Love Isn't Blind 1

Love Isn't Blind 1

by Sandra Ross
4.1 39

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Love Isn't Blind 1 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 39 reviews.
Writergrl11 More than 1 year ago
Ashley is an aspiring writer anxious to spread her wings and prove herself in the world of creative writing when she agrees to take a personal assistant position for famous author Anthony Lang. She's a very relatable character that seems to have an energy and excitement for life that makes you want to get to know her and want her to succeed. Anthony is a slightly eccentric, ex-FBI profiler who has made a new career of writing excellent mystery novels. The two have a lot in common from the start with their love of writing and it's practically destined that they should have met. When Ashley first arrives at Anthony's house she is astonished by the beauty of the place and the friendliness of the staff. But she is especially astounded by the famed Anthony Lang. Anthony is even more gorgeous then she could have imagined and he is more friendly and far more wonderful then she would have dreamed. He's the perfect man and he's got it all. Looks, charm, money and fame. The only thing is, Anthony is blind. And his being blind makes him wary of letting a women into his heart or letting himself into theirs. It's Anthony's belief that his blindness is a burden and that it will be an insurmountable burden to any woman who might possibly love him. Being disabled makes Anthony seem more realistic even though his jaded view on love seems a typical response for his condition. Most romance stories tend to depict the male hero as completely perfect in every way. With this story the author makes him seem like the type of guy who actually exists out there in the world. It's up to Ashley to show Anthony that love is blind and that she is willing to love him and take care of him despite his blindness. She doesn't believe his blindness is a burden at all and in fact, it doesn't matter to her. Now she just needs to convince Anthony of that. This story is an inspiration to anyone who is struggling in a relationship of even someone who isn't. Many people face problems throughout their lives and when they are looking for someone to share that life with they will face even more. 'Love Isn't Blind' is about how a couple can overcome any obstacle if they simply allow themselves to love one another and open up to the possibility of true love. This story truly captures the essence of that love and what it means to love unconditionally. Anyone who's been in a relationship and anyone who hasn't will find themselves wishing for a happy ending for this sweet couple and they will find themselves believing in happily ever after once again.
Lucky120 More than 1 year ago
Ashley Randell has a nice background. She has a lot on her plate when it comes to her career and working. As you can read Ashley is thinking about her decision when taking the personal assistant job as a writer for a man named Anthony Lang, so that she can jump start her writing career, but help a fellow man write his new book. This book reads in a nice fashion and it tells how she came to like Mr. Lang by describing what he looks like and how she felt about seeing him for the first time. Mr. Lang is actually a great writer, but he is blind, so this was the twist to the story that would have had you guessing. Ashley has seen the intelligence, profession and funniness within this man. These are the key things that she seems to be attracted to. One thing that I have to say is that if you enjoy a nice little Romance between two people that are working together then you will love this book. How many of you have been in love or attracted to their boss or someone that they decided to help? This happens a lot and in this story you will read everything that Ashley Randell is feeling and then some. Remember that when you are reading it try and think of your professional crush if you have one and see if the story played out the same or different than your life story. You might be amazed at how similar romance novels can appeal to the real life.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This short story is just an introduction. Before it could interesting it just stopped. I wish I knew that before I started reading. Oh well at least it was free. So be warned. Just an intro and no intimate situations. Two kisses thats all.
Syramoon More than 1 year ago
Love Isn't Blind is a sweet romantic story about Ashley and Anthony. When the pair meets the sparks instantly fly, but it takes Anthony awhile to admit to his feelings. It's not that is one of those guys that are afraid of commitment, but just the opposite he doesn't want to be a burden on the woman he has fallen madly in love with. The blind Anthony doesn't think that he could ever be in a relationship without just being a burden to the woman he loves. He didn't plan on getting into a serious relationship, but then he met Ashley. When Ashley falls in love she does it with her whole heart, and isn't the kind to let a once in a life time opportunity pass her by, but will she be able to convince Anthony that she loves him for everything he is, and that by working together they could build a relationship of love,passion, and trust? Sandra Ross has written yet another beautiful love and passionate love story. Her characters are believable, and it's hard not to fall in love with them and want them to succeed. Love Isn't blind is packed with love,wit, and sensuality, but also with some real eye opening morals. Love may not be blind, but it loves us because of our greatness and flaws. Ross has created a moving passionate love story that deserves a spot in the heart of any who enjoy this genre. I'll admit this story was a little on the short side, but despite its size it says a lot.
Jwoods1 More than 1 year ago
Sweet romance with great characters ‘Love isn’t Blind’ is one of Sandra Ross’ sweet sensual romance stories.  It is more romantic than erotic, but there are some hot sexy scenes that fit appropriately with the story.  These romantic stories are a little tamer than some of her other erotic books and they all have sweet storylines involving love.  This particular story focuses on Ashley and Anthony.  Anthony is blind and can’t seem to understand how any woman could really love someone who couldn’t even see them physically.  Ashley sees Anthony for what he is; a lost, lonely write who just happens to be blind. Anthony seems to think that his disability is a burden to women and he refuses to let himself fall in love, until he meets Ashley.  He is everything that Ashley wants in a man, and she just can’t believe that he feels that he would be a burden to anyone since he is so intelligent, creative, and attractive.  At first I was a bit put off by his attitude because he seemed to be self-pitying, but as the story progressed I realized that he actually was just afraid to give his heart completely to someone when he wasn’t sure that they could fully love him back. I thought the doubts that Anthony had were natural and very touching.  It is hard enough finding someone to share your life with, but doing so while trying to find someone who is comfortable with a physical disability can be daunting.  The story flowed well, and had a lovely ending that was very hopeful and full of promise.  The characters were very likeable and very realistic, with flaws and quirks just like real people.  Plus the romance was just the right amount of steamy for a romance novel! I don’t really read a lot of romantic stories, but this is one that I would recommend to my friends.  It had a real old school romance feel to it, but in a short story format.  It was just long enough to be entertaining without being so long as to lose my interest.  I like the realistic feel that the story had; it kept the book from being too unbelievable. I thought that Anthony sounded very attractive with his piercing blue eyes.  I love guys with blue eyes!  I thought that they sounded like the perfect couple and it was interesting that they were both writers.  I found Anthony’s career choice intriguing since he had only become blind late in life.  I would have liked a little more background story on Anthony, but not having it did not detract from my enjoyment any.   Over all, this was a great little read for anyone who likes realistic romance stories with a lot of heart.
tigarpanter More than 1 year ago
Looking for a romantic tale and stimulate at least four of your five senses? Look no farther than Sandra Ross's sweet and special romance, "Love Isn't Blind." Sandra Ross goes above and beyond in telling us the romantic story of two totally different people wrapped up in a unique romance with one another. We always read about an attraction simply based on the physical and I think it would have been nice to see the true reason behind her attraction to him. Sandra Ross has written yet another beautiful love and passionate love story. Her characters are believable, and it's hard not to fall in love with them and want them to succeed. Love isn’t blind is packed with love and sensuality, but also with some real eye opening morals. Love may not be blind, but it loves us because of our greatness and flaws. On the surface, "Love Isn't Blind" by Sandra Ross seems like the standard workplace romance where a beautiful woman falls in love with her gorgeous boss and they both battle against the odds to be together. Love Isn't Blind is a sweet romantic story about Ashley and Anthony. Ashley Randall and Anthony Lang are perfectly paired for a business relationship: she's an aspiring writer looking to further her career and he's a blind writer in need of an assistant to help him with his research. But upon their first meeting it's apparent that the pair has is matched for more than a simple business partnership. They have the makings for a relationship of another kind - one which is full of romance and passion. Ross has created a moving passionate love story that deserves a spot in the heart of any who enjoy this genre. I'll admit this story was a little on the short side, but despite its size it says a lot. The blind Anthony doesn't think that he could ever be in a relationship without just being a burden to the woman he loves. He didn't plan on getting into a serious relationship, but then he met Ashley. When Ashley falls in love she does it with her whole heart, and isn't the kind to let a once in a life time opportunity pass her by, but will she be able to convince Anthony that she loves him for everything he is, and that by working together they could build a relationship of love, passion, and trust? The setting of "Love Isn't Blind" is perfect for romance. In the very opening scene, Ashley moves into Anthony's house, and moments later she's brought face-to-face with this attractive, intriguing man for the first time. The chemistry between them is thick, and Ashley's narrative lends the reader insight to her thoughts as she meets this man who will change her life. As a result of careful attention to detail and dialogue, the characters in "Love Isn't Blind" are believable and quite realistic. Ashley's dialogue and inner thoughts read very much like a true person's would. Her thoughts are logical and craft her as a detailed and complex character. The same can be said of Anthony in that he has multiple layers; his blindness adds realism and intrigue. He's not your perfect, ideal, flawless man - he is, in fact, flawed, and that's what makes him interesting. If you're looking for a story with more than just romance - a story which has a plot line, a purpose, and something to be learned - then this one could be for you. Ashley Randall is a strong, vivacious woman who goes to work as the live-in personal assistant for former FBI agent turned writer Anthony Lang.  Anthony is smart and kind, and his charisma and humour in the face of finding himself newly disabled makes him instantly irresistible. From the moment Ashley and Anthony meet, their chemistry jumps off the page and there's no question that they are drawn to each other.  I love that Ashley and Anthony are perfectly matched for each other, both talented and strong and each going toe to toe with the other. My only problem with Anthony's actions here is that he does not give Ashley the opportunity to decide for herself what is best for her. Like Ashley, I found myself becoming more and more frustrated with Anthony's belief that he and Ashley should not be together because of his blindness. When Ashley is finally able to make Anthony "see the light," I couldn't help being happy for her, finally convincing the man she loves that he is worthy of her love. And Anthony finally realizes that though he must live a life without sight, he does not have to live a life without love.  These two characters strengths and weakness are matched perfectly. A person feels the need to keep reading to see if Love truly isn't blind. Sandra Ross' "Love Isn't Blind" is sexy and sweet, romantic and above all else, hopeful. It is the story of a man who loses his sight but who realizes that love does indeed conquer all.
RussellG More than 1 year ago
Our idealized world frowns upon individuals with physical, emotional, and mental challenges. Somehow, these people are perceived to lack the sensuality, beauty, and intimacy wanted and desired by those of us deemed as "normal." Ross not only refutes these prejudices and assumptions, she also provides the reader the perfect opportunity to vicariously experience an unconditional love that arises between the protagonists Ashley Randall and Anthony Lang---the latter having been blinded in a work-related mishap. Ross's writing style is warm, flowing, and lively. Her words vividly create an atmosphere of acceptance and allows both Ashley (and, by extension, the reader) to accept the prevailing circumstances of her writing job and of her employer's (Lang's) disability. The world outside most romance novels is not always tolerant of foibles, mishaps, and imperfections---especially if someone is not able-bodied. Yet the author makes a conscious choice to focus upon the strengths and talents within burgeoning relationship between Ashley and Anthony. Ross develops an ideal situation where trust and warmth abound in which sensitive questions about Lang's blindness are posited and in which the answers are ultimately accepted. Exposure to differently-abled relationships, even within the context of a romantic/erotic novel, is a wonderful thing, especially when the underlying emotions and unique challenges are acknowledged. In that regard, the ups and downs of love are no different than countless other emotional/sexual/romantic relationships between two individuals. Ross's novel is inspiring and is money well spent.
AnaBest More than 1 year ago
An amazing story about people, destiny, trust, luck, partnership and love. In a very sweet and tender way of writing Sandra Ross guides the lucky reader trough a captivating story of love and love for books. Ashley is a young woman that dreams to be a writer. Goal minded she accepts living in with famous writer Anthony Lang and being is personal assistant. Anthony is a former FBI agent that during one of his cases went blind. Ashley will have to be his eyes. Writing brings them together and, what starts as a working partnership grows into a relationship of trust, tenderness, friendship and love. As they begin to write stories, they are building their story of care, dependence, trust, complicity. They share much more then ideas, they share their time, their days, their lives and eventually their bodies, giving themselves to love and romance, one that only happens when two become one.
Ant0 More than 1 year ago
Blindness can be natural from birth, fatally accidental, and emotionally enduring, but does that mean one is not able to experience true love because of such an unfortunate fate? It doesn’t matter what happens in life because love will always be around the corner! Fortunately enough, we are given more than just the blissful gift of sight because we can also experience love through the pleasurable sense of touch, smell, and taste (of saliva from kissing, of course!). Needless to say, Sandra Ross is excellent in detailing a scenario of a romantic encounter between two entirely unique and different individuals in Love Isn’t Blind. Firstly, Ashley is an aspiring writer who happens to accept a new job opportunity as a transcriber for a wealthy, but blind individual. She is smart, diligent, and very devoted in her work. Not only is she assisting him in his writing, but also providing the eyes for him to research work and perform other tasks in life. Furthermore, I like her persistent and courageous loving nature. She doesn’t care if he is a handicap and despite his flaws, she is able to see how he truly is even though he himself doesn’t even know it. Next, we are introduced to Anthony Lang, once a high profiled FBI agent, but due to a tragic accident he suffered an unfortunate fate and lost his eyesight. My first interpretation of him is that he must be an extremely confident individual since he is a FBI agent. However, I realized that’s no longer true because of his flaws and the way he prevents himself from getting any closer to Ashley even though he has some feelings for her. Despite his blemishes, I admire his professionalism in his work, but also noticed that his true emotions aren’t shown from his outer appearance (since he always had on a bright smile and a muscular build). Instead, I felt that deep inside he is a depressed individual with no love in his life and that he can no longer be seductive because of his inability to see how others think of him. In my opinion, the two main leads are perfect for each other because they are complete opposites of one another. Ashley is an independent individual and she wants to freely express her love for the other person in any way that she can. Anthony on the other hand, can no longer depend on himself and needs love and care, but is too stubborn to realize that. Lastly, I do have a couple of minor concerns about Love Isn’t Blind. Unfortunately, it is not known if Ashley truly knows what happens in Anthony’s past. It will be great if Sandra Ross is able to include in detail about his past. Therefore, we can find out more about Ashley and also why she fell in love him instead of just simply admiring his sexy physical attributes. Furthermore, I would be much delighted if Sandra Ross could lengthen the story by a few more chapters to include what I said before and to expand on the rather short ending. For those reasons, I am not able to give this story a full five stars. Nonetheless, this story proves that there is a chance of love for everyone and it doesn’t matter what happens in the past and how you end up. Love and that special someone will still be waiting for you. Sometimes you’re just too blind to know that he/she is just right there!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This story could no doubt have been completed in one book. I was a bit disapointed. L.M.A.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Extra short
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Well written with great characters. Makes you want to read on.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wonderful tender sweet romance. Just would of liked the book to be longer then 50 pages. Great read.
RLeigh More than 1 year ago
Love is love Ashley Randall is dying to start her career in writing and she stumbles across the perfect job for her to get started with – a personal assistant to somebody who needs help with writing their book.  Anthony Lang used to be an FBI agent and is now a writer and the reason he needs help writing his book is because he is blind.  Despite his handicap, when Ashley and Anthony meet there is instant chemistry and Ashley struggles to respect the boundary of employer and employee as not only is Anthony very talented but he is also drop dead gorgeous. For me, the meaningful part of this story is how Anthony deals with his disability – he faces it head on, does not want pity and does not let it rule his life.  He is also very self-confident and comfortable with his sexuality.   However, there are still personal struggles that he has to deal with and despite their hot and steamy relationship and sincerely beautiful connection him and Ashley share together, Anthony struggles to accept that he can be the best person for Ashley.  He doesn’t want to be a burden in her life and he tries to push her away. Ironically enough, the problems they experience are not because of his physical disability but they are created emotionally because of the situation.   Sandra Ross writes with a very easy-to-read style and she delves into these characters well.  I find this book to be sexy and sincere – a beautiful story of true love.
Herivy More than 1 year ago
This story is beautifully written, good prose, fine description and relatable characters. It is properly executed and the description of the setting and the characters are actually imaginable that it made me want to live in Anthony’s estate and be his secretary!  But I love Ashley, too. She is your average woman who had her own doubts and frailties but faced them head on to reach her happy place regardless of her personal conflicts. The hero is a man oozing with sex appeal but is blind and afraid to burden anyone because of his disability. I like how the writer tells the story and how Ashley’s attraction for Anthony is clear in their first meeting despite Anthony’s blindness. For Ashley, it is not an issue. He is every inch a man regardless of his disability. This made me love Ashley all the more! This is a short story but it gradually progresses the attraction of the characters to each other until they reach its fulfillment. I think that the right word is ‘gradual’ and for a short story to actually achieve this is impressive. Most of the times, when I read other short stories, they left me hanging or wanting something more. Love Isn’t Blind actually satisfies my curiosity and made me accept the love of Ashley and Anthony for each other as something not forced because of a the limited number of words. Love Isn’t Blind has hints of being a melodrama – gee, a blind man and an orphaned woman? But Ross’s prose and style of writing is the best part of the story.  This is something I would recommend to my friends to read.
JCW23 More than 1 year ago
 A new job, a new authority figure in your life and new romance: That is a mix that can make or break your entire outlook. Ashley handles it all with finesse and manages to find true love despite the obstacles.  This story gives the reader great insight into Ashley's feelings and makes the situation come alive. Her romance with her boss, Anthony Lang who is going blind, faces typical obstacles and less common ones. Sandra’s writing style is one that catches the reader with the first sentence and doesn’t loosen its hold until the resolution of the plot. Even then, readers are so in tune with the main characters that stories continuing the look into their lives will be eagerly perused as well.  It is a great read and even better that love triumphs in the end. The passion between Ashley and Anthony is wonderfully played out as well. This story was a page turner and will be one to return and read again and again.
Anna_Parchment More than 1 year ago
Well, I am usually a fan of Sandra Ross’ books and this one is no different. The only thing that I would say though is that the book was too short for my liking. I am a person who is always on the go but when I get a good book to read, I tend to want it to go on and on. This is the only thing that I did not like with this book. Otherwise, Sandra Ross kept to her usual artistic expertise with her writing. Her writing is clear, concise and she writes with humor and flair. She developed the characters pretty well, which is probably why I got hooked on the book and didn’t like that it ended so soon. As you read along you will realize that the book will suck you in and then you may end up like I did, wanting more. Overall, I think this book is suited to the hopeless romantics like myself. Those who would love to read something in which your fantasies can come to life. The love in this book is strong and you make want to reach in the book and shake the characters when they don’t do what you tell them to!
rizgo More than 1 year ago
Love isn’t blind... It sees but it doesn’t mind I’ve read countless romance novels that have the perfect Prince Charming. Those stories are too perfect, you don’t really see them happening in real life. The book Love Isn’t Blind by Sandra Ross is something we all can relate with. It makes you feel for the characters because they’re real and the emotions are raw.  Anthony is former FBI. He had everything going on for him. He had the looks and the smarts. That wasn’t until a mishap rendered him blind. The book focuses on Anthony’s struggles with his need for companionship versus his aversion to be a burden to anybody. He has avoided this well enough until he met Ashley. Ashley slowly charms the aloof Anthony. He is constantly fighting against the emotion boiling up inside him. I like Ashley a lot because she’s brave enough to fight for love even if the guy is unforthcoming of his true feelings. She slowly helps him see himself for who he truly is and what he’s truly worth. Anthony is the perfect guy for her but he’s determined to avoid any relationship with her. Will Ashley’s love eventually teach him how to love himself? Love Isn’t Blind reminds us all that there is more to love than just a pretty face. This book will teach us the power of love and that it can overcome all obstacles—even the ones we put ourselves. I would recommend this book for those who are looking for a love story that’s real in every sense of the word. 
Bellatrixed More than 1 year ago
Blindness should never stop you from loving. Ashley and Anthony may come from separate worlds, but their passion drives them together on the winds of fate. "Love Isn't Blind" teaches us that the best of lovers work with each other to better our partner, indeed that "love conquers all". I especially enjoy the chemistry that was evident in the main characters, even before they meet. Ashley is a shy debutante. and Anthony is the tough, difficult to read professional. As soon as we meet him, we are drawn to his masculinity through Ashley's vulnerability and charm.  A good archetype for their relationship, is that of "Beauty and the Beast" - Beauty fights the Beast's prejudice against himself to show him his worth and develop a lasting relationship. If that is a relationship dynamic you enjoy, then this book is for you. As is usual in a Sandra Ross novel, the sex is steamy and hot. Sandra Ross writes the story of Ashley and Anthony with such sweet, tender, and genuine passion that it makes the book hard to put down for even a second. This is a romance for the ages, and I cannot recommend it more highly.
Dueepjs More than 1 year ago
Sweet and tender - love really is not blind! I picked up this book because I enjoy Sandra Ross' style of writing and the first couple of pages made me think that it was worth reading. Firstly, Love is not blind is not the sort of escapist novel, which will have a perfect happily ever after with the blind hero gaining his sight, through a miraculous surgical process. Also, Anthony does not come across as a weak person who is full of self pity, just because his FBI career has been cut short due to the mishap, which blinded him.He has humor, wit and charm. This is the sort of story about bravery I like to read, and that is why Sandra is going to get a four-star rating from me. Ashley and Anthony are believable characters, and people with whom you think you can connect. Sandra lost one star because her writing somehow was not up to the high quality and standard of her previous books like Bewitched, Come with Me, Moving on with Brock, etc. It almost seems as if this book has been ghostwritten by a student who is taking creative writing classes at high school. Nevertheless, the action and story theme is sensitive, sweet and believable. You can understand Anthony's reluctance in committing himself to Ashley and a lifetime of cherishing and love, because he considers himself less than "perfect". Believe you me, anybody who knows about natural human psychology, especially when working with those who have suffered from a handicap after being really active throughout their lives can understand his physical, mental and emotional state. It takes a very special woman to understand this and Ashley does that job admirably. This book is recommended for all those people who are looking for a true to life love story and no escapist endings. Read it of a winter's afternoon.