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Love: Light and Dark

Love: Light and Dark

by Kully Patel
Love: Light and Dark

Love: Light and Dark

by Kully Patel


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Love: Light & Dark delivers a timeless poetry book that embarks on an empowering journey of love and loss. Full of raw emotion, it explores all aspects of love: precious friendship, favorite foods, memorable locations, loved ones, and those who have moved on.

Kully Patel weaved her own emotions into each and every poem. They reflect what she experienced throughout her life and show her growth into who she is today. She wishes to share her journey and show people it is all right to express how you feel regardless of the situation.

Embark on this journey with her; discover the solace and beauty within the illustrations that capture the essence of both the poems and the book as a whole.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781948869027
Publisher: Silver Grove Publications LLC
Publication date: 05/11/2021
Pages: 136
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.32(d)

About the Author

A Life Lived Well has Love, Adventure, and Fun

Some lives are full of adventures, and Kully Patel's life is one of them. She was born in Bombay, India when it was still called Bombay, India. Her first airplane ride was when she was 2 years old when she moved to the USA with her family. With such an auspicious start, she has travelled the world in search of fun, experiences, and adventure. Her motto is "Sounds fun! Let's do it."
Kully Patel pours her emotions and empathy into her writing. They reflect who she is and what she feels. Due to her wide range of experiences in her life and her travels, her poems mirror her passion for beautiful things. Her descriptions give a glimpse into a moment in time.
Kully Patel started writing in high school. She explored short stories, technical papers, poems, haiku, and sonnets during her time in school and college. As she entered the working world, her love of poems solidified; she would jot down poems as gifts to friends and family. As she grew older, her poems reflected events throughout time and life that caught her attention.
As with any life, the older she got, the more often she was asked to write poems for funerals. To offset the grimness of death, Kully would also write a love poem so that the candle going out would also light the other candle called hope.
After the death of her father, Kully Patel found a box of her poems that her dad had saved. With some encouragement from friends and family, she decided it was time to publish her works. Every word in every poem reflects an unconditional love for everything, making life worth living.
Currently, Kully Patel is working on her writing and plans to publish more works in the future. She continues her adventuring and pouring her love for life and people into her writing.

Table of Contents



Passion & Youth Pg 1

Love Me Pg 2

I Call Your Name Pg 3

Kisses Pg 4

Love Lasts Forever If... Pg 5

Time Locked in a Bottle Pg 6

Daydream Pg 8

16 Pg 9

Who to Choose? Pg 10

Never Regret Pg 11

Alex MacGregor Pg 13

Paths Interwoven Pg 14

The Electrons Pg 15

The Virgin Pg 16

Time's Interlude Pg 17

The Flame Pg 18

Love is Your Truth Pg 20

Innocence Pg 21

Shorts Pg 22

Heartache & Heartbreak Pg 27

Your Journey Begins Pg 28

Desire's Seasons Pg 29

Joy Pg 30

Actions Not Taken Pg 31

Frenemies Pg 32

Do You Remember Pg 34

Only the Shell Remains Pg 36

Divorce Pg 37

Emptiness Pg 38

Fight We Must Pg 40

Marriage Pg 41

My Love, My Life Pg 42

Period Pg 44

Where Lies Claim the Day Pg 45

Memories Pg 47

Only the Silence Remains Pg 48

Empty Nest Pg 49

Do You Think of Me? Pg 50

Twisted Lips Pg 51

Mistake Pg 52

Tohubohu Pg 53

Wishes Pg 54

Waiting Pg 56

Words Pg 57

Love Left Behind Pg 58

Shorts Pg 59

Loss & Death Pg 63

A Life Asunder Pg 64

Dad Pg 65

Dearest Heart Pg 66

Death Pg 67

Depression Pg 68

Dying Pg 69

Foi Pg 70

Lonely Heart Pg 72

Love Birds Pg 73

The Picture Pg 74

Rejoice, My Love Pg 75

Death Comes as an End Pg 76

One Autumn Day Pg 77

Blue Roses Pg 78

Remains Pg 79

Black Angels Pg 81

Black Angels Return Pg 82

Listen Pg 83

A Dancer's Parting Pg 84

Reverie Pg 85

Ennui Pg 86

The Beach Pg 87

The Capitol Burns Pg 88

In the Name of Democracy Pg 89

The Desk Pg 90

Wisdom Instilled Pg 92

The Sky Weeps Pg 93

Death All Around Pg 94

Tombstone Pg 95

Final Words Pg 96

Moments in Time Pg 99

Seasons Pg 100

Tired Thoughts Pg 101

Selenite Pg 102

The Portal Pg 103

Red Racer Pg 104

The Rock Moves Slowly Pg 106

Thoughts Pg 107

Writer's Block Pg 108

Chem II Pg 109

Taj Mahal Pg 110

A King's Sin Pg 111

A Kingdom Regained Pg 113

Picturesque Pg 114

Decadence Pg 116

Daybreak Pg 117

Writer's Lot Pg 118

In the Arms of My Book Pg 119

Like the Red Leaf Pg 120

About the Author Pg 122

Acknowledgements Pg 124

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