Love and the Israeli Terrorist Terminator

Love and the Israeli Terrorist Terminator

by Macabee Dean


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At an Israeli kibbutz in the Galilee, a grandfather turns Boaz, his shy, introverted grandson, into "Bo," an extroverted Fighter who joins an army terrorist termination unit and becomes a sergeant.

At age 24, after several attempts to find a bride in the army, Bo falls in love with a 16-year-old girl at his kibbutz, lives with her, and finances her 3-year Hi-Tech course. While he is on a secret mission in Marrakesh, his live-in girlfriend betrayed him with an officer. She claimed they only indulged in “mutual masturbation.”

Bo thrashed the officer, a severely punishable act that violates the first commandment of all armies: “Thou shall worship officers as gods.” The Army hushed up the incident, fearing an open trial would reveal that many officers engaged in this activity including Israel’s national hero, Moshe Dayan. Publicity would encourage religious boys and girls to avoid service in the army. The Army cracked down on this activity which resulted in a wave of complaints by female soldiers and resignations by officers.

This book is full of wife-hunting advice, ideas about the evolution of culture, and insightful comments about political, religious and social conflicts in Israel today.

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ISBN-13: 9781634925198
Publisher: Inc
Publication date: 10/25/2017
Pages: 480
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About the Author

Macabee Dean was born in Philadelphia, grew up on a farm in New Jersey, and served in the American army in Italy during World War II (Purple Heart plus Oak Leaf cluster). A professional journalist, he settled in Israel in 1947 "to live in and report on the most interesting country in the world." He has two daughters from his first marriage, another two from his second (plus two adopted sons), and a flock of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 - Laughter Heals Faster than Sleep

Chapter 2 - Why PhD Candidates Write Obscure Doctorates

Chapter 3 - My Grandfather ‒ a Practical Saint

Chapter 4 - My 3 Great Loves ‒ The 3rd Led to a Happy Marriage

Chapter 5 - Heaven, Hell or Nothingness, Here I Come

Chapter 6 - Heaven ‒ Noisy as an Israeli Traffic Jam

Chapter 7 - Please Dear God, Don’t Let them Knock on my Door

Chapter 8 - Monday: I Psychologically Devalue the Senior Doctor

Chapter 9 - Late Monday Afternoon: Mercenaries or Faithful Israelis?

Chapter 10 - Tuesday: All Israeli Girls have Cold Feet at Night

Chapter 11 - Thursday Morning: My Blue-Eyed Son & his 1-parent Mother

Chapter 12 - Friday Midday: Kitty Comes in Peace but Makes War

Chapter 13 - I Fall out of Love

Chapter 14 - Grandpa is my Salvation

Chapter 15 - Grandpa's Library: Great Gentiles and a few Great Jews

Chapter 16 - Grandpa Creates Me in 7 Days

Chapter 17 - Kibbutz Hagar Accepts Me, Rejects Pigs

Chapter 18 - I Banish Grandpa's Loneliness

Chapter 19 - An Idealistic Meteoroid Revolving Around a Sun of Strife

Chapter 20 - Yekkies: Super Absorbers of Genuine German Culture

Chapter 21 - I Become Tri-Lingual: Hebrew, English & German

Chapter 22 - Germany’s Pre-Hitler Culture Belongs to the World

Chapter 23 - Eccentricity ‒ The Last Stronghold of Individuality

Chapter 24 - Grandpa was Not a Saint

Chapter 25 - I was an Indifferent Student

Chapter 26 - I am Diagnosed a Constant Bloomer

Chapter 27 - Grandpa’s Survival Educational Method

Chapter 28 - A Man without a Problem is Detached from Reality

Chapter 29 - Argue Your Way into an Education

Chapter 30 - Why do People Insist They are Right when They are Wrong?

Chapter 31 - Back Door to the Bible: The Sources

Chapter 32 - Grandpa, What is Love?

Chapter 33 - Grandpa Turns Religious

Chapter 34 - Army Career

Chapter 35 - Another Bully Hit the Dust

Chapter 36 - A Most Trying Trial

Chapter 37 - My Eccentricity

Chapter 38 - An Officer I Would Like to Lead Me into Battle

Chapter 39 - Anything But Homosexual

Chapter 40 - Army Girls and Casual Sex

Chapter 41 - Never Fall in Love in the Dark

Chapter 42 - Kitty Stakes Her Claim

Chapter 43 - Grandpa Post-Mortems my Future Life with Kitty

Chapter 44 - Grandpa Reverses His Tactics

Chapter 45 - Women’s Liberation

Chapter 46 - Kitty Said “It Was Only Mutual Masturbation”

Chapter 47 - I Talk to the Wind

Chapter 48 - Kitty Starts Crawling Back

Chapter 49 - ‘Think Prison’ Before You Thrash an Officer

Chapter 50 - Let Him Lead Me into Battle?

Chapter 51 - A Bad Year for Funerals

Annex I - Bedpan Philosopher

Annex II - Black Hulks and a Catholic Priest

Annex III - Grandpa’s Manifesto

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