Glimpse of the Meaning of Life 167

Bibliography 176

Glossary 181

Index 186

Internet Access 199

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