Love Finds You in Glacier Bay, Alaska

Love Finds You in Glacier Bay, Alaska

by Tricia Goyer, Ocieanna Fleiss




Singer Ginny Marshall is one signature away from the recording contract of her dreams—a deal that would guarantee success for the former foster child, who still struggles to bury the memories of her painful childhood. But Ginny needs advice from the one person who will look out for her best interests—her former fiancé, Brett Miller. She travels to the remote town of Glacier Bay, Alaska, where the town’s colorful characters and stunning scenery provide respite from LA’s pressures.

In Glacier Bay, Ginny discovers a box of old letters and is swept up in the love story between Clay, an early missionary to Alaska Territory, and Ellie, the woman who traveled there to be his children’s governess. When Ginny is reunited with Brett in Glacier Bay, will she discover—as Ellie did—that healing and love are sometimes found in the most unexpected places?

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ISBN-13: 9781609365691
Publisher: Summerside Press
Publication date: 01/01/2013
Series: Love Finds You Series
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

TRICIA GOYER is the award-winning author of more than thirty novels. She and her husband have four children and live in Arkansas. OCIEANNA FLEISS is a published author and editor. She lives with her husband and their four children in the Seattle area. This is the authors’ third book together.

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Love Finds You in Glacier Bay, Alaska 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 31 reviews.
LovenGod More than 1 year ago
WOW!! I have to say this is my favorite book from Ocieanna and Tricia. I have read their other LFY books and this one blew me away. Awesome story! Awesome research, beautiful setting, beautiful historical side story. I just don't know if I have enough word to describe how much I enjoyed this book. I loved Grandma Ethel, she made the story for me, I am fond of Grandmother characters and this was a wonderful grandma! I am not sure how Tricia and Ocienna will top this book, but I look forward to their next collaberation, whenever that takes place. So my final thoughts, you do NOT want to miss reading this book! Most definitely a 5 star story and book! Loved the book! Great job ladies!
DawnKinzer More than 1 year ago
Ginny Marshall is handed her dream—a major record deal. In addition, a successful music producer is interested in a serious relationship with her. But Ginny is having doubts about what she really wants—both concerning the contract and the man. There may be just too much sacrifice associated with both. After being abandoned as a young child by her mother, and then losing the only foster parents who were good to her, Ginny has a hard time with commitment and trusting that people will be there for her. There is one person who may help her sort out her feelings—someone who knows her better than anyone—Brett Miller. They were once engaged, but after Ginny broke things off with him to pursue her music career, Brett returned to Alaska. In order to seek his help, she must travel there. Once she reaches Alaska, Ginny and Brett must figure out how they really feel about each other. Brett’s wise grandmother, wanting to help, insists that Ginny read a stack of old letters. It doesn’t take long for Ginny to become consumed in the story told through them about a young woman who traveled to Alaska to help Clay Parish, widowed missionary, with his children. Determined to discover how Ellie McKinley’s story ends, Ginny doesn’t realize it may impact her own. I’ve enjoyed several other novels co-authored by Goyer and Fleiss, but this one is my favorite. Once I started reading, I didn’t put the book down until I finished at 2:00 a.m. I can’t remember the last time I read a story from start to finish. The Alaskan setting incorporated wilderness beauty and all forms of wildlife: air, water, and land. I felt dropped into the Alaskan community. The authors actually gave us two stories—Ginny’s and Ellie’s—with the contemporary and historical romances skillfully woven together. Ginny is wounded, but still strong in many ways, and Brett is a perfect hero: handsome, competent, kind, and self-sacrificing. I wanted Ginny and Brett to find their way back to each other. Like Ginny, I also became engrossed in Ellie’s story. While relaying a series of events, the letters emotionally hooked me in to what Ellie and Clay experienced as she acclimated to the wilderness and he got accustomed to having a woman in his home again. At the book’s conclusion, we’re treated to a surprise twist in the tale. I loved this book, and if you enjoy reading inspiration romances, I highly recommend “Love Finds You in Glacier Bay, Alaska.”
jewellz2002 More than 1 year ago
Few books have made me laugh and cry like this one. Or smile and frown. But through the book I have enjoyed reading about the relationship between each character. Ginny and Brett who once loved each other and would they find love again despite her painful past? Ellie and Clay who you learn about through the letters in the book, who’s trials and joys seem to mimic the internal turmoil Ginny goes through. The letters are what I loved about this book, it gives you another story to fall in love with, to wonder how it will end. The sneaky letters between Janey and Ellie’s grandfather trying to bring Ellie and Clay together. And Grandma Helen who mimics Janey and pulls Ginny and Brett together by her cute little antics. The troubling relationship between Clay and his son, Joseph-who hates Ellie. The truth about Ginny’s mom. Each of the characters draws you deeper into the story until the end where you still want to read more about them. Reading the book a second time gave me shivers. The kind you get when you understand the truth in the book. There is so much biblical truth in the book but it isn’t overwhelming or preachy. It simply shows how God is in control and because he cares for us, he will not give us a life we want but what we need to glorify Him. We may think we have the best plans but He shows us something better, something really worth it. Great books teach you truths about God and change you for the better. You really understand what God is saying through the authors and this book reminded me again what I needed to know. That trusting in the Lord is so important. This book is going back on the to be read again shelf. Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for a review, although I was under NO obligation to post a positive one.
OhioSarah More than 1 year ago
I’ve had the pleasure of reading Tricia Goyer’s books before and now I can add that its been a distinct pleasure to add Ocieanna Fleiss’ name to my list of favorite authors. I recently was chosen to be a part of Tricia Goyer’s 2013 Fiction Launch Team and in doing so I and many other ladies will have the pleasure of receiving Tricia’s books before they are released to the general public and the first one is Love Finds You in Glacier Bay, Alaska - and I must say that having ended the year 2012 with this book makes me want to urge you to begin 2013 with this wonderful book! I’ve always wanted to see Alaska but even when I was stationed in Washington state I never did make it – one of these days I’ll convince my family to take a vacation to the last frontier – but for now, I’ll live vicariously through Ocieanna and Tricia’s eyes. As soon as I began the book I was pulled into Ginny’s world – one where a young lady is confused about life and herself as I was when I was young, so I could relate to her struggles to overcome her fears. From the get go I was cheering for her to find her ex-fiance and get back together with him as the reader can feel that Ginny isn’t cut out for the fame and fortune she thinks she desires. One of the best parts of this story was the secondary plot line with letters that are written by and too an Ellie – who has long been gone but the letters speak a soothing balm to Ginny’s hurting heart and allows her to see what God wants for her and her life. I felt like I was actually visiting Alaska, smelling the pine, the earth, the mud and the sounds of roaming bears and moose. The wonderful plot, the romance without the blushing and the well researched details had me wrapped up in this book that I was able to read in one day – it was and is a page turner and one I’m so glad to highly recommend to my readers! **Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of this book as part of the Tricia Goyer 2013 Fiction Launch Team in exchange for my honest opinion, no other compensation was given.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
After visiting Glacier Bay on a cruise, I found this book, and it was the icing on the cake. Great story!
Suholo More than 1 year ago
There are two stories in the book: a modern setting in which letters tell the second historical story. I did not care for the modern heroine ... she seems very shallow and self serving. I really didn't see that change throughout the book. I did however, very much enjoy the historical story told through the letters. Those characters were very real to me and the story was captivating. That is why I gave it 4 starts. Would have preferred that story on its own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved the love story within a love story. I also loved the site to look at pictures of Strawberry Point. Really great job on this book! Will read more from these authors.
l_manning More than 1 year ago
Ginny is on the verge of having her dreams come true. Her producer is offering her the chance to sign the deal of a lifetime. Ginny can't quite forget her old fiance though and decides he will have the best advice for her. So Ginny is off to Alaska to see Brett. When she gets there Brett is out communing with nature, so Ginny gets to know the town without him. She soon is taking care of Brett's grandmother. Brett's grandmother gives her some letters to read about Ellie, another woman who felt out of place in Alaska. Ginny and Ellie's stories parallel each others in some ways, and Ginny and Ellie both will have to decide if there are reasons to stay in Alaska. This book is actually two stories in one. The first is Ginny's story, and the second is Ellie's. Ginny is interesting. She basically has to decide what her priorities are going to be. This can be very hard to figure out. For one thing, Ginny has had a horribly difficult life. Singing is her dream, so a big recording deal is a gateway to everything she ever wanted. However, she sees another way of life in Alaska. The community is so close-knit there. I think this is something that really draws Ginny in. Having spent much of her life in foster care, Ginny really longs for a family. This longing has shaped a lot of her life. Ellie's story is equally interesting. Sent to Alaska to nanny the children of a widower, Ellie finds that life in Alaska is much more difficult that she could have ever imagined. She too though must prioritize what is important in her life.  I enjoyed this book. The descriptions of Alaska are really able to draw you in. You feel for Ginny. Although she seems to have everything she wanted right at the tip of her fingers, you just want her to choose everything for the right reasons. I found Ellie's story interesting as well, and there is a thread to wrap the two stories together that I didn't see coming. This book will whisk you away to Alaska and make you want to get the priorities in your life straight. Book provided for review.
barbjan10 More than 1 year ago
When the copy of Love Finds You in Glacier Bay, Alaska arrived, the snow was flurrying and ice was forming outside my door – unusual but not impossible for Texas. At my age, I can easily feel the cold in my bones and curled up in my cozy chair with a favorite throw and somewhat dreaded reading about Alaska with such cold weather about. Soon, my chill lessened as the words of Trish Goyer and Ocieanna Fleiss warmed my heart with the blessings of how they joined together to write a sweet lovable story of a modern day successful popular singer Ginny Marshall who still yearned for her lost love and decided to leave her responsibilities behind in Hollywood temporarily to find ex-fiancé Brett Miller who had returned to his home in Glacier Bay, Alaska. Ginny was not prepared for what she would find, and could she…would she allow these things to change her life forever or return to her singing career. Everything was completely different and opposite of what she knew as life and she was faced with not understanding what she was learning.  Ginny found that Brett was away in the wild beautiful mysterious Alaskan country with no way of contacting him. Surprisingly, Brett’s Grandma Ethel knew who Ginny was immediately and insisted she stay with her. Soon, we are immersed in two periods of time when Grandma Ethel’s wise sense of discernment gave Ginny a box of letters from the 1920’s that told the story of Ellie who had traveled to Alaska upon her own broken engagement to become the governess to missionary Clay’s children upon the death of his young wife. From here our story becomes much deeper in emotion, hardship, and endearing information on history of this charming but untamed part of Alaska and the people brave and determined to settle this area as their home. The authors blended together the two ongoing stories with skill and Biblical truths that kept the story’s strength alive in this reader’s imagination. The descriptions of Alaskan scenery made it very visible in my mind and awed me.  Being a history buff, I admit shear admiration and fascination for the research that was essential to the story. Two love stories…..Ginny and Brett, Ellie and Clay – both very parallel, but unalike with the exception one couple learning to love; while the other attempted to find their love again.  This story is about love. All the kinds of love God has created and told so well by the writers Trish and Ocieanna.  My chill of the weather outside was soon forgotten through the warmth and heart rendering stories of these characters, their community, and their history. The authors added clever wit and humor throughout that made it such a joy to read and I wholeheartedly recommend it to you….see how God can work all things together for good. 
VicG More than 1 year ago
Tricia Goyer and Ocieanna Fleiss in thier new book, "Love Finds You in Glacier Bay, Alaska" published by Summerside Press takes us to Glacier Bay, Alaska and into the life of Ginny Marshall. From the back cover: Love finds you Sometimes the love we've always wanted is the one we've always had. Singer Ginny Marshall is one signature away from a major recording contract--a dream come true for a girl still struggling to bury the memories of the past. Wanting to talk to someone with her best interests in mind, she looks up her former fiancé, Brett Miller in Glacier Bay, Alaska. There, the stunning scenery provides a respite from LA's pressures, and Ginny finds community among the charming residents. She also discovers a box of old letters and is swept up in the tale of Clay, an early missionary to Alaska, and Ellie, the woman who traveled there to be his children's governess. As their story unfolds, Ginny just might discover that healing and love are sometimes found in the most unexpected places. I have yet to visit Alaska but this book makes me want to remedy that situation soon. Glacier Bay seems like a really nice place to hang out in with the people to meet and the places to see. "Love Finds You in Glacier Bay, Alaska" is written by two authors so we are treated to two stories that dovetail together. And both of them are romances. It just doesn't get any neater than that. "Love Finds You in Glacier Bay, Alaska" is great fun to read. Ms. Goyer and Fleiss have a great way of telling the story and moving it along at a nice pace. Their characters are wonderful and they give them life and unique voices. All this and Glacier Bay, Alaska also. A really enjoyable read. Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Litfuse Publicity Group for this review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."
Its_Time_Mamaw More than 1 year ago
Love Finds You! Ginny's wishes to become a famous recording artist has come true.  But it seems to be happening so fast with no one to share it with or to even get advice from.  Danny had invited her out to celebrate and  one surprise was a contract he is wanting her to sign but she just does not feel right about something.  As camera flashes were going off Danny gives her a gorgeous diamond necklace.  What kind of commitment was he expecting from her?   She tells him she needs time to think, maybe take a few days off. When Ginny gets home the only thing she can think of is she needs to speak with her ex-fiance Brett Miller. She makes flight arrangement to Glacier Bay, Alaska.  But will Brett even want to talk to her after the way she just left him hanging with her ring in his hand to follow her star to fame? Ginny arrives in Alaskan and  it was breathtakingly beautiful.  She is planning to stay at the Lodge but when she stopped off to meet Brett's grandmother Ethel in order to find out how to get in touch with Brett his grandmother insisted Ginny stay with her until Brett came home.  Ginny felt right at home with Ethel, she was such a sweet woman.  Ginny discover a box of letters from long ago and  Ethel encouraged her to read them.  The letters were an eye opener for Ginny.  Not just as to the history of the letters but of the trials and tribulations of a missionary by the name of Clay.  The letters had a healing affect on her, opening her heart to what God has planned for her in this place. The authors came together and wrote a story of reconciliation not just with a loved one but with oneself and God.  I loved Ethel and could feel her heart breaking physically and emotionally.  Then there was the comparison between Ellie and Ginny I found most intriguing.  Brett and Clay two men each in a different time still healing from a lose yet yearning to love and with a reluctance to accept a special gift from God for fear of lose again.  I highly recommend this book. Disclosure:  I received a free copy of this book from Summerside Press/Litfuse Publicity Group for review.  I was in no way compensated for this review.  It is my honest opinion.
Heart2Heart More than 1 year ago
"I suppose sometimes it takes getting lost to enjoy the joy of being found." Ginny Marshall should know. She's had more than a lifetime's share of being hurt and having put her in hopes into people only to have them completely come up short. Now it seems that the best solution to ever being hurt is to keep from becoming too attached to anyone. Especially those that would affect her ability to love again. Ginny always felt abandoned. After becoming a child in the foster care system when her mother dropped her off and never looked back it seems trust is something that will remain elusive to her. When she does find parents who want her and will love her, they are snatched away just as quickly, reminding her that the lessons learned are often painful. When Ginny has the opportunity to finally fall in love with Brett Miller and spend their lives helping in the missions fields, she remembers all the times in the past that people she has loved have left her, and leave Brett before he can break her heart. Now that she has pursued her goal of becoming a singing sensation and finally get the contract of her dreams, more money than she can ever spend and the most eligible man to love, she turns and runs once more. She heads back to Glacier Bay, Alaska to the only man who truly knows her inside and out. Yet will she be able to find Brett once again and hope that he can provide the advice she desperately needs? Brett however is out exploring the Alaskan wilderness when Ginny arrives and she is faced with staying with his grandmother until he hopefully returns home as promised. Ginny is given a box full of old letters from Ethel, his grandmother, to pass her time since Brett is in charge of restoring the historical museum in town. Will the letters she reads from another time, provide her with the answers she desperately seeks to make her life whole again? I received Love Finds You in Glacier Bay Alaska by Tricia Goyer and Ocieanna Fleiss compliments of Litfuse Publicity and Summerside Press for my honest review. I LOVE every single, Love Finds You book I've read and getting the opportunity to see how love is found in the Alaskan wilderness sounded perfect for the setting for a great romance story. Couple that with reading about another historical time set in the early 1800's through the letters Grandmother Ethel provides her sheds light into all the wounded places in all our lives. I love her character and how strong her faith is truly is unforgettable. Brett's ability to see all sides of Ginny's past and even what motivates her, makes him truly a remarkable man to fall in love with. Just the description of the small town of Gustavus makes me want to add this not only to my bucket list of places to visit but also places to live. I easily give this one a 5 out of 5 stars and love how it all ended!
UpLIFTing-Words More than 1 year ago
Love Finds You in Glacier Bay, Alaska is a love story within another.  Storyline one introduces us to Ginny, a wounded young woman, a gifted musician, who’s on the run.  She finds herself running from the past ~ the sting of abandonment, the pain of loss, the bite of physical abuse, the remnants of a broken heart. In storyline two, we meet Ellie.  As Ginny, her life brought loss, disappointment and hurt.  She, too, searches for security, certainty, surety.  As both stories unfold, parallels do, too.  Both accounts are beautifully woven to share a story of hope, redemption and love in its purest form. With a music contract opportunity in front of her, Ginny withdraws to Glacier Bay, Alaska, seeking Brett, a former beau, a trustworthy fellow for which to procure advice.  On the surface, advice is sought, but as the story unfolds, Ginny begins to realize it’s not only advice she seeks, but hope and/or closure. Ellie, whose life was turned upside down unexpectedly, retreats to Glacier Bay (then named Strawberry Point) for a different reason.  Desperately needing money to support her ailing grandfather, she sets off to be a governess for a circuit riding minister and his five children, one being his nephew. His wife passed away, leaving him to carry a load ~ the homestead to care for, five children to raise and educate while keeping up his ministerial duties.  Her first arrival wasn’t expected, nor did she feel welcomed.  Her faith, determination and sense of responsibility served as her motivation. The authors, Tricia and Ocieanna, beautifully weave lives living nearly 100 years apart together in this modern-day romance.  Their words flow effortlessly, leading and guiding the reader masterfully.  Both characters grow and develop right in front of our eyes.  Both began unsure, unsure about life, about themselves.  By the end, we see a God-confidence, birthed early on, mature handsomely. Additionally, love in its purest form ~ a selfless love ~ is given and received. I can honestly say, once I picked up this book, a book given to me by my sweet friend, Tricia, for the purpose of this review, I struggled putting it down.  Each chapter keeps the story moving superbly, prompting the reading to keep on right into the next chapter.  Furthermore, when I had to lay down the read, I couldn’t wait to get back to it. I highly recommend this read, giving it 5/5 stars.
CricketDE More than 1 year ago
.When Ginny Marshall met Brett Miller, she met a man who could help her put the pain of growing up in foster care behind her. But the siren’s song of a professional singing career lured Ginny away from Brett and led her to LA. After two years, she is one the verge of signing the recording contract of her dreams. But Ginny needs advice from the one person who will look out for her best interests—Brett, who now lives in Glacier Bay, Alaska. Ginny journeys to Glacier Bay where she meets Brett’s grandmother who asks Ginny to read a box of old letters. Soon, Ginny is swept up in the love story between a young city girl named Ellie, who traveled to Alaska in 1928 to be the unwelcomed governess for the children of Clay, an early missionary to the Alaska Territory. I usually shy away from novels that are written by more than one author, but co-authors Tricia Goyer and Ocieanna Fleiss skillfully integrate the two love stories in this book. The authors explored the setting and captured the stunning scenery of Glacier Bay, as well as the colorful personalities of the town’s lively characters. When Ginny is reunited with Brett, will she decide her love for him is stronger than her desire for a successful singing career? Will Clay ever accept Ellie into his heart and into his life in the dangerous world of the Alaskan Territory? Will they discover God’s plan for their lives and find healing and love in Glacier Bay, Alaska? If you love Christian romances blended with bits of history and mystery, set in a captivating locale, you'll find it all in Love Finds You in Glacier Bay, Alaska. Disclaimer: I received Love Finds You in Glacier Bay, Alaska as part of the Tricia Goyer Fiction Launch Team. I was not required to write a positive review and no money exchanged hands.
Sister-P More than 1 year ago
This book is one of the best books I've ever read. Seriously. I normally do not read books on romance, but this book was more than just a love story. I loved the story, I loved the characters. This story gripped me from the very first page and I could not put it down. This is not the type of book I would choose to read, but I'm so glad I did, because I would have missed out on reading the most beautiful and heartfelt stories ever. I highly recommend this book. I promise you won't be disappointed.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I've read several LFY books and this has to be one of my favorites! I loved the character of Grandma Ethel :) My favorite part was reading the old letters Grandma Ethel had collected. I loved unfolding the story along with Ginny, who experienced parallels in her own life as she left to Alaska to seek a man who could help her out with a dilemma. I definitely recommend it to Christian women and teen girls looking for an inspiring story of love and history!
MitziAB More than 1 year ago
I am tired, I am hungry, my house is a mess, but I just got home from Alaska! Glacier Bay, to be exact. I stayed with Grandma Ellie together with Ginny. Oh no, that was the book I was reading.  But housework, cooking, cleaning and so on did get left as I went on a virtual tour of the little area of Gustavus/Strawberry Point which is only accessible by plane or boat. I also had to finish this before I went to sleep! The vivid descriptions of the people and terrain are so real, I was completely immersed in the story. Although it is not really a suspense story, I could not put the book down and when I had to take time out for necessities, I had to remind myself that nothing would happen while I was gone, it would still be there when I got back to it. I was anxious to see how it would end, yet dreading finishing it because then it would be over! One of the best romance novels I have read in the last six months, and I gladly recommend this to you, my reader as well as my friends I talk to.  I received this book free from the authors for the purpose of reviewing it. A positive review was not required, just an honest critique. The opinions stated are my own. 
MaureenST More than 1 year ago
Once I picked this book up I wasn't putting it back down. Such an awesome book! We are treated to two love stories in one. Ginny Marshall has a promising music career, living the good life, or is she? She is now on threshold of making it big, but she wants to talk to her exfinancé Brett Miller before signing. Why? She was the one who chose to leave him, she just drove away! One thing I found throughout this book was the love of the Lord, no matter how far back we went, He was their Rock. As soon as we meet Brett's Grandmother, we see that she walks with Her Lord. She embraces Ginny with her love, and gives her a might gift....Ellie's and Clay's letters and journals. Oh how I never wanted this to end! Made me want to move to Glacier Bay, what a beautiful area that is described in this story, and the people care! No seat belts, the speed limit is 25mph, no stealing, and so much love. What a warm loving movie this book would make! It was a wonderful read that I recommend! I received this book from the Author through her Launch Team, and was not required to give a positive review.
malmal0505 More than 1 year ago
A great book that I absolutely loved loved loved!!! I really enjoyed seeing life through both Ginny and Ellie's eyes. I loved reading through Ellie's letters with Ginny and learning some lessons along the way as she did! It's a great book on the power of love, forgiveness, and trusting the Mighty God we serve!!!
Griperang72 More than 1 year ago
Why I read this book: I am proud to say I am a part of Tricia Goyer's 2013 launch team to help promote the books that she is having released this year. So that being said I read the book to give an honest review of it. What I did like: I like how the book just flowed. I am usually a slow reader and this book was a can't put you down type of book and I ended up reading it in one day. Overall Impression: I don't know how to exactly put into words all the good things I felt about this book. First I recommend seeing my post from December 24th and reading some of the background and looking at the pictures from Glacier Bay that the authors provided us with. Here is a link to that post: Glacier Bay - Launch Party The reason I say this is that it just made the book that much more personal to me. I felt as if I was right there and knew each person and location that was being talked about. I loved Ginny so much and wished I could just tell her to trust and things will be better in your future. Grandma Ethel what can we say about her other than she was a sweet person and knew just what Ginny needed. Who could not help but fall in love with Brett, he was so patient and just wanted to be there for Ginny. I did not care for Danny from the first moment I read about him. I loved how the book would go back into the past with the letters. I found myself like Ginny wanting to hurry up and get to the next letter so I could see what was going on with Ellie and Clay. I think everyone should take a day or two and read this book. It makes you stop and think about things and to know things are not always as you think they are. I would now love to go visit Alaska and go to the places in that Ginny went to and see all the great people of this little town with a big heart. I don't want to give to much away so I won't go into specifics of what I read but I think you will like the ending as much or better than the beginning. I think the end was very fitting. Great job to these two authors. Well worth 5 stars in my book.
BeakersBookshelf More than 1 year ago
Ok, it is official, Alaska is amazing! You ever been there? I haven’t, but after reading Love Finds You in Glacier Bay Alaska, I know it just has to be amazing! This is the third book that Tricia Goyer & Ocieanna Fleiss have written together! Please say there will be more…please! I’m all for a sequel to this book, but I’m also all for any work the two of you bring to us readers! Thank you! The story is about Ginny, a rising singer, who is on the verge of getting everything she always wanted….or is she? She has a huge life changing decision to make and seeks out her former fiancé for his advice. Brett lives in Glacier Bay, Alaska. When Ginny arrives Brett is not there, but she is introduced to his grandma, Ethel. Instantly Grandma Ethel takes Ginny right in and while there Ginny discovers the story of Ellie through a box of letters! What an adventure lies ahead… I do note there was one little teeny tiny misinformation in chapter two…The Parent Trap reference, I am certain they meant the remake of The Parent Trap and not The Parent Trap II as stated. This was easily and quickly overlooked and forgotten, but I would be remiss if I didn't mention it as many of you know how much I love both The Parent Trap movies, original and remake! The genealogist in me loved the way this story plays out! My favorite part of this book is the use of letters, kept over time, from people so important to the history of Glacier Bay and now, it turns out, to the future of Ginny! WOW! This novel moved me; it has been a long time since I’ve given a book 5 stars! This book jumped right up there to match the level of my favorite Sisterchick books! The setting took on a life of its own as a character in the book, the small close knit community! I have always loved the idea of a small community where everyone knows everyone! As I read this story, I could clearly see the book playing in mind as a movie, oh please let this happen! Such a moving story…stories even!  My favorite complete character is Janey and my least favorite character is Mrs. Standard! You will just have to read the entire story for yourself to find out why! Then come back, let me know what you think and who and what you especially liked and didn’t like!  This book was very well researched by the authors! They even went to Glacier Bay, Alaska. This is the third of the three books written by Tricia Goyer & Ocieanna Fleiss, but the first that I have read! I look forward to finding the time to go back and read the other two, Love Finds You in Lonesome Prairie, Montana & Love Finds You in Victory Heights, Washington!  Favorite QUOTE:  Pg 226: “It’s hard to know, isn’t it, whether the things we face are just because the world is full of sin and sinful people, or if God is working out a plan…I happen to think it’s both. There’s sin, but through it all, He takes the mess we make and paints a masterpiece.” ---This was THE perfect quote to summarize 2012 for our family! We are now awaiting the ‘masterpiece’ that is still in the works for us! Disclosure: As part of the Tricia Goyer 2013 Fiction Launch Team, I did receive a free copy of this book; however I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed here are completely my own!