Love has no Borders: True Stories of Desperation as seen by a Social Worker

Love has no Borders: True Stories of Desperation as seen by a Social Worker

by Phyllis Yvonne Dodd LCSW


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Love Has No Borders is a nonfiction account of forty years of work with refugees and immigrants who have come to the United States to begin a new life.

One can hear the desperation of many as they have crossed the desk of a social worker. Immigrants from Cuba, Russia, the Middle East and Asia, Latin America, and Mexico, have come through the doors looking for sanctuary in a country that is known for accepting the refugee. However, there are those who say no to the incoming families who are seeking a way to feed and educate their children in a safe and nonthreatening environment. What are we, the privileged, called to do for our neighbors in this global land of plenty?

This book includes personal stories of Guatemalan women who have left home to work as servants in the cities in order to help their abused mothers. It speaks of the men and women of Cuba who came to the United States on rafts, with issues of mental illness and criminal backgrounds. It tells the story of the family who is assumed to have money because of relatives who live in the United States and then killed because they cannot pay the extortion fees. It will tell the story of the young women who are trafficked for sex, who then come into the community with babies to support.

Individuals and groups of all ages and nationalities will be interested in this book. Remember, you could be a refugee someday.

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