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Love in Lingerie

Love in Lingerie

4.7 61
by Alessandra Torre

I hired her to fix my company, to bring Marks Lingerie back to life. I didn’t expect her to become my friend. I didn’t expect to fall in love with her.

The first rule of business is to never touch your employees. I think there is another rule about not falling for your best friend—a rule against imagining the curves of her body, or the way


I hired her to fix my company, to bring Marks Lingerie back to life. I didn’t expect her to become my friend. I didn’t expect to fall in love with her.

The first rule of business is to never touch your employees. I think there is another rule about not falling for your best friend—a rule against imagining the curves of her body, or the way her breathing would change if I pulled down her panties and unzipped my pants.

Now, I can’t wait any longer. I’m tossing out the rules.

Damn the company.

Damn our friendship.

Damn my fears.

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
A heart-clenching story with unparalleled heat and sensuality. I read Trey and Kate's story with my heart in my throat and my fingers crossed that they would find their way to a happily ever after. ~ Helena Hunting, NYT Bestselling Author

Love in Lingerie is swoony, it's sexy, it's better than the best ever. I loved this book! ~ CD Reiss, NYT Bestselling Author

I devoured this book! It's hot. Sexy. I loved it! ~ Tijan, NYT Bestselling Author

Sexy, smart, and utterly addictive, Love in Lingerie kicks off 2017 as my top read for the year. Trey and Kate bring a brand of passion that threatens to set the pages on fire. ~ Meredith Wild, #1 NYT Bestselling Author

"Love in Lingerie is that rare story which smolders with sexual tension from the first page to the last." Sarina Bowen, USA Today Bestselling Author

"Light yet heartfelt and realistic, this book is everything a contemporary romance should be!" Anna Zaires, New York Times Bestselling Author

"The chemistry between Trey and Kate is nothing short of combustible. It pulls you in from the first page, but doesn't ignite immediately. It's a deliciously sweet simmer that gradually heats with each turn of the page, leaving the reader blissfully burning by the end. Full of palpable angst, excruciating yearning, incredibly relatable characters, and tons of laugh out loud moments, Love in Lingerie is true reading perfection."
~ USA Today Bestselling Author L.B. Simmons

"It was the most seductive, heart-warming and thrilling slow burn book I've ever read. But it was a unique slow burn saturated with epic levels of sexual tension and humour, with a sprinkle of the Alessandra Torre twists and turns that we have all come to crave in her books." Rachel Brookes, Bestselling Author

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Meet the Author

New York Times Bestselling contemporary romance and suspense author Alessandra Torre is a leading name in the world of self and traditional publishing. In 2012, a 28-year old Torre self-published her first novel, Blindfolded Innocence, an erotic romance which quickly grew in popularity, landing at #1 in Erotica and remaining there for over two weeks. In less than three months, she was earning five figures monthly as a self-published author (and today spends much of her time evangelizing the benefits of self-publishing). This success attracted the interest of literary agent Maura Kye-Casella and major publishing houses. Today, Torre has published fourteen novels, become an international bestselling author, has had numerous six-figure publishing contracts, and has attracted Hollywood interest in her erotic thriller The Girl in 6E, and her contemporary romance Hollywood Dirt. She is an executive producer of both films, one of which is in production now. Her books have been published in seven languages and over twenty countries. She is also the Bedroom Blogger for Cosmopolitan.com.

From her home on the warm waters of the Emerald Coast in Florida, Alessandra now devotes several hours each day to new book projects and interacting with her fans on social media. Torre is a business administration and hospitality graduate of Florida State University.

Alessandra Torre is represented by Maura Kye-Casella of Don Congdon & Associates.

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Love in Lingerie 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 61 reviews.
berry_nice More than 1 year ago
Loved it! Such a great story with an adoring male lead. Trey is almost perfect. I understand his guard due to past experiences but he still frustrated me a bit because he wouldn't just go for it. With that said this story had a lot of what I like in a book. Sexual tension, Time to build the relationship, Hotness and Sexiness, Strong female. #SWOONING for days If our Love was lingerie, it'd be leather, thin strips of binding that could withstand a hundred years of war and peace, fights and love- making. It would yield and give, yet never rip or break. It would be built to last, to wear forever.

If our love was lingerie, it would never come off.

feather_lashes More than 1 year ago
This book is no joke. On the sexual tension scale, these characters are off the charts. Frigid boss/employee - turn respected coworkers - turn friends - turn equals - turn besties...all with this lingering but very forbidden attraction in the background. The his and her's POV give readers an inside look at exactly how hard they both are fighting it too. So on and on we go, until 84%! For the record, that's not a spoiler, look at the cover art...you know damn well it's going to happen. Eighty-four freakin' percent. That's a long time to wait but it was a fun and surprisingly emotional ride to get there and well worth the wait. I loved that the author does not give readers a fluid storyline to follow in Love in Lingerie. Instead, the storyline time-hops forward to key moments (often sexual frustration moments but not all) and we get to see the characters' relationship evolve without the page numbers and the threat of a series. Alessandra Torre gives her readers a glimpse into the business world, the behind-the-scenes of lingerie design/production, all the palpable emotions that come with wanting (and loving) someone you can't have, and the satisfaction of a friends-to-lovers experience. Love in Lingerie is a fast-paced, engaging bit of borderline erotica that I enjoyed very much. It's Alessandra Torre! That's all that needs to be said. Check it out! My favorite quote: "If our love was lingerie, it’d be leather, thin strips of binding that could withstand a hundred years of war and peace, fights and love-making. It would yield and give, yet never rip or break. It would be built to last, to wear forever. If our love was lingerie, it would never come off." ❤️
MyMyN More than 1 year ago
With the title Love in Lingerie, I was totally expecting this to be an erotic romance – not even. Not stating that in a bad way either. Love in Lingerie was a really light, fun and yummy read. The slow burn of this book was driving me up the walls crazy in the most delicious way. For those that love all the sexy hot scenes… like on page one – sorry to disappoint you. HOWEVER, I promise you the slow burn is oh so worth staying in the heat for because when it happens, it’s volcanic! Definitely one-click this; it’s one of those you can finish in one sitting because it’s the easy addicttive type of read!
10520406 More than 1 year ago
Trey has a failing lingerie company and needs to hire some fresh blood to infuse life into this business. Kate wants a new position as a Creative Director in a fashion company other than the one she's worked for for 10 years. Sparks fly at the interview and all bets are off from there. This is my first book by Alessandra Torre. I really enjoyed this writer's repartee between her two main characters and I also liked her segues between scenes; one minute you're seeing them in this scene and with a blink of an eye, it has segued to something else, yet the reader never feels as if they've missed a beat. The love between these two "best friends" oozes sensuality and sexuality, yet neither one of them will admit it. I think every woman sighs a sigh to wonder what it would be like to have that close relationship with a male, that reeks of sexual tension, yet never quite spills over. The devotion for each other displayed in both Trey's and Kate's actions as the months pass into years, creates a desire in the reader to cheer for the couple to finally overcome their reluctance and just get it on! Great story and this certainly won't be my last book with Alessandra Torre!
kdmcnu More than 1 year ago
I feel like we should all bow to Alessandra Torre as the Queen of the slow burn. The chemistry between Kate and Trey is boundless. You can literally feel it vibrating off the page. Each word, each action only reinforces the amazing connection that these two characters have. I love a book that pulls you into the story and leaves you excited to turn the next page. I enjoyed the angst and heart wrenching moments as much as I love watching Kate and Trey's relationship grow.
MsMeesh More than 1 year ago
Love In Lingerie is a deeply sensual erotic office romance that is weaved of the finest silk, class and sophistication. Alessandra Torre is the epitome of what every indie romance author hopes to be. With her smooth and heartfelt writing, she has readers like myself craving, wanting and needing more. I can go on and write a review of what to expect but I won’t do that because this is one of those reads that has to be read. Readers need to feel the tension, the angst, the chemistry, and of course the slow burn love of Trey and Kate. This book beautifully blends heat, passion, friendship, and romance in a very tasteful and sexy manner. Like lingerie, this book entices readers to see the characters stripped in their raw and vulnerable form. Lingerie is supposed to be admired and boy oh boy did I find myself admiring and loving Alessandra’s ability to paint a literary canvas that was silky, smooth, and made of the finest lace. All there is left to say, Love In Lingerie is one deliciously sexy, tantalizing, and sweet love story. A must read and one of my reads of 2017!
RedAE More than 1 year ago
Once I started Love in Lingerie and couldn't put it down. Very well done Alessandra!!
Ashley_lynn719 More than 1 year ago
A fun and unique friends to lover’s story! I absolutely LOVE Alessandra’s books! She has the ability to write a wide variety of stories that keep you wanting more and more! Kate is a creative director who is brought in to help Trey’s failing Lingerie business. They develop a friendship, and it is obvious they have a physical attraction, but neither one of them wants to cross the business line. I love that you get to see Kate and Trey grow throughout the book. That’s my favorite part about delayed gratification. You become deeper and deeper invested in the story, and I thoroughly enjoyed Kate and Trey’s journey together! I absolutely love when a heroine shines in books, and Kate is definitely a bright star! If you love a good slow burn romance, this is definitely the book for you!
MandaG More than 1 year ago
Trey's lingerie business is falling apart, he's had more creative directors in five years than he can count and he needs his new hire to be the last. He needs her to save his company from closing shop. Kate needs to get out of her dead end job and Marks Lingerie is just the opportunity she is looking for. It doesn't hurt that her new boss is handsome and a panty dropper, but thankfully he's against banging his employees. As their business relationship grows so does their friendship and the not always so hidden desire they have for one another. Stretched out over time they become close in every way except romantically, even dating other people. At some point the heart just can't take it anymore though and when certain words can't be unsaid will Trey's past transgressions lose Kate permanently or will they get their HEA? I felt like "LIL" was different from Torre's other books, but still a great romance. Definitely worth reading
Amanda Gonzalez More than 1 year ago
I'm a huge fan of office romance, and this is why! This was a slow burn, high sexual tension book! They really became friends through the process, though. Trey is one hot, sexy, and kinky business man. I love Kate! She's a strong, independent woman! I'm usually not a fan of slow burn books, but this one worked for me. I may have been frustrated at Trey and Kate at times, but it was well worth it.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Loved it, couldn't put it down!
Anonymous 11 months ago
Loved Trey and Kate's story!
BellaLove_BookBabesUnite More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars! Alessandra Torre is such a talented author, she gives me what I need every single time. Even when I don't know what I need, she gives it to me. I went into Love in Lingerie blind. I like doing this with my favorite authors so I don't have any expectations. Still, with the cover and the title, I was expecting romance with some hot sexy times thrown in there. I ended up getting so much more! What I loved about this book: ~ Office romance ~ Sloooooow burn ~ Friends to lovers ~ Sexual tension ~ Dual POV I didn't realize so many of my favorite tropes would be all rolled into he same book. I wanted these two to get together so bad. I NEEDED them to get together SO BAD. When it finally happens, GAH! It's so worth the wait! Suffice it to say that Alessandra Torre had me hooked from the first page. I couldn't stop reading. Bottom Line: READ THIS BOOK!!! Alessandra Torre doesn't disappoint. One click now.
Marivett More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved this book.... I was hooked from the very first page. I didn't know what to expect. Trey and Kate are attracted to each other since the first day they met when he interviewed her for a job at his company. They become great friends because there's a no fraternization rule. This is a slow burn and it held me hostage. Truthfully, I'm not a huge fan of slow burn, but Alessandra wrote it so well that I couldn't put it down. I fell in love with the characters, their friendship and how they fought and tried to keep it friendly. When they finally get together, it's explosive. What I also loved about the book was that is was low on the angst and drama, and don't even get me started on that epilogue #sigh Definitely a must read.... All you Alessandra Torre fans will not be disappointed.
JxxxPinkLady More than 1 year ago
LOVE IN LINGERIE is SEXY. EROTIC. And BEAUTIFUL. Trey hires intelligent and sassy Kate Martin to help save Marks Lingerie from its downward spiral, what he doesn't expect is to find a best friend, a friend who would become so much more. The problem is, Trey doesn't date staff, he certainly wouldn't date a friend and risk her finding out the truth of his desires for fear it may all be too much. The story arc develops over a trajectory of four years depicting an addictive and sexy friends- to-lovers dynamic high on sexual tension showcasing the nature of their attraction towards each other, toggling between HIM and HER perspectives that perfectly present their inner thoughts and feelings. An erotic romance simmers through the pages with a slow burn that blossoms into the most beautiful love story. I LOVED every moment of the smartly written sassy narrative with its punchy chapters, sometimes punctuated with a cute lingerie analogy that never failed to make me smile. The pure sex appeal of the hero enamoured me, pulled me into his world making me understand his motivations, his desires and all his reasons why. The transition of time and development of the protagonist’s relationship is perfectly paced with authentic sounding dialogue, thought patterns and actions. There are moments that made me laugh out loud, moments that warmed my heart, highly HOT moments that warmed other places and the perfect number of beautiful moments where I rooted for this couple to develop from friends to lovers. The slow burn of their romance tore through my reading heart. Sexy, sweet, a little bit cheeky and a whole lot naughty is such a wonderful combination in an erotic romance and the fact this story became a friends-to-lovers made it an extra special and enjoyable reading experience. There are no surprises as to the final destination of this novel, as a reader I felt totally safe I'd be left feeling content. What is unique and totally mesmerising is the execution of the storytelling which has a refreshing and creative approach. The way the author weaves her writing canvas, showcasing their journey, is perfectly individual and downright wonderful. This free ARC was provided by the author/ publisher in exchange for an unbiased opinion. No type of compensation was made. There is no relationship/affiliation between the reviewer and the author/publisher.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Trey and Kate had a fun relationship. They began as employee/employer to friends to lovers. Pretty steamy scenes.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
NIGHT_RAVEN More than 1 year ago
This is a sweet and sexy story that I loved every second of reading and literally couldn't get enough of! I read this entire book in one sitting since I couldn't bring myself to put this book down even once and I loved this! This has quickly become one of my favorite authors since I've enjoyed everything of hers that I've read and that was true for this story as well! I am a huge fan of friends to lovers stories, especially when they're done as well as this one and I highly recommend reading this to anyone! I can't wait to see what this author comes up with next!
Perla_Reads More than 1 year ago
Tension, teasing, burning ... all building to delicious fireworks! Great job Alessandra! You never disappoint but this one is quickly rising to the top of my fave AT list.
billibear More than 1 year ago
This is the second book that I have read of Torre's... and they just keep getting better! Love in Lingerie is a great romance read that will keep you wanting to know more. Trey and Kate start out with a working relationship that grows into a loving friendship (with lots of sexual tension) over the years. Though this book will keep you frustrated (sexually, of course), it will also leave you completely satisfied--with the ending and everything else! ;-)
SMcD More than 1 year ago
5 IT WILL STICK STARS!!! Holy Jesus. I finished Love In Lingerie over a week ago, and I'm STILL not over it. STILL. NOT. OVER. IT. I started reading it late one night and stayed up until 5 am. Until I got to THE END. Once I started, I simply COULD. NOT. STOP. Alessandra Torre's writing is simply addictive. And I was addicted to Trey and Kate. I really desperately NEEDED to know how this book was going to end. I was not disappointed. I loved both Kate and Trey so damn much. Holy Jesus. Trey. That man. He is a perfect sexy unicorn. The thoughts he has about Kate about killed me. My God. He's so in love with her I think I may have died a thousand deaths being in his head. *clutches heart* And the two of them together! The banter! I loved, loved, loved their friendship. So much! All of the good and all of the bad. I just loved it. I felt it. I felt it ALL. This book slayed me and I loved it. My heart did so many things! I cried. I yelled! I died! My gut ached so bad for both of them. I just wanted them to be together! But oh jesus, let me tell you when it finally happened I was NOT disappointed. I am pretty sure I cried tears of joy. I turned into a big puddle of lust and mush and love. I swear I felt like these two were a part of my life! That's what I love about Alessandra's writing style. She pulls you into the story. Into these character's lives, and you really feel like you are living through them. I had so many feels, I think I invented a few new ones! Oh. My. God. My heart fluttered, it soared and it crashed. It swelled with so much LOVE for this couple, I never wanted this story to end. This story is one of those unforgettable love journeys that will stay with me for a long time. A very long time. I'm telling you RIGHT now, I already know Love In Lingerie by Alessandra Torre will be on my Top Reads for 2017 list!! This is absolutely one of THE BEST friends to lover's romances I have EVER read. I seriously still think about it on a daily basis. Not gonna lie.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Alessandra Torre never disappoints her readers. Love in Lingerie is a smart, sexy love story between Kate and Trey. You fall in love with their friendship, work relationship, their banter, quick wits and love for each other. It's what I call a feel good read!
nickelbull08 More than 1 year ago
This book centers around Kate and Trey, two people trying to find success in both their personal and professional lives. You might be thinking this sounds like your typical office romance, but you would be wrong. Trey is the owner of a lingerie company that is about to go under, and Kate is the creative genius that is going to try to save the company. Throughout the journey, these two become best friends. Instead of an office romance, it is more of a friends to lovers romance. If you like a slow burn, this is the book for you. I am typically a huge fan of Alessandra Torre, but it pains me to say that this book fell a little short for me. I think the timeline was a bit too jumpy for me and that may be what is leaving me a little underwhelmed. In addition, I felt like we spent more time with them in other relationships than we did them together. I don't mind getting some good background on characters, but if I'm invested in their relationship I want to experience some of it. With that said, it was still a solid 3 star read and I am still a huge fan of Alessandra’s work.
Tracy_Reads_Kissy_Books More than 1 year ago
I LOVED this! A slow burning romance, riddled with sexual tension that is off the charts. A smart, unique story with a sharp, witty heroine and a sexy hero. Love in Lingerie is a hot, fun read.
KCSunshine69 More than 1 year ago
Bones, Thongs and Peepholes! If I was a man (I'm not) my balls would have been so blue when I read this book that I genuinely believe I could be a Smurf descendant. Call me Smurfette. It is Alessandra at her total, absolute best. I'm bouncing, jumping, so, so, so happy. I freaking love Trey and Kate. Everything about them. Blurb states that Trey Marks owns a lingerie business. It isn't working, knickers aren't selling. He recruits Kate Martin to revitalise the Marks brand. And hello bones, thongs and peepholes. I want all the knickers, all the bras and I want them now!!!!!!!!!!! This book - gah! Frustration! How can I even review it? THE PEN! Hot scene alert, you might want to get new knickers. Read at your peril because you will squirm and clench and throb and whelp but please, please read it so we can be Smurftastic friends forever.