Love Finds You in Sundance, Wyoming

Love Finds You in Sundance, Wyoming

by Miralee Ferrell



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ISBN-13: 9781609362775
Publisher: Ideals Publications
Publication date: 08/01/2011
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.00(d)

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MIRALEE FERRELL is the author of five novels including Love Finds You in Tombstone, Arizona. She lives in Washington with Allen, her husband of over 37 years, and they have two grown children. Miralee serves on staff at her local church and is actively involved in ministry to women. Read more at

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Love Finds You in Sundance, Wyoming 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
DKStevens119 More than 1 year ago
Angel Ramirez is tired of living a lie. She is a smart young lady and has learned  to  survive in a man's world. Angel has learned to track dangerous critters and break horses while posing as a young man. I really liked this  very interesting young lady. There was action from page one and I enjoyed all the beautiful scenery and the true  to life actions of cattle rustlers, ranch hands, and  everyday life on a ranch. I found this to keep my attention  throughout and it just went to the top of my favorites list.  This  was a gifted copy for my  honest opinion... Thank you Miralee!  I loved it..  
GCWineholt More than 1 year ago
IN SUNDANCE Wyoming BY Miralee Ferrell This book is a part of the LOVE FINDS YOU series and enjoyable fiction. If you like, stories of the Old West, you will enjoy reading this book. The story takes place in Sundance, WY, in the late 1800’sand is about a tomboy trying to change her life and find love. She takes a job on a cattle ranch near Sundance and many things start to happen, always afraid that her past may catch up with her. She has many adventures in her new life, finds a new start, and asks God into her life. The chapters are short and easy to read, the story line keeps your interest and wanting to read more to see what is going to take place. I think the author does a great job in giving a description of the people and area where the story takes place. A great adventure for us armchair travelers.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great book always kept you going
BMace More than 1 year ago
If you like to read books about the west, then this book is for you. You could almost see the rolling hills, the cattle and horses as you were reading. Angel travels from the Texas Panhandle to Wyoming, a trip you can join right in with thanks the the author's beautiful descriptions. A young lady disguised as a boy, working as a horse wrangler, tracking wild animals and sometimes cattle rustlers. Whatever could go wrong with such a scene? You really need to read on and see. A very well-written enjoyable book to read!
Its_Time_Mamaw More than 1 year ago
1887, Texas Angel Ramirez has been raised and protected by her uncle since the death of her parents when she was a small child. But now since she has become a young woman he is not able to protect her. Her uncle runs with cattle rustlers and there is a bad mad man that is determined to make Angel his property. Angel leaves her uncle protection to get away from this mad man and she takes on a new identity, that of a man. She now is Angelo De Luca and she is a tracker and ranch hand with a good reputation for the work she does. Angel aka Angelo moves from ranch to ranch as a tracker and no one suspects she is a woman. Travis Morgan has a ranch in Sundance, Wyoming and is in need of a good tracker to track down wolves that are killing off his calves. He heard about a tracker that works for a local rancher. Angelo Ramirez comes highly recommend with a good reputation as a tracker. Travis has sent word to the Ramirez offering him a job on his ranch. But when the tracker arrives it is a beautiful woman, Angel Deluca Ramirez claiming to be Angelo Ramirez. Angela argues her case that just because she is a woman doesn't mean she can't do the same job she has been doing as Angelo the man. Travis agrees to let her prove she can do the job. Where will she bunk? Can Travis really expect this beautiful woman to do a man's job? I admired Angel's tenacity. She let pride get in the way of God's plan. This is a woman that has taken care of herself for so long it's hard for her to trust anyone even God. The author gave this woman courage to be herself and to persevere. If she can only trust God. The author has written a wonderful story full of intrigue, deception, forgiveness, and romance. Most importantly trust and faith in God. I highly recommend this book. Disclosure I received this book as a gift. I was in no way compensated for this review. It is my own opinion.
ibjoy1953 More than 1 year ago
My Review Angel Ramirez was raised by her uncle in an outlaw band, and because of difficult circumstances she is on the run from one of the dangerous outlaws, so she has been dressing and working as a man on ranches for several years. Because of her outstanding job as a marksman and tracker, ranch owner Travis Morgan decides he needs her on his ranch and sends her word with an offer she couldn't refuse. This time though, Angel decides she is tired of posing as a guy and will reveal herself as the woman she is to her new employer. Imagine the rage on the ranch when Travis and his ranch help finds out the new guy is a woman, and beautiful one at that. How will Travis feel about Angel working among the men ranchers? And can Angel prove she can handle the man's job she was hired to do? And not to mention that the guys have their eye on Angel, including owner Travis. Will the ranch owner win Angels heart, or will one of his ranch hands beat him to the punch? Or maybe she's not ready for love at all? All this and much more is in this wonderful historical fiction by Miralee Ferrell. When I read some author's books, their writings just glue me to the page from the first to the last word, and for me, Miralee Ferrell is one of those author's. A fairly new author for me, Miralee is fast becoming one of my favorites. You gotta love Angel's character. She is so determined and independent, yet she is missing out on the fun of being a lady because of circumstances beyond her control. She has no idea of her real beauty, but the ranch hands as well as Travis had no problem recognizing it. The humor written into the story describing how those guys reacted to Angel was hilarious and adorable. I was so wishing to be inside this story to see the actions of these goofy guys! Love Finds You in Sundance Wyoming, is a story so professionally woven together with a strong cast of characters that are loveable, genuine, realistic and so believable that you have the feeling of being right there in the story with them! The action and suspense going on captures your interest and keeps your turning those pages. The author does indeed give you the feeling of being there in the action. And what a pleasure it was getting to know the little town of Sundance, Wyoming in the fantastic way it was described by Miralee. A special place in history indeed! If you are looking for a wonderful historical, romantic read, I urge you to run and grab a copy of this book, sit down with a cup of coffee and just start reading. You will be pleased you did. I read this book in a day. Just couldn't put it down! It's just that good. Thanks to the author Miralee Ferrell for providing a copy of this book to read and review. I was not required or expected to write a positive review. The opinions in this review are mine only.
DeliaLatham More than 1 year ago
She's not your ordinary heroine. Raised by her uncle in an outlaw band, Angel Ramirez is a top-notch marksman and tracker-not an occupation expected of a female in 1887. She's unaware of her own beauty, but then, it's hard to see beneath the men's clothing she wears, the gun on her hip, and the tomboyish activities with which she's most comfortable. When Angel escapes the group of outlaws at her uncle's urging, she goes "undercover" as a man, for her own protection. Outlaw Bart Hinson isn't looking for Angelo de Luca.he wants Angel, and he won't give up easily. Three years later, when Angel arrives at Sundance Ranch, she takes a risk and reveals her true identity. Tired of the subterfuge, she's ready to be herself again-though determined to continue working the range. It's the only life she knows, but it's also an occupation she loves. Ranch owner Travis Morgan is shocked and angry to discover his new ranch hand is a woman, but feels honor bound to keep his word and give the strange girl a chance, despite his misgivings-which only increase as he faces his own unexpected attraction to Angel. But she can't afford to get close to anyone, even the people at Sundance-kind, caring, Christian people unlike any she's ever known. With a past that could lead to her arrest and being hanged as a cattle thief, she's become good at keeping an emotional distance. But it's a challenge at Sundance, especially where Travis is concerned. Angel is comfortable holding a gun, and at ease astride a horse, but has no idea how be a woman. Eventually forced to acknowledge her feelings for her boss, she must decide: Can a girl like her learn to be a wife.and a lady? Or will her past find a way to destroy any hope of a happy future? I've read and enjoyed all of Miralee Ferrell's books, and Sundance did not disappoint. How refreshing-especially in a historical novel-to have a heroine who doesn't fit the stereotypical role! The author did a remarkable job of developing Angel's character and making her believable, likable and genuine, despite her unusual circumstances. Travis is the kind of hero every woman dreams of finding in real life. Ferrell's obvious attention to historical detail, and a knack for painting emotional highs and lows with vivid clarity, make for a well-told, gripping storyline that won't be easily forgotten. Kudos to the author! Way to write a book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
To October n August: Good job trying to give away the whole story. Thank goodness I never read those before I read the story. The 2 of you arent very bright.