Love In Translation

Love In Translation

by Sara Palacios

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Still reeling from an unexpected breakup, Emily nurses her broken heart by spending time with her best friends and taking one-too-many vodka shots. After one long night, she takes a hard look inside herself and doesn’t like what she sees. She realizes that she has sacrificed too much in her failed relationships from the past and vows to never settle for anything less than almost-perfect again. As she picks up the pieces and regains her confidence, a sexy Spanish chef moves in across the hall and knocks her off her feet. What ensues is an unexpected and tantalizing affair that opens her eyes - and her heart - to a whole new world and leaves her feeling sexier than she has ever felt. Emily finally sees how easy love is supposed to be. Is happily-ever-after actually possible? Just when she starts to think so, she realizes that sometimes life gets more complicated before it gets easier. And complicated is an understatement when Steven (her best and oldest friend in the world) confesses his love for her. Everything spirals out of control as Emily must make a choice between love and friendship, and in doing so, possibly risk it all.

Love In Translation is a modern day love story about following your heart to unexpected places and taking chances in life … because sometimes you will find exactly what you are looking for.

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BN ID: 2940016252643
Publisher: Sara Palacios
Publication date: 02/12/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
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Love In Translation 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Nicola12 More than 1 year ago
Ugh - only good thing about this book is that it was only 200 pages.
MrsAnderson More than 1 year ago
Before I singed up to be part of the CLP blog tour featuring Sara and her book, “Love in Translation,” I knew I wanted to read it.  I was curious as to who would Emily be with in the end, the Spanish-speaking chef or her male friend. The first few pages had me hooked and right away I felt sorry for Emily, and how David broke her heart.  I loved how she handled the break up.  In some parts I found myself giggling because what woman doesn’t go off the deep end at some point of a break up and have too many drinks with friends?  It was during this part that I bonded with her and cheered her on as she proceeded to get over her ex.  When Emily meets the handsome chef fireworks went off and it was easy to see that there was an instant connection between these two, even though he barely spoke English.  It was fun to see how they got along without talking…However, when Steven comes into the picture, there was an undeniable connection between them and I liked him too.  I liked his character and his and Sara’s friendly but flirty banter. All the characters were likable, especially Emily.  She wasn’t your typical girly girl either, and she knew what she wanted and what she didn’t, (including who she wanted), and for that I liked the book more.  I would have enjoyed seeing more of Emily’s day-to-day life, but it was nice to see what her family life was like, especially her relationship with her parents. As for how the book ended and without spoiling the ending, “Love in Translation” ended the right way, especially after a certain event…(no, I’m not going to spoil it for you). Sara’s light writing style made “Love in Translation” a fun and quick read.  It’s surprising that it’s her debut novel, but I know it won’t be her last.  She’s a talented writer and I can’t wait to read more from Sara Palacios! I give this book 4 stars!
TheAutumnReview More than 1 year ago
Love in Translation was a sweet story. Sara Palacios did a great job with this debut novel. She created characters that you can relate to and root for.  Emily has been devastated by her cheating boyfriend. After having her grieving time to get over the break-up, she decides it's time to move on. She has some unsuccessful dates, but won't give up. Then, the sexy Andres moves into her building. He's moved from Spain to work as the head chef of a local restaurant. They begin a passionate affair and Emily learns what it's like to truly be loved and treasured.  Meanwhile, he best friend, Steven has decided it's time to confess his love for Emily. Obviously this is upsetting to Emily for many reasons. One, because he's been her best friend for years. And two, she's falling in love with Andres and doesn't want to hurt Steven. She also doesn't want their friendship to be ruined. She was in a tough spot and I felt bad for her. Although I will say that I sympathized with Steven too.  In the end, Emily had to follow her heart. She and Andres truly were in love. I enjoyed watching Emily go through her journey. I'd definitely recommend Love in Translation to readers who enjoy Women's Fiction and sweet love stories. Quote: ~After years of being plagued by insecurities while dating less than adequate men, I find myself in a new position. I am in a relationship with a wonderful, sexy man, and I am more secure and comfortable in my own skin that I have even been before.-Loc 1932
JerseyGirlBookReviews More than 1 year ago
When Emily breaks up with her cheating ex-boyfriend David, she is brokenhearted and swears to never settle for another relationship that is anything less than perfect. As she picks up the pieces of her heart and life, she starts to regain her balance and self-confidence. Then along comes a sexy new neighbor named Andres, a Spanish chef, who sweeps her off her feet, and suddenly she starts to believe in love again. Just when Emily thinks she's found her Mr. Right, her oldest and best friend Steven confesses that he has been in love with her. What's a girl to do when she has two good guys to choose from? Can Emily make a choice that may risk a chance at love and also a friendship? Love In Translation is a wonderful story about the dynamics that make up family, love and friendship relationships and finding true happiness. In her debut novel, author Sara Palacios weaves an entertaining tale written in the first person narrative, with Emily taking the reader along for the ride as she navigates the complicated paths of relationships. This fast-paced story covers the variety of relationships that Emily is involved in, which sometimes has its complications: love relationships with her ex-boyfriend David, meeting her sexy new Spanish neighbor Andres, and her longtime friendship with Steven which also becomes a love interest when he confesses his love for her; friendship with Steven, Deana and Sophie; and the strained relationship with her mother, which I think happens in every Mother-Daughter relationship at one time or another (lol). I loved how the author balances the storyline between the friendship and love relationships, while allowing Emily to follow her heart and take chances in life. From beginning to end, the reader can't help but get drawn into Emily's life and follow along on her journey as she discovers the beauty of love, friendship and happiness. With a fun cast of characters who are realistic; quirky dialogue and interactions; and a storyline that has warmth and humor mixed in with a healthy dose of complicated relationship dynamics; Love In Translation  is a sweet romantic story that will give the reader a warm and fuzzy feeling and leave a smile on their face!
Lost_in_Literature More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars! After going through a breakup with a cheating jerk-off boyfriend, Emily starts questioning her choice in men.  She seems to always go for the losers, though she knows she deserves better.  She vows to never settle again.  She's bound to find a guy that she adores that treats her the way she deserves to be treated... right? To Emily's excitement, a sexy Spanish chef moves in across the hall from her.  She's instantly attracted to him and looks forward to getting to know him better.  Just when she begins to think her love life might be on the mend, a wrench is thrown in when her BFF Steven confesses his love for her.  Now she's completely lost and doesn't know what to do.  Man, love can be stressful! If you're looking for a sweet, fun story, this is the story for you!!  It actually gave me the "warm and fuzzy" feeling that some stories can inflict.  I definitely think this is a story that most women can relate to, and almost all will enjoy.  This is a must-read for sure! :)
eBook_Addict More than 1 year ago
The story begins with the main character, Emily, suffering from a broken heart and following her ex-boyfriend to see what the real reason is for him breaking up. Emily's friends, Sophie and Deana, try to help Emily get through her break up in their own crazy little ways. She also has a friend, Steven, who she has been friends with forever. Things shouldn't be too complicated, right? Wrong! When Steven professes his love to Emily everything spirals out of control. My most favorite part of this novel is when Emily meets her new next door neighbor, Andres. Andres is a sexy Spanish chef that Emily is immediately taken aback with. Determined to learn Spanish to talk to Andres, Emily heads to the library to purchase Spanish dictionaries that will help her better understand Andres. This was such a great story, and I think it was very creative to have Emily speak English, and little Spanish, and vice versa for Andres. The last few chapters in this novel is very powerful and I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat! Overall, this novel was great and I can't wait to read what Sara publishes next!!