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Love and Romance

Love and Romance

by LC Giroux


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Coloring, yes that skill you may have mastered as a child, is actually a very powerful form of meditation. Current research shows that coloring creates something called a flow state where your mind is engaged and relaxed at that same time. This meditative state that can be achieved with much practice and training or a few colored pencils.

Mandalas have been used for meditation in various cultures for centuries. They are used to calm your mind and to focus your meditation. This is easy to do. First pick a mandala that catches your eye. Take several deep slow breaths while gazing at the mandala. There should be no need to strain your eyes. Let the design pull you into the center as you let your thoughts of the day lose their hold over you.

When meditating it often helps to have an intention, that is, a thought of what you would like to direct your attention toward. Affirmations work the same way in that the more you can center yourself on them the more you will find those things happening in your life. Is this magic? Probably not. I suspect it is like thinking about buying a yellow car. Suddenly you start seeing yellow cars everywhere when you don't remember seeing them before. Magic or not, having a pleasant thought foremost in your mind is never a bad thing and can help your mood.

All of the images in this book are created from various affirmations, or intentions. Each intention is written out and then used to create the designs you see here. In this particular book, all of the affirmations are designed to bring more love and romance into your life. The images are of varying levels of complexity. Some may take you an hour or two, some may take several sessions over as many days. I've grouped the images based on the intention they were created with. At the beginning of each group is the intention itself. You may find you like repeating the intention to yourself as you work the mandalas.

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