Love Is What You Do

Love Is What You Do

by KeriAnne Monroe


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Mitch Taylor was a successful oncologist. At 37, he had no desire to marry. Tall, dark and handsome, he enjoyed the company of women but, much to his Mother's dismay, had shown no interest in matrimony. He enjoyed playing the field and was upfront and honest with his dates, he made no promises.

Amy Johnson was divorced and in a strange town. She had taken on a part-time job as a caregiver for Margaret Taylor, Mitch's Mother. Her full-time employment had ended when her company moved it's operations to another town. Living on her severance pay and Mrs. Taylor's wages, she planned to move closer to a friend as soon as her lease was up.

Margie Taylor loved Amy like a daughter and thought her and Mitch would be an ideal couple. Unfortunately, Mitch didn't appreciate his Mother's attempts to fix him up and avoided visiting when he knew Amy would be there. Margie knew her time was limited, a fact she had not shared with her sons. Firm in her belief that Mitch and Amy were perfect for each other, she put conditions in her will...

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