Love Exactly

Love Exactly

by Mrs Cassandra Giovanni


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ISBN-13: 9781482688511
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/13/2013
Pages: 310
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Cassandra doesn't remember a time when she wasn't writing. In fact, the first time she was published was when she was seven years old and won a contest to be published in an American Girl Doll novel. Since then Cassandra has written more novels than she can count and put just as many in the circular bin. Her personal goal with her writing is to show the reader the character's stories through their dialogue and actions instead of just telling the reader what is happening. In 2012 she became a published Young Adult author, releasing In Between Seasons (The Fall, #1) and Walking in the Shadows. In 2013 she branched out by using her artistic illustrating talents to publish her first Children's novel, The Adventures of Skippy Von Flippy: Tales of Friendship (Skippy Tales, #1). Cassandra will also release her first New Adult novel, Just One Cup, in the Spring of 2013.

Cassandra is a freelance professional photographer known for her automotive, nature and architectural shots. She is the owner of Gio Design Studios, a photography and publication marketing company that designs covers and marketing materials for authors utilizing the company's photography. She is currently studying to receive a degree in Marketing. Cassandra is happily married to the man of her dreams and they live in the rolling hills of New England with the other loves of her life their dogs, Bubski and Kanga.

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Love Exactly 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
DelphinaReadsTooMuch More than 1 year ago
What a refreshingly different NA romance.  I admit it, I saw hot rocker and thought I was in for a lust turns to love story with lots of heat, touring with the band and seeing their craziness, and all the things I normally see in rocker romances.  I would have been happy with that.  I like my hot rocker romances.  What I was not expecting was this beautiful love story that was not at all about being a rock star and the wild life it entails.  It was the story of two people who, through a chance encounter, find themselves immediately connecting to one another in a real way.  Over time, this connection becomes a true love story and one that will stay with me for some time.  In a world of shocker NA (of which I am a huge fan, do not get me wrong), this book stood out.  
The-Book-Diaries More than 1 year ago
Love Exactly is a great example of a true adult romance novel. It was wonderfully written in a way that is geared for an adult. I have read adult romance books where the main character is a 30 something adult but act and do such juvenile things. In Love Exactly you have two characters that are so lost in themselves that is takes meeting each other to discover what their lives were truly missing. I liked that they actually dated, well kind of, but didn't just jump into the sack on the first page. It was wonderful to watch the growth of their relationship and within themselves. Emma is horribly broken, so far broken that she is truly a shell of a person. Evan is living the life of a rock god, but missing out on being with someone that can complete him. I can't even really say what it was about this book that kept me intrigued. There is no action, no suspense, it's all love and drama. The way Cassandra has written this story is fantastic. Not only do you feel empathy for the characters but you become so engrossed with seeing where their relationship is going that it becomes hard to put it down. In the end, you don't get the fairy tale happy ending, but you get a sense of completion where you think, ok, they are going to be alright. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I recommended this to a friend within two minutes of finishing this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My Review I love this book for what it does not have...I know, I know, you as a reader of this is wondering if I finally fell off my rocker.... Well, I have not.....Your thinking, “She gave it four stars/hearts, but she said she loved it for what it did not have. I’m lost”.  Fear not, I will explain....... I gave it four stars/hearts, due to the slow beginning. It took too much time to get to the exciting and juice parts. BUT that is the most that I can say bad about this book. I love that the author kept it really clean, I mean there is only kissing involved in this hwhole book, but it works. It works very well. If you want that over the top love scenes, then this book is not for you. This is back in the day, wholesome clean get to know eachother without the complication of sex involved.  I think there should be more books like this one. I guess  this does not sell well, but it should.  The author did a great job on making this book feel real and I felt apart of the story line. I was so drawn into the story that I could not put this book down. I did not want it to end and I can not wait until of..... “The Rest of The Story”. The characters were very believeable and I could picture them vividly. I felt for there pain and happiness when they experienced the feelings. I hope that this kind of book reaches out and touches the world, just maybe it will be a better place for it. ;) 4 Stars I got this book as an ARC, but my review is real.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Unique writing with deep characters and emotions! Bravo!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Different writing style, very deep characters, good read, end kinda left u hanging but i think that was the point.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the first time I have read a book from this author. I can say she did not disappoint. The story was a really love story. About two people from different life styles but both had pasts that have damage them in some way. I could really relate to emma because I had this same past happen to me. It does effect you in relationships later in your life. I think the author hit the nail on the head at how she wrote emma emotions. You do still believe many years later if not the rest of your life that you are not good enough,beautiful enough or smart enough. That does come from the emotional abuse. Like emma says " the bruises go away". I am happy I read this story even though it brought back those memories from my past. I strongly recommend this book and this author. She is a excellent writer. I want to conclude by saying I am married to a wonderful man. He is my best friend and soul mate. To all women out there that have been though this kind of relationship in your past, know you are worth it and there are wonderful men out there that will treat you wonderfully. So take the chance like emma has. As for evan, what can I say! All women would love to have a man like him. I like the fact that even though he is a big rock and roll star he was just evan. I really like that! All I can say is read this book!
CharlotteLynnsReviews More than 1 year ago
From Goodreads:                                                                                                                                         Emma Walker was a writer who'd lost herself to someone else's anger--who had given up on ever feeling like herself again.  Evan Levesque was a rock-god--the one all the woman wanted, but he'd never gotten used to the loneliness between the stage and real life.  With just one cup of coffee they'll begin a journey of self-discovery at each others sides, but can Emma handle Evan's fame while dealing with her own demons? Emma's checkered personal past, a bad relationship that haunts the edges of her memories, threatens to make everything implode on them when Evan takes matters into his own hands.  Sticks and stones may break my bones, but your words...they'll destroy my soul--Can Emma handle being put back together and facing who she's become because of it?  My Review: I had no idea what to expect from Cassandra Giovanni.   A new author to me with a book that I really didn’t know much about.   Love Exactly was amazing!  It was a romance without all the hot and steamy.   There was hot and steamy, but so much more than that in this book.  Evan and Emma had such a deep connection.   Evan, the rock star, was kept “normal” by Emma and Emma was made “ a star” by Evan.  There complimented each other so perfectly.   I loved that their relationship was not about sex and that Evan did not push for more than what Emma was willing and able to give.   When they FINALLY! took their relationship to that next level it was cause the time was right, not cause one of them was afraid of losing the other.      Love Exactly was a novel more about a broken girl/woman who had a rough relationship in the past moving forward and finding herself again.   The rough relationship she let define who she was and the long distance relationship was helping her heal.   The emotional struggles that both Evan and Emma have and share with each other kept me awake way past bedtime.  The fact that the story was told through Emma’s eyes made me love it even more.  I found this book refreshing.  A fun rock and roll story, but not the typical rock and roll story.   I will certainly recommend this book to all my romance loving friends.   When the next book in this series come out I will be one of the first in line waiting for my copy.
Debbie8306 More than 1 year ago
Meet Emma Walker. Emma has a secret which she lets rule her life. Meet Evan Levesque. Evan is a rock star who has it all or so it would seem. This is not your run of the mill writer meets rock star and falls in love story. This is a love story that is filled with pure, heartfelt emotion. This is an in depth, emotional look at how if you allow yourself to take a chance on someone you just might be surprised at what develops. This is a story of learning to let go of your past demons and allow yourself to trust in your hopes and dreams. This is a story of exposing yourself to someone without fear. Sometimes in life we literally bump into someone who changes your life. They make you rethink the choices you have made in the past. They enter into your mind, heart and soul and make you want. They change the way you see things, they give you hope, the build you up and break you down. They expand your heart and challenge your mind. They teach you to accept the past and let it go so you can move forward to your future. With a beautifully written story line, well developed characters and heartfelt emotions you can’t help but be swept away by this story. A compelling storyline that encompass a wide range of emotions you will find yourself living within the words written on the pages you read. This is not just a love story, it is a story of knowing what you want and not letting anyone or thing stand in your way. It is a story of denying yourself of what you once wanted because of past events. It is a story of letting go and letting light into your life. This story shows us that sometimes things we so desperately want but deny ourselves are there just waiting to be taken.
SarahJD82 More than 1 year ago
Emma Walker hasn't had a great experience in love.  Five years after her relationship ended he is still effecting her every day life.  She doesn't believe in herself views herself as a failure before she has ever even put anything out there.  She dreams of being a published author but can't write because she is sure it won't be good.  So Emma has settled for being a writer for a local paper, mostly covering the local high school sporting events. Evan Levesque is a huge rock-god with millions of adoring fans.  HE seems like he has everything that anyone could ever dream of.  When Emma literally runs into him in her quest for a cup of coffee they both find something they never knew that they needed.  They both know that making a relationship work between a broken normal girl and a mega-successful rockstar won't be easy.  They do their best to work through their insecurities to be there for one another.  But it seems like just around the corner there is always something waiting to rip them apart.  When a spectre from her past, and the reality of his career make themselves known it is all they can do to not let it rip them apart. Love exactly was a quick, sweet book. Emma came across as a pretty strong person in spite of what had happened to her.  Until it came to her writing.  She was scared, that much was obvious, but she seemed to have it together and was trying to make her way with the opportunities afforded her.  She knows her insecurities and tries to avoid anything that will make her face them however. Evan was everything that you never expect from a huge star.  He seemed normal and humble.  He's been a music star for most of his life and seems to be growing tired of the constant 'on the go' part of the job.  He is also lonely despite being with his best friends and band mates all the time. When Evan and Emma were together it was very sweet, they were very good for one another.  Evan pushed Emma to do those things that she was afraid of and Evan was able to relax enough to start to enjoy his music again.  There relationship did have a little bit of that 'insta-love' (a phrase that I hate BTW) feel to it though.  I greatly enjoyed that Emma was eventually able to put her past in the past and move forward with her life, with Evan's support. I never really connected with the characters in the book.  I felt like I knew them, sure, but I didn't have a personal connection with them.  That is always a major selling point for me.  I also thought that the trust between them was too sudden.  Emma shared things with him, almost immediately, that she hadn't talked to anyone about for five years.  It just didn't feel right to me. All in all this was a good book.  I'd recommend it to someone who is looking for a quick, sweet read with a little darkness sprinkled in.
RomanceBook_Junkie More than 1 year ago
A sweet love story and a fun read!  This story was definitely different for me.  After reading the description, I expected a story filled with angst, drama, and some sex & drugs to go along with this rock star romance. What I got was a sweet love story that was built on great characters with some “rock star” twists on the side. This story focuses on Emma ~ a sweet, smart, “beautiful-but-doesn’t-know-it” young woman who seems somewhat stuck… On the outside everything seems fine but there’s still something missing. Then you have Evan ~ a sexy rock star that is looking for a break from all the craziness that surrounds his life. They meet and BOOM! Everything changes for both of them and it seems like they both know it in an instant. Now, it’s never that easy… right? Yeah, these two definitely have some obstacles thrown their way and when their journey gets rough its interesting to see who steps up.I really enjoyed reading this story. The way Emma and Evan’s relationship grew throughout the book and the way their characters were developed really made this a fun read for me. The heat factor in this story is mild but Evan made it totally worth it for me. He was hot, sexy, sweet and tried so hard to prove himself… **sigh** he totally had me from the start.  For me, Emma had the most growth throughout book and I loved where she ultimately ended up. This story grabbed me from the start and took me on such a sweet journey with these characters. I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait for more from this author!  I really enjoyed reading this story. The way Emma and Evan’s relationship grew throughout the book and the way their characters were developed really made this a fun read for me. The heat factor in this story is mild but Evan made it totally worth it for me. He was hot, sexy, sweet and tried so hard to prove himself… **sigh** he totally had me from the start.  For me, Emma had the most growth throughout book and I loved where she ultimately ended up. This story grabbed me from the start and took me on such a sweet journey with these characters. I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait for more from this author!  ** I received this ebook in exchange for an honest review. **
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is not your typical rock and roll story and I for one was glad of that fact. Its not that I don't enjoy them, its just that its refreshing to come across something different. This really is a sweet romance, its also something that spans a fair bit of time which in my opinion makes it more realistic. Emma has some pretty major demons and anyone who has any type of similar experience will know that the scars do not heal overnight, and in some cases they never do, it was this I felt was totally done justice throughout the book. It wasn't a case of someone coming along and saving her, it was a gradual progression from one to the other. She really was a lovely character, faults and all, and came across as very real especially as it became clearer exactly what had occurred in her past. It was also evident that she was not the only one to suffer, her parents had too. Their portrayal was also done really well as it became clear their thoughts and motivations were for a reason without making large parts of the book about them. As the book progressed you understand a lot more about why things are the way they are. Although there are no explicit sex scenes in the book there are sensitive issues covered but personally I think its still something of a taboo subject and for that, I take my hat off to the author for having the courage to write about it and in doing so, hopefully bringing awareness to people who may not have realised the full extent of these types of things. Evan too was written really well. he is such a sweet character, and although at times he can appear jaded with the lifestyle he leads he also faces everything head on and comes across as grateful for every opportunity he is given. Neither Evan nor his band are portrayed as the typical womanising sleaze bags you find a lot of in books these days, they were also very close which is a great thing to see in books cause as in real life, everyone needs a support system of some kind, for Evan the band was his. Emma could have done with more friends but in keeping with the true nature of the book not only is it explained why things are the way they are it also makes sense. There are several occasions throughout the book that I thought things had come to somewhat of a conclusion then realised it wasn't actually the end and there was more to come, the ending although not a typical cliffhanger still left me with my jaw hanging thinking 'nonononono, don't end now' so I will be looking for the next book. Overall, it was a sweet book, nicely different however, the beginning didn't quite sit right with me for some reason and you don't really find much out about Emma for quite a way through which had me slightly perplexed for a while and for this reason I feel it deserves a very solid four stars. I'd recommend this book to anyone who feels the rock star books could use a new spin though cause I really did enjoy it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A very well written, unconventional love story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was terrible. Made myself finish it even though i didnt want to. I was shocked when i got to the acknoledgements and found out the author was old enough to be married because i had guessed she was a middle schooler living in a dream world. Very unrealistic and a waste of time and money....